Canada Plug-In Electric Car Sales September 2015


2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF Not Yet Available In Canada

2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric vehicle sales in Canada.

The Chevrolet Volt after selling 167 cars in August fell back a bit in September to 126 units – but still keeping firmly in triple digits.

For the Nissan LEAF, the 84 mile EV set a new year high in September with 144 sold, eclipsing the old record set back in April with 127 EVs sold.

Turning our attention to the Tesla Model S, we see that in March the all-time was set with 250 sold before the company fell back a little over the summer (157 registrations in August, 167 in July).  September data has yet to arrive, but estimate that the Model S surged ahead and crested the 200 mark for the third time in 2015, which means that at least three plug-in cars saw triple-digit sales last month in Canada (technically, the smart ED could still reach this level – but we have our doubts).

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Meanwhile, sales of BMW i cars (i3 and i8) combined for 50 units sold in September according to the company. Unfortunately, BMW does not break out i3 and i8 sales individually in Canada – so we have to wait on the splits.  Typically, i3 monthly sales (pulled from registration data) have been in the ~30 unit range.

The Kia Soul EV has recently become a player in the Canadian market as well.  Although we don’t have September numbers yet (the company, like in the US doesn’t like to give them out themselves), 169 have been registered so far this yet – but 108 of those have come in the past two months (July/August).  Kia needs to sell just 40 more to eclipse the 208 reported registered in 2014.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV normally has monthly sales in Canada in the single digits, and again sold 6 units in September in Canada.

Here are the rest of the August’s results from the typically low-volume sellers in Canada:

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: Unknown at this time, no longer reported for Canada (We estimate ~5-10 units)
  • Cadillac ELR: 1
  • Ford’s PHEV sales are unknown at this time. Typical monthly volume is ~ 15 C-Max Energis and ~15 Fusion Energis.
  • Likewise, Focus Electric sales are small, in the single digits most months and sometimes even zero.

We have no sales data on the other remaining plug-in electric models.

Looking at the YTD figures, the Model S is the clear leader with estimated YTD sales at well over 1,400 units. The Chevrolet Volt is number two with 868 sales YTD and the Nissan LEAF is number three with 850 sales YTD.

*Some sales data via Good Car Bad Car

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It was mentioned at another website that the 2016 Volt will only be sold in the provinces with government incentives: QC, ON and BC; and the 2017 will be available Canada-wide, similar to the US rollout with CARB states first.

Is this true?

Do you have any data for the Kia Soul EV? The forums have alot of input from Canadians, seems like there would some decent sales from Canada.

Sure we can add some data points in for the Soul EV. Don’t have the Sept data yet (because Kia, like in the US is a bit of a pain when it comes to giving up the goods)

Through August, 169 have been sold…but most of those in the summer July/August (~100)

Can you make a graph or chart and list all 2015 months as well comparing them with 2014?

+1 Is it possible to make a chart just like the one you have for the USA but for Canada.

+2, Can we get both a chart like US sales, and a province count tally as well?

I am sure we know the leaders: Quebec #1, BC #2, and Ontario #3! Manitoba might have some traction as well as Alberta too!