Can You Name The EV With This Battery Pack?


This battery pack is from a pure electric vehicle that’s currently in production somewhere around the globe.

It’s from a lesser-known electric vehicle and a recent entry onto the EV scene.

Can you name the vehicle in which this battery pack resides?

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…vw e-golf

This is the b-class electric.

VW e-golf or e-up

Kia Soul EV?

Nobody has guessed correctly yet. Keep the guesses coming.

Renault Zoe?

Nissan Leaf

Looks very much like the LEAF pack, so..

Venucia e30?

The Leaf pack is not that high. This pack has much more capacity and would scretch on the ground, if mounted under a Leaf.

Saab EV

Still no correct answers. I did make this one a bit difficult I guess. Keep guessing.

BYD e6?

Nope…though you have the country right. Getting closer.

Give us a hint. Is it an off-road vehicle?

The bottom of the pack looks pretty beefy.


Not for an off-road vehicle.

Denza. Do you need a physical address to deliver the prize money?

Denza EV it is…Winner, winner chicken dinner.

Denza EV

How could so many people guess wrong on this one 😉

A simple right-click -> Google image search spoiled the fun in just 2 seconds…

Well…you’re supposed to just guess without searching.

Exactly. I was tempted but wanted to play fair :”

I don’t have that option. I assume that’s a Chrome feature?

yes I found it using chrome


It’ś Nissan e-NV200.

It could be a Mitsubishi i-miev battery pack.

…it’s clearly the Chevrolet Volt


Obviously, it is the secret Apple car, powered entirely by the tears of its factory workers in China.

Judging by the battery pack sitting there all on its lonesome, we should be naming the Denza as the car without the battery pack! 🙂

What’s a Denza?

It’s obviously from a Prius Plug-in. :/

Fiat 500e!

Is this going to be a weekly thing? I hope so. Anyway, I’m guessing the e-NV200.

It looks like it could be on a swapping station, so I’d say the Fluenz

Never mind read through the previous comments

This is the Denza battery pack