California Nissan Dealer Discounts 2012 LEAF by $9,775


Okay, this one seems to be a deal for the ages, but we’ve only got a limited amount of details.

From now through January 2, 2013, at least one Nissan dealership in California is offering up $9,775 cash back on select 2012 Model Year LEAFs.

The Bay Area dealership, Nissan Sunnyvale to be exact, advertises this deal as direct from Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, Nissan’s lending division.

Hmm...Only $18,580 to buy or $298 per month for 72 months.

Though we’ve been unable to confirm if this deal is direct from Nissan, or even whether this offer is California-specific only, the discount is simply too spectacular to not spread the word.

To the best of our knowledge, this $9,775 discount only applies to those who buy, not lease, a 2012 Nissan LEAF.  Notice Sunnyvale Nissan’s payment calculator, which shows the LEAF’s after-discount purchase price of only $18,580.

After some digging, we’ve only been able to confirm this, which comes direct from a friendly operator at Sunnyvale Nissan:

“The $9,775 NMAC cash back is available on selected Nissan LEAF models. Offer is valid till 1-02-2013 only. As I have very limited information with me at the moment, I was unable to confirm the exact details for you.”

If interested in getting in on this raging deal and, thereby passing on the soon-to-be-released 2013 LEAF, we suggest you contact a sales representative at Sunnyvale Nissan.

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Amazing how Nissan can apply a sub-$10k discount to a $38k LEAF and end up at an $18k final price point. But hey – they also claim 100 miles per charge….

It’s not so amazing when you consider that the feds give you $7500, and CA gives another, what, $2500?

Deductions are not ‘gifts’ from the government – you don’t get it if your tax liability is short.

Wow – That’s one half of the sweet spot. The real intrigue is whether it bodes anything for the future.