California’s Plug-In Electric Sales Will Surpass 250,000 This Month

NOV 15 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

This month California will reach a major milestone of 250,000 plug-in electric cars sold since December 2010.

California - more than 245,000 plug-in cars in October 2016

California – more than 245,000 plug-in cars in October 2016

And the timing is pretty good – just in time for 2017 L.A. Auto Show, and on the eve of new generation of 200+ mile affordable all-electric models.

According to the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, by the end of October sales surpassed 245,000 and that is nearly half of all U.S. sales.

“As the L.A. Auto Show shines the spotlight on a new generation of more powerful and less expensive electric cars, the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative announces a major milestone in Golden State transportation history: according to projections, more than 250,000 plug-in electric cars will be sold this month in California since they hit the market in 2010.”

“Especially promising are upcoming models from carmakers including Chevrolet, Nissan, Tesla and others that will exceed 200 miles on a charge and cost around $35,000 (with incentives). Options like these tackle two common concerns among potential buyers: affordability and “range anxiety.””

PEV Collaborative Executive Director Christine Kehoe said:

“Just a few years ago, you could count the number of plug-in models on one hand. Times have changed. Today, anyone thinking about buying a car can check out more than 30 electric models. And with federal and state rebates, they are more affordable than ever.”

Air Resources Board Chair (and probably the most important person in the US when it comes to the future of EV adoption) Mary Nichols said:

“Californians can take pride in driving the nation toward a zero-emission future. A widespread shift to zero-emission vehicles is technologically feasible and economically sensible. It will clean our air and protect our climate.”

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Steve Majoros, Marketing Director, Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers said:

“We’re proud that the Chevrolet Volt is the number one selling plug-in vehicle in the country, helping California reach this important milestone. The 2017 Chevy Bolt EV – the first EV capable of 238 miles of range and offered at an affordable price – will arrive in Chevy showrooms this year and provides an ideal option for even more buyers to purchase an electric vehicle.”

Frank Breust, Vice President Government and External Affairs at BMW of North America said:

“We are quite serious when we say we build the ultimate driving machine and that includes the ongoing roll-out of sustainable technology. BMW Group is now entering the second-phase of electro-mobility by enlarging the scope of full electrification to our core brands, MINI and BMW.”

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Brian Maragno, director, Nissan EV Sales and Marketing said:

“Mass-market electric vehicles are here to stay and the number of LEAF customers in California confirms that. We’re working every day to expand the charging infrastructure for the increasing number of EVs on the road. Furthermore, our ‘Infrastructure for All’ initiative ensures new charging locations are available to EVs with all fast-charge connections.”



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So pretty much half of EV sales are in California.

Uh . . . the rest of the USA, please help contribute. OK, I know, we have better EV choices. But the Tesla, Volt, LEAF, and soon Bolt are all available nation-wide.

CA has the weather and EV incentive. Rest of the country do not. Then most EV (other than Tesla) are far too expensive for what they offer. Even Bolt at $30K FWD hatch is too high compared to similar gas hatch, though more reasonable than any other EV except Tesla.

With the right incentives, sales could explode like it did in GA. But without incentives, even widespread public charger only result in about OR level of EV.

WA is not far behind CA on a per capita basis and I think it is the best of the non-CARB states.

I’ll bite. Why would the weather be a factor in EV sales?

Perhaps the mild climate, as evs do less well with large temperature swings. Sort of like a Goldilocks climate.

The ideal climate is PNW (Pacific Northwest states of OR, WA & BC Canada). A moderate climate with a good diet of hydroelectric energy. 😉

In fact about 5% of those 250,000 PEVs initially in CA likely have migrated northward to second owners.

Note: 250,000 is PEVs sold since 2010. The more interesting number to look at is PEV registration by state.

Higher gas prices than say in the mid-west or the south, probably helps too. People drive a lot there as it is a car culture. I mean literally no one walks hardly anywhere.

If ~1% of US sales are plug in, any info on what the California-specific rate is? plugs: non-plugs.

Haven’t seen current 2016 data through October yet, but in 2015 it was a 3.1% market share for plug-ins. One expects it’ll end up a little over 4% for 2016 when all the numbers are in.

I’d be more impressed with this if it were broken out by region within California. In our area of San Jose/San Fransisco, we are flooded with EVs. In LA, there appears to be a fairly low percentage of the vehicles.

The SF/San Jose area is the technical capital of the world, so that is what I would expect.

You are 100% right, you can find the PEV market shares in the top adopting metro areas here:

San Jose has a 9.4% intake and SFO 5.4%

Thats an amazing article.