Can You Sleep In A Jaguar I-Pace? Let’s Find Out


This video gives you a response to a question you probably never would have asked yourself

For Bjørn Nyland, a guy who eats and sleeps EVs, asking questions most of us would never ask seems to be the norm. In this video, Bjørn goes to showcase whether a person could sleep in the Jaguar I-Pace and how comfortable it would be. While sleeping in your car is somewhat frowned upon in most of Europe, it’s not strictly illegal. And for most of us, there will be a point in time where we have to crash in our cars for the night. No doubt about it.

Even though the Jaguar I-Pace is not a large car, it still can be transformed into sleeping quarters. However, as you will find out from the video below, there are some caveats. First of all, the vehicle is not that large. For a normal sized person, the room – once the rear seats are folded down – may be enough. But, for anyone above 180cm, it could pose a problem. Furthermore, the vehicle comes with a rather large glass roof, letting in all that early morning sunshine that’s posed to wake you up. Additionally, some items regarding the car’s cooling and heating system might pose a problem for a good night’s sleep.

The video above gives us a pretty intricate look into how you can turn the Jaguar I-Pace into sleeping quarters. It answers a few rather surprising, albeit interesting questions and gives any I-Pace owner a peace of mind if and when they run into a situation where sleeping in your car becomes a necessity. Press play below and find out how to turn your Jaguar I-Pace into your own private hotel room.

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He used to really annoy me but I have to say he’s growing on me. I kind of like his campy humor and he sure does provide a lot of info on lots of different cars. So keep it up dude.

BTW – I used to occasionally sleep in the back of my Jeep Cherokee (not the Grand one, the regular one). I had to lay diagonally which unfortunately prevented having an Asian girl in each side 😉

I wouldn’t love having an Asian girl in each side 😉

Wifey gonna kill you Bjorn……great stuff, you crack me up!

So physically, it seems fine (if you aren’t too large), but the controls right now don’t offer a way to put the A/C in camper mode… Bummer. I wonder whether people will be able to write a phone app to keep the car awake, as they did for Tesla before the feature was implemented in the car itself?…

Jag owners don’t sleep in cars. LOL.

Right. In the tow truck instead, right?

(I’m making fun more of old Jags. I quite like the i-Pace. :p)

Saw my first I-Pace on the road today. Unfortunately it was going the other way so it was a quick glance. Not sure if it wasn’t a promo car as it had “ELECTRIC POWERED” or something like that plastered down the side of the car in 5″ black letters. Not a bad looking car, but nothing noteworthy either.

Why ” some items regarding the car’s cooling and heating system might pose a problem for a good night’s sleep”.

Did you watch the video? The car shuts itself off after awhile, so can’t keep the heating or cooling on while you are sleeping.

This is (unfortunately) why many of us by pickup trucks and vans.

Great for short people though!

How do you sleep in a pickup truck?…

The truck bed. 6.5’ long. You can fit a double mattress between the wheel wells and with a cap it’s a great place to sleep.