California Offers Incentives For Tesla Giga Factory


Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

California Not Initially In The Running, But Definitely Gunning For The Giga Factory Now

California Not Initially In The Running, But Definitely Gunning For The Giga Factory Now

California seems to be making every effort necessary to place it in a prime position for the Tesla battery giga factory.

Per Automotive News:

“California lawmakers proposed financial incentives for electric car maker Tesla Motors… in a bid to entice the company to build a large battery factory in the most populous U.S. state.”

California Democratic state Senate leader Darrell Steinberg, who authored this bill with the incentives for Tesla, stated:

“California has set the example for the world in battling climate change and promoting innovative technology to lower carbon emissions.”

“This factory would help us achieve the dual goals of strengthening our economy and fostering more clean technology and renewable energy.”

Republican state Senator Ted Gaines, co-sponsor of the bill, remarked:

“Everything is on the table — tax credits, investment credits, hiring credits.We need to show Tesla that we’ll cut through the knot of red tape that frustrates companies in this state and prove that California is open for business.”

As of today, there are still no precise details on the incentives included within the bill.  Furthermore, the bill still need 2/3 majority vote from both branches of California’s state legislature.

Tesla offered comment on the situation in California.  Tesla spokesperson, Shanna Hendriks, stated:

“California will have to meet the same criteria as other locations in terms of speed to implementation. Speed is of the essence.”

Speed is typically not associated with the passage of bills, especially in California.  But if California wants a chance at the giga factory, then it’ll have to prove it’s able to move quickly.

Source: Automotive News

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scott franco

I sure wish they would offer the rest of us incentives to live in this overtaxed, overregulated nightmare state.


Often the weather is enough for people (or so I’ve learned by living there myself and interacting with others). I guess living in a nightmare state is acceptable as long as the sun shines 300+ days per years.


LOL, I guess that’s why people are staying in Mexico…


Extra sunshines don’t mean anything if you don’t have a high paying job to pay for them…

Plus, skin cancers are terrible.


I live in Virginia and is as or more expensive than California, the trick is low income taxation and them you tax people for EVERYTHING including property tax (tax your car) jet sky, bicycles even pets.

scott franco

And you don’t think California does this? Heres a great example. You pay a recycling charge when you buy a computer monitor. This charge was designed to handle recycling leaded glass CRT monitors, which, umm, LCDs don’t have. Exactly what recycling did you pay for? You paid to recycle your money into California government money.

I can give many other such examples. Did you know you pay to eat in at the restaurants vs. take out? That California led the internet tax movement?

scott franco

I do like the weather in California. But more importantly, I was born and have lived my life in this state, and resent a lot of clown politicians, many who came from other states, making it impossible to live in my own state.

However, my kids went north, and I may have to join them soon.

George Bower

Idaho is nice. I just did a big loop there on my Moto and it’s as good as Colorado but fewer people……..the only problem is the winter.

You should move to AZ. It’s not quite as liberal as Ca but the tax scene is more friendly


Bet you never lived in the Netherlands:-) still like it though, even with lack of sunshine. But omg are we taxed and regulated..


I guess you’ve never lived in the Midwest and had 3 or your new cars pelted by baseball sized hail…..

The weather in Ca is good enough for me. Good to be back home…. 😉


Fire Season is a part of California weather, too. 😉

Jesse Gurr

I once saw a postcard with California’s four seasons.
Earthquakes, mud-slides, wild fires, flash floods.

The pictures were pretty funny.


I really get sick of this shameless rhetoric:

“Everything is on the table — tax credits, investment credits, hiring credits.We need to show Tesla that we’ll cut through the knot of red tape that frustrates companies in this state and prove that California is open for business.”

The US has always been “open for business” every country is “open for business” – how much depends on the quality of the infrastructure and the education level of the citizenry, and NOT dependent on taxes – these damn talking points are just conservative code for footing taxpayers with the bills, screwing over the employees, and poisoning everyone’s environment.


Just how far are we US lemmings going to bend over for our corporate overlords? When are we going to stick up for ourselves? Hmmm? They are not going to leave – don’t let them bull$hit us – we need to stand up for ourselves!


In this particular instance, we don’t have much to fear because Tesla Motors is at least going to be environmentally friendly…but the rhetoric is used everywhere, regardless of how clean or how nasty a company’s reputation is.


Get a grip dude


Why California does not offer the same incentives for all type of business?

scott franco

We offer lots of incentives in CA. Unfortunately all of them incentives to leave. And many companies have.


All three of the Musk companies in California have proven to be winners for the state’s economy. I believe the Law makers should convent a special session to vote on the necessary bills to build the first Giga Factory in California. It means jobs and might be the incentive to start another Silicon Valley…call it….eh!…Lithium Valley.

George Bower

Yes I think that Ca will give Elon much better incentives than Scott.

esp after his tirade against his home state.


I’m sure California has always offered or been willing to offer incentives. They did for Tesla at their car manufacturing plant (aka NUMMI). That was never the issue. The time to build out always has been the real issue. If California truly is trying to do something about the regulatory environment with new construction, that is a huge deal. I don’t see how that can be done with one bill for one project but is certainly something they should be considering overall.

Bill G.

It is a perfect 70 degrees outside today. My car charged up last night on PG&E’s E-9 rate which made my electric bill go down from before I drove electric–better than free driving. I spend next to nothing to heat and cool my house. All you California bashers can feel free to stay away. I suspect that the 4-State competition has only been a ruse while Elon has been feeling around in his stove-pipe to pull this rabbit out of the hat. A giga factory in the Golden State will do Tesla and the people of CA just fine, thank you.