California Income-Based Electric Vehicle Rebate Program Expected To Begin Mid-March

DEC 31 2015 BY JAY COLE 17

California's CVRP REbate Program Changes Look To Take Hold In Mid-March

California’s CVRP REbate Program Changes Look To Take Hold In Mid-March

Big changes are coming to California’s plug-in car rebate system, and they are coming fairly soon.

Under The New CVRP Program, The Unemployed Person In San Francisco Can Now Get A $3,000 Rebate Off The 2016 Chevrolet Volt

Under The New CVRP Program, The Unemployed Person In San Francisco Can Now Get A $3,000 Rebate Off The 2016 Chevrolet Volt

Instead of a flat rebate amount given based on the eligibility of the vehicle (formerly $1,500 for a plug-in hybrid vehicle and $2,500 for an all-electric vehicle), the program will add a owner-based rebate component that can alter the credit anywhere from zero to $4,000.

More details on the program itself can be found below, but what was unknown previously was the exact time frame for implantation of the program.

However, the sharp-eyed fellows over at CarsDirect (of whom also bring us the “best monthly EV deals” worksheet) sent us a note saying that CARB had updated its CVRP program details, saying to expect the changes soon.

Implementation Date

Implementation of the income eligibility changes is anticipated in mid-March 2016.  The implementation date will be announced at least two weeks prior on the ARB and CVRP websites and through a press release.  CVRP will continue to operate without income eligibility changes until the implementation date.”

Toyota Mirai (Gullwing Or Not) Can Now Be Eligible For As Much As $6,00 Off

Toyota Mirai (Gullwings Or Not) Is Now Eligible For As Much As $6,500 Off

So if you happen to be a single-wage earner making more than $250,000 and you have been looking at picking up that snazzy Chevy Spark EV, you should probably do that sooner rather than later.

Conversely, if you are working part-time at the local Wal-Mart, you should tell Tesla to delay deliver of your Model X to pickup some bonus cash.

For the rest of the unwashed masses, just go on about your daily business.

CarsDirect also made this handy chart to show if the CVRP changes effect you:


Date: California Air Resources Board (PDF) via CarsDirect


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LOL. Fuel cells still get the full $5000 even if you make over a million a year. Not subtle at all.

Geez, what’s up with that?

Their attempt at keeping an irrelevant technology afloat, it would seem.

At this point it’s more of a gambler’s ruin, cognitive-dissonance issue…

I believe CARB has forecast that fuel-cells will quickly take over the entire auto market once launched in volume production.

They’ve stuck to this forecast, even as
California started filling up with EVs while FC arrival got delayed and delayed…

So it’s about admitting “we were wrong, let’s roll with what’s really happening” vs. “Let’s stick it out a little bit more, we surely were right, were’nt we??”.

Here’s a link showing their long-term projection as of 2014. They see FCs quickly overtaking EVs and ICE in the 2030’s, and dominating the market by the 2040’s. Look for the kiddie chart.

It’s already clear that they’re totally off, but they’re still insisting on 34k FCs on CA roads in 5 years.
(pages 19-25 or so)

They’re not directly showin

$6500 for a fuel cell… If I keep my McD’s job, can I fill it with hydrogenated oil ?

If that 4k is applied to a lease sign up the monthly payments on a leaf or Spark could be really low.

The problem for a Californian earning less than 300% of Federal Poverty limit is credit for lease or cash for purchase.

On top of driving you also need to eat and sleep somewhere.

It would be nice if we could get similar rebates on replacement battery packs, but one COULD live in a Tesla.. no need to watch your smart phone for charger would be there already!
I COULD live in a Tesla..Sooo. I get the rebate but still need to pay for the car LOL- love it!

Sure you can get a bigger CA state rebate if unemployed. But, you’d still forego most of the Federal tax credit due to low income.

You guys do realize that 300% of the federal poverty level is $33,500. Thats hardly a mcdonalds worker. I make less than that and have been able to afford a Mini E, 12 Leaf, 15 Leaf, 12 iMiev, and a 13 Zero S motorcycle. I also don’t live in Ca unfortunately. But cost of living here in NJ is also crazy high like CA. We get no sales tax on EVs and the federal credit but that it. No state credit.

+1 LA County has been as high as 20-30% below poverty. If almost half of Americans pay no income tax, that would put LA near, what, 70% ineligible for the 7,500 Fed tax-credit?

They don’t check your tax return when leasing a car. The Federal $7500 comes off of the top of the price of the car. Unless you do a standard purchase, EVERYONE gets the benefit of the $7500. Unless they assume that you pay a certain amount of taxes based upon your credit application? But they don’t verify income. Hmmm…

Fool-cell rebates are an absolute joke.

I think the power here of a useless gesture is being missed.

Every right minded liberal in California was getting nervous about the idea that rich people buying teslas were getting rebates financed by everyone, even the *gasp* poor in California.

This does nothing about that. But it appears to! That’s the point.