California’s Green HOV Stickers – Only a Few Hundred Left


CARB’s “Green” Sticker Explained

CARB’s “Green” Sticker Explained

Dianne Whitmire, Fleet and Internet Sales Director  at Carson Toyota in Sunny SoCal, reports to InsideEVs that California’s green HOV stickers are basically gone.

Carson Toyota

Carson Toyota

“I just handed out #39,112 yesterday. There are less than 900 that I know of.”

Officially, California’s Air Resources Board states:

“As of March 28, 2014, 38,179 “green” stickers have been issued. Green stickers are valid through January 1, 2019.”

39,112 – 38,179 = 933

That’s the number of green HOV stickers handed out between Friday March 28 and Sunday March 30.

Let’s say that works out to 300 stickers per day, with our last update being number 39,122 yesterday.  Assuming maybe a 100 or so more were handed out yesterday and perhaps 200 or 300 so far today, we’re thinking the green HOV stickers will run out by later today or tomorrow.

The push is on.  Buyers of plug-in hybrid in California know this may be their last chance to get one of those coveted HOV stickers.

White stickers for BEVs are unlimited in number, so no worries there.

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Thanks for the update. Does that mean we can expect crazy sales numbers for march? Cheers

Given the advance numbers we are already seeing, March is going to be a very good month.

Thanks for the fast response Jay! Looking forward!

It will be interesting to see what happens to PiP sales after this.. I get the impression at least 50% of those sales are just to get the green sticker.

The PiP sales will probably be up but I think Volt and Energi sales will be even better. I’ve seen a lot of Volts added to the road.

I think Dave means that PIP sales will tank after this.

I think Volt and Energi sales will take a little hit as well…

The question is that which one can still do decently for the rest of the year.

This should be viewed as a mile marker in the road towards EV’s and plug ins standing on their own.

i dont think any ford “hybrid” deserves a green sticker. you cant even drive on pure electric so why do they even get it?

those cars…make me laugh

Actually, you can drive Ford Energi models on pure electric by putting them in “EV Now” mode. I’ve driven a CMAX-Energi in EV Now mode, and the engine does not come on even when you floor it. That being said, the performance is atrocious. 0-30 seems reasonably quick, but 0-60 is probably around 20 seconds in full EV Mode.

I’ve also driven the Plug-in Prius, and that it is a joke if you want to avoid burning gas. The engine comes on every time you start it to warm up the catalytic converter, and anything much past half-way toward full acceleration will always cause the engine to come ont.

I own plug-in Prius and you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve driven it many times without the engine coming on. It can only go 10-15 miles in electric mode, but it can certainly drive without the engine coming on (unless you need the heater or defroster). Also, I find that it has better acceleration in electric mode than in hybrid mode. When driving through mountains, I save the EV mode for steep climbs, because otherwise the car can barely crawl up big hills. I don’t understand why, but for some reason Toyota decided that when you push the engine hard, some power should be diverted to charge the batteries, so the car actually has more power when the engine is off.

“unless you need the heater or defroster” . . . or accelerate fast . . . or go faster than like 40 MPH . . . or . . .

“I own plug-in Prius and you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I only took one test drive, but even though the battery was fully charged the car started up as soon as I started it and burned gas for a couple of minutes. I thought that was odd, but I did some research after the test drive and found someone that said that the engine always starts on a initial start-up from cold to bring the catalytic converter up to the proper temperature.

Is there some way to set the Plug-in Prius feature to disable the ‘start engine upon startup’? Or perhaps it was an artifact of this particular situation (it was about 50 degrees out, and perhaps the heater was left in the ‘on’ before I started the Prius?).

Then obviously this guy has a “feather foot”.

All you need is to depress the pedal down past 1/2 way point, the engine will come on. Any requirement of heat, regardless of how minor will turn on the engine as well…

I own a Plug-in Prius. It all depends on the battery temperature and how soft you pressed the accelerator.

Amazing. Some people said they would be gone by June but it isn’t even April yet!

I’ve noticed many more Volts on the road, I suspect that the Volt will have a really nice sales month.

Per the owner manual, the engine DOES TURN on when on Electric Mode, unless you don’t accelerate. Who the heck would not accelerate? And I notice the gas engine turning on too.

When in EV mode….
” Avoid sudden acceleration and sudden deceleration, and be
sure to drive smoothly.
If you repeatedly accelerate, the hybrid battery (traction battery)
charge will deplete quickly. Also, the gasoline engine will
start, depending on acceleration or the vehicle speed.
” Restrain your speed as much as possible. The EV driving
range will reduce considerably at high speeds

I bought the PIP only for the Green HOV stickers, my number is 388xx. The car is worthless without it.

Merging onto the freeway is a pain because is sooooooooo slow. At least it stops me from driving too fast, I guess that is a benefit?

There will be more green stickers.

It would be stupid of CA not to keep the ball rolling with plug-in hybrids. Today’s limited range EVs just don’t meet the needs of most consumers, so they are really not a viable option.

To reach the meat of the market, the EV has to offer at least 200 miles before it can be an only vehicle. Right now it’s just early adopters, making dramatic changes in their daily lives to accommodate the EV. Spending way too much time worrying about range and plugging in than should be.

Plug-in hybrids offer the ‘bridge’ between hybrids and EVs and the best of both worlds.

And with most Energi and Volt plug-in owners traveling mostly on EV power on a daily basis, it’s a win for CA.

I think they should allow more stickers but only for cars that can drive 65mph in electric mode.

I agree.

That would elminate both the Accord PHEV and Prius Plugin.

Both the Volt and Ford Energi should get that sticker. PLus, they both have electric heat which allow them to drive in EV only model even in the mild CA winters…

I would add one more requirement – make the minimum EV driving distance a bit further – at least 30 miles. The PiP’s 11 miles should just be a base increase to the Prius, a 30 mile Prius priced at the current PiP price. The Ford Energi’s would also be more appealing with a 30 mile range, but their 21 miles is enough to say forget the Prius.

Carpool lanes in SF bay area are already clogged by these BEVs and Plug-ins. CA has made the real carpoolers’ lives hell by doling out the HOV carrotcarrot to BEV and PHEV owners.

Plug-ins are the best for environment of this pack; no need to carry giant battery packs, yet no range anxiety. Also causes ‘less’ acid rain in China. Unfortunately, the stickers are finished for this most practical method of going green in transportation.

BTW, check out toyota’s new car Aygo, which gives 57 mpg even without being an hybrid. I think, overall, these might have the smallest environmental footprint to build and operate.

A bill was introduced to add more stickers, however, will it get signed and “Funded” is the big question.

“39,112 – 38,179 = 933

That’s the number of green HOV stickers handed out between Friday March 28 and Sunday March 30.”

This is bogus. The PiP forum has known for months that the sticker numbers are running about 2% higher than the announced number of stickers. Then Monday I got sticker number 38,090 in the mail, three days after ARB announced 38,179 had been issued and several days after Dianne announced number 39,112.

So you can’t go by sticker numbers, except very roughly.

My best guesstimate is that the last sticker will be issued somewhere between April 11 and early May.