Can This Volcano Charge a Nissan LEAF? – Video


“Can you use a volcano to charge a LEAF?”

Asks Nissan.

The answer to that question is…umm…yes and no.

While this video does reasonably well to explain the benefits of regenerative braking, it’s misleading to the non-knowing public.

As we all know, you can’t travel downhill both ways.  If it were a one-way trip and only a one-way trip, then we suppose the logic of creating energy to boost the Nissan LEAF’s battery pack applies, but that’s just not reality.

Furthermore, the energy spent going up a hill/mountain is not entirely gained back coming down.

Misleading aspects aside, we still think Nissan makes it reasonably easy to understand the beneficial aspects of regenerative braking in this Nissan LEAF owner story video.


Leaf Charges From Volcano

Leaf Charges From Volcano

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This commercial has been out for a while. But it is still great! I love it!

Loading the car with additional deadweight on the way down will regenerate more energy. We did this with a Leaf while on a road trip from Rotterdam (Netherlands) to Rome (Italy). We attached a car to the Leaf in a towing set up; as if we were towing the Leaf. However instead of towing the leading car didn’t do a thing, it more or less pulled the Leaf down the hill quicker. Thus the Leaf had to ‘break’ harder, thus recouping a lot of additional energy along the way. Not for the faint of heart though! 😉

Nope – incredibly busy day. It’s sales day! Just need to settle in and focus up for the piles of data (and the invariable the news crush that follows) that need to be put together behind the scenes before it gets published out in a coherent fashion this AM.

Ask Iceland if you can charge an EV from a Volcano… =)

I don’t think the video is terribly misleading. They do not claim that you will get the full charge back. You see he does manage to get back up to about 60%. The big point made is you can get something back with an electric car. With an ICE, when you travel down hill, you may be using less but you are still using and get nothing back. We live and breathe EVs so this is nothing new or exciting to us. The video is for everyone else who doesn’t normally think about or understand such concepts and piques their interest to learn more.

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