California’s EV Sales Surge Pushed By Tesla Model 3

JAN 17 2019 BY MARK KANE 14

California enjoys a significant increase in plug-in car sales

According to the Veloz nonprofit organization, the plug-in electric car sales in California is experiencing accelerated growth, at a rate much higher than in previous years.

In 2018, sales increased to about 177,781 (up 84% year-over-year), which is roughly 49% of the total for the U.S.

December brings a new all-time record of 24,686 (up 100%), so the cumulative sales are now estimated at 537,208 compared to over 1.1 million nationwide.

We assume that the major driving force for the surge is volume deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 – both in California and the rest of the country.

Veloz’s monthly “Sales Dashboard” tracking news summary:

  • Comparing start and end of year electric car sales for 2018, January sales were 5,991 and December sales were 24,686, a 312 percent increase. According to market analysts this number is expected to grow significantly in 2019.
  • In contrast, there was only a 122 percent increase from January (5,543) to December (12,323) in 2017.
  • 2018 saw year-over-year increases in sales for all twelve months in 2018 compared to 2017.
  • Total electric car sales increased 84 percent from 2017 (96,847) to 2018 (177,781).
  • There were 100 percent higher electric car sales in California in December 2018 compared to December 2017.
  • A notable win for the year includes California selling its 500,000th electric car in November (total sales hit 512,717 at the end of month).

Source: Veloz

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14 Comments on "California’s EV Sales Surge Pushed By Tesla Model 3"

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It is of course Tesla sales that are up. Sales of other EVs are not up very much at all are they?

Exactly, and to me this shows exactly how much sales potential Tesla has if they are making their current sales with half of them being sold in CA. They have a lot of market areas to move into still.

To me it shows how much better evs Tesla has compared to others. If you want no compromises there really is just one option. I’m ok with compromising so i will keep buying the crappy evs for cheap.

It also shows how constrained manufacturing of other EVs are. There are some good EVs out there, but they are all produced at compliance levels.

I would not blame it all on constraint. We are talking about companies with billions in profits…where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Indeed. The other companies need to deliver a compelling product. But other than the Chevy Bolt, there’s not much great out there.

California is charger heaven compared to the NY metro area. Plenty of environmental concern here but it seems the politicians haven’t realized the importance of charger infrastructure to spur growth in EV sales. I would have loved to get the M3 but ‘settled’ (it’s really a very nice, well made car) for the Clarity PHEV in large part for this reason.

Fantastic numbers

would be nice to see these stats with and without Model 3.
Then again, would be nice to see about 10 other EVs with the sales each equal to Model 3. Then we will be talking impact.

In 2018 230.000 pure electric vehicles were sold in the USA (360.000 includs plug-in hybrids)
Tesla sold 190.000 pure electric vehicles in the USA, that´s more than 80%.

The plot shows a doubling in about 2.5 years or about 30% growth rate overall. If that continues and starting with 360,000 plugin sales this year, by 2025 there would be 2.3 million in annual sales and 9.3 million in cumulative sales. That is a market share of 19%, but only 3.4% of all cars on the road. By 2029 market share exceeds 50%. However, one could expect a significant jump in sales if battery prices come down in price significantly, and perhaps a slow down if they don’t.

I would put up the whole table, but I don’t know how to do that in this text box.

So what was the % of ev sales from total car sales?

It was projected that if California reached 190,000 EV sales, the percentage would be 9.5%. Since EV sales were in fact 177,781, it would appear to be around 8% of new car sales. evadoption (dot here)com/will-california-reach-10-ev-sales-market-share-by-december-2018/

I would predict that if Tesla sales continue to increase, and Tesla releases the base Model 3 at $35K mid-year, California would easily exceed 10% EV sales for 2019.

dang! I thought we would be over 10% by now….