Can Preheating Melt The Snow Off A Tesla Model X? – Video


With winter upon us, an often-asked question is “can preheating an electric car actually melt snow and ice that’s on the vehicle?”

Snow Melt In Progress

Snow Melt In Progress

Well, the answer is “yes” and “no.”

The folks over at “Now You Know” on YouTube attempted to answer the question above as it relates to the Tesla Model X. Over time, with preheating on, the X begins to melt some snow, but only from the front and side windows and it takes longer than you’d expect (think hours, not minutes).

Video description:

“Can the Model X melt snow by just using the Tesla App? Find out on today’s episode of Now You Know!”

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Supposedly there was a software change in late 2016 to lower the ‘parasitic losses’ of the car – I’d be interested to see how much power the car uses just sitting while plugged in and not charging, or else, if you left the car unplugged in moderately cold (30 deg Fahrenheit), or cold (10 deg) how much is the daily battery loss now after this most recent software “Improvement”?

Maybe RoboSnake Charger with a window brush attachment, could clean that? 😉

I think this proves what most would think and that is this app is really only good for light snowfall or used to pre-loosen ice on the windows before manually removing.

In my experience it is great for having a warm cabin before getting into the car and no ice scratching. If there is half a foot of snow on the windshield it will have looked reduced but you still have to brush it off with your arm or whatever before you start driving. Other people were scratching frozen snow off their windshield while we just drove off in comfort, and that was with only 45 minute prewarming while having breakfast, started from the iPhone, while sacrificing about 5 miles of range.

This and all wheel drive as well as heater steering wheel and heated seats for all three rows of seats makes it a perfect winter vehicle for us.

Good video. Starting at 3:05, shows what happens when opening the falcon wing doors with that kind of snow on the vehicle.

Here’s a video showing a Model X opening its falcon wing doors with dry, fluffy snow on its roof (no pre-heating of the car). The snow ends up covering not just the second row of seats, but also the third row as well.

Your grasp of physics is astounding. Lose packed snow scatters when dropped. Duh.

No bullying, please. Thanks.

If only Elon had applied first principles thinking when he was choosing what kind of doors to put on the Model X. 😉

Apparently sven’s anti-Tesla reality distortion goggles have caused him to believe that all cars other than Teslas have a magical force field, which keep cars covered with snow or ice from having any drop into the interior when you open the doors.

Or perhaps, now that Consumer Reports has rated the Model X among the top 10 in customer satisfaction, serial FUDster sven is desperately looking around for something, anything new to whine about.

All cars other than Teslas do have a magical force field, which keep cars covered with snow or ice from having any drop into the interior when you open the doors. It’s called a roof, more specifically, a solid roof. 😉

Fun Video, but, yes, as the author states– “a waste of energy, not the way to do it.”

I’ve successfully done this with 2 inches of accumulated snow+ice but haven’t tried with 6. There was still some snow on the windshield but it had a layer of water underneath so the wipers just wiped it right off.
Our friends who arrived the same time as us had to scrape the ice off their car.

+1 that’s the way to use it, works the same with six inches confirmed.

The sane thing to do would be to turn the heater on while brushing the snow off.

I would take a different approach. I would put a garage door opener on those barn doors and park my $100K vehicle inside. No snow to deal with. 🙂

Lol! I didn’t watch the video, so I don’t know the details in this case, but I’m always astounded by how many people stuff their garage with crap and then park their car outside to rot in the elements! Plus, they’re giving up the luxury of having a warm car that they never have to scrape. Weird!

With my Model S, I can confirm that when parked in winter at work a 15 mins. 70F session takes care of all the windows.