Californians To Soon Get One More Electric Car Rebate


According to UT San Diego, “California’s plug-in electric vehicle drivers are about to get new financial perks.”

What are the “new financial perks?”  Put quite simply, it’s a one-time rebate check or utility bill credit of $250 to $350.

“Members of the California Public Utilities Commission are scheduled to sign off today on guidelines for an annual credit against utility bills or a one-time vehicle rebate. The commission will let individual utilities decide which incentive to offer.”

“Southern California Edison is proposing a one-time rebate of $250 to $350 per new vehicle owner.”

“San Diego Gas & Electric intends to provide an annual bill credit but declined to say how much.”

This incentive is expected to be finalized by late-2015

“Scott Murtishaw, energy adviser to utilities commission President Michael Peevey, said new incentives could be available in late-2015 as final utility applications are approved.”

While electric cars owner will receive the financial perk, the real reason behind this new incentive program is to help utilities identify where EV owners live:

“The new incentive program is expected to help utilities manage the new demands of electric vehicles on the grid by clearly identifying the number of vehicles and where owners live as people come forward to claim the benefit.”

Source: UT San Diego

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Maybe you mean UC San Diego? UT system does have a San Diego branch…

Oops, never mind. Should have clicked the link first 🙂


“the real reason behind this new incentive program is to help utilities identify where EV owners live”

Really … there is no easier way to get this information?


In a first world country there would be. 😛

But sometimes in less developed countries you need to go from door to door and get information. Even having to pay for that basic information. 😉

If they can’t spot homes that suddenly have 3 kw or 7 kw loads for 5 hours then their metering and IT systems are garbage. (Which they probably are. )

If the IOUs had reasonable pricing, or there was a competitive market for (residential) electricity which forced competitive pricing, they could have a relationship with their customers and ask.

Given the present situation of the CA IOUs billing some of the highest residential rates in the country, there is plenty of animosity between the ratepayers and the rate gougers.

That is like 6 months to a year of free transportation fuel.

Not so sure about this stated reason. Any EV user in CA will soon be asked to move into the EVA or EVB rate plans for their EV.

When you make this switch, PGE asks you for your EV VIN. So, they will already know who has an EV. And you are not on the EVA or EVB PGE rates, you will get nailed on your electric rates; even if you have solar.

Indeed. I had to provide all of that info to SMUD. They certainly know where I live. But then, being a public utility, SMUD is better managed than the IOUs.

I think you need to make a distinction here. Anyone who is in IOU territory will get the rebate. Anyone who is under a public utility, like me, will not get the rebate. That’s just about everyone in the Sac Metro area, LA (the city), and smaller areas such as Redding and Roseville.