California Gets 50 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs for Free…For Awhile at Least


50 for Free?

50 for Free?

Remember those 50 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs that went to the California cities of Mill Valley, San Jose, Los Gatos and Campbell?

"Highly Favorable" Lease Deals Work in Favor for i-MiEV

“Highly Favorable” Lease Deals Work in Favor for i-MiEV

We speculated at the time that those 4 cities choose the i-MiEV due to some steep discounts offered to them.  Well, it turns out we were right.  Or at least mostly right.

Those 50 i-MiEV were leased under “highly favorable” terms.  In this case, “highly favorable” means free for a few years.

All four cities will get to use the i-MiEVs without paying a dime until the third year of their lease contracts.  Quite the deal, right?

Additionally, it’s believed that the 50 i-MiEVs will save the cities something like $110,000 in fuel costs over the next three years.

So, no risk upfront.  3 years of no payments and over one hundred thousand in saving to put in the bank.  How could any city pass on a deal like that?

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Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying to these various government acquisitions of iMiEVs.

Just stop shipping the car here, no one wants it since they can get the Leaf, Spark EV, Fiat 500e, etc.

“Just stop shipping the car here [Mitsubishi probably hasn’t shipped an i-MiEV to the U.S. in over a year], no one wants it since they can get the Leaf [only if one wants a larger, heavier car], Spark EV [only if one lives in CA or OR and is able to buy one of the few compliance cars being built], Fiat 500e [only if one lives in CA and has already ordered one of the few compliance cars built], etc.”

Where most of us live in the U.S., the only BEV’s that have been sold are the i-MiEV, Leaf, Tesla Model S, and recently, Ford Focus and Fusion Electrics.

Spec likes to troll. Don’t worry about him.

Although the i-MiEV is a bit on the small side for the US market (insert obesity joke here), it sells like hotcakes in Europe and Asia.

It would just be embarrassing to have to drive that car. Free or not.

Focus Electrics seem to get into more CA vehicle fleets. I see quite a few with company logos, along with C-Max Hybrid models.

Have you ever driven an i-MiEV? I didn’t think so.

I have never been embarrassed in my i-MiEV when, compared with a Leaf, I can carry more cargo with my rear seats folded down, I can park much more easily in tight parking spaces, I can execute much tighter U-turns, and I’m not having to propel, stop, and turn an extra 700 pounds of weight.

It WOULD be embarrassing to drive a Ford Focus Electric, have the very common “stop safely now” problem it has, and be passed by a trouble-free i-MiEV.

Pretty good deal; the lucky California cities get 50 vehicles for the cost of the electricity used per year (~$500) and a set of tires. No upfront costs, no gas, and minimal mainentence costs mean substsntial savings. Savings that could pay off a large portion of any residual value in 3 years time.

Mitsubishi gets full ZEV CARB credit on those 50 vehicles, plus some nice PR and public visibility.