California Re-Enters Tesla Giga Factory Race With “Urgency” Bill To Benefit Tesla


California Now Perhaps Front Runner For Tesla Gigafactory

California Now Perhaps Front Runner For Tesla Gigafactory

Giga Factory Details

Giga Factory Details

Even though gigafactory groundbreaking has been confirmed by Tesla to be underway outside of Reno, Nevada, truth is that Tesla is sticking to its plan to “break ground” at several sites, which means that California still has a chance to secure the battery gigafactory.

In fact, it may be that California is the front-runner, especially with news of recent California bill with urgency status attached to it.

According to USA Today:

“California’s legislature has another bill on deck that could bolster its chances of becoming the home to Tesla Motor’s giant battery plant, and the up to 6,500 jobs it could create.”

“California has reentered the race and closed the gap with the other states,” said Tesla spokesman Simon Sproule in an interview Thursday. He says the change has come through the state’s efforts to speed up the approval process. “Now, the state has indicated that (it) wants to move as quickly as we need (it) to move.”

Speed or urgency is not typically a California strong point among the state’s legislators, but that seems to be changing in regards to the gigafactory.

“…two state senators, a Democrat and a Republican, are sponsoring an “urgency” bill that would provide additional, unspecified, benefits for Tesla. “This factory would help us achieve the dual goals of strengthening our economy, and fostering clean technology and renewable energy,” said the Democrat, Senate Pro Tem President Darrell Steinberg. “California is where this factory belongs.”

Reports USA Today.

This stealth bill could be exactly what’s needed to assure that the gigafactory ends up in California.  If the benefits are favorable enough towards Tesla, then we’d expect California to move into the #1 spot as the state most likely to be home to the future gigafactory.

Source: USA Today

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6 Comments on "California Re-Enters Tesla Giga Factory Race With “Urgency” Bill To Benefit Tesla"

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It makes sense for CA to try hard for the giga-factory. They want to be the leader in new technology. By catering to Tesla they are sending the message that CA is open for business.

Joshua Burstyn

This is great news. Good for CA. 😉


That all depends on what they are speeding up, or simply removing…most things are instituted for good reasons…these bills make me suspicious.


All it takes to torpedo CA is one environmentalist group to file a lawsuit.

Not true, Tom. All the crap in CA are instituted for bad reasons, namely for the sake of the few at the expense of the many.

Mike I

The potential lawsuit issue is exactly why Tesla is pursuing multiple parallel factory sites.


They wanted CA all along, so spent a few thousand to scrub a patch of NV to get the ball Steam rolling..
Elon at his best and of course, MHO.