Electric Cars Outsell Hybrids In California: Tesla Model 3 Tops In Class

Tesla Model 3

FEB 21 2019 BY MARK KANE 37

Plug-in electric cars outsold hybrids almost 2:1 in California

According to the California New Car Dealers Association’s latest report on the car market in California in 2018, electrification of the state’s fleet accelerated.

In the past year, some 2 million new cars were registered in the state (down 2.2% year-over-year), while the passenger car category decreased by 10%, below 900,000.

In such circumstances, all-electric cars (mostly passenger cars) increased volume to 94,813 and share to 4.7% (from 2.6% year earlier), while plug-in hybrids grew to 62,846 and 3.1%. In total, plug-in car sales stand 157,659 and at 7.8% of overall volume!

Interestingly, BEVs alone outsold conventional hybrids, which noted just 4.1% share (down from 4.6% year ago). According to CNCDA, hybrid sales and market share decreased every year in the past five years, which raises the question of whether or not Toyota noticed this trend?

The biggest player in the plug-in segment is, of course, Tesla and its Model 3. With 70,338 Tesla sales (including 51,293 Model 3), the California company absolutely dominates its home market taking 44% from 157,659 plug-in car sales and 74% BEV sales.

The Model 3 leads the Near Luxury category by a wide margin, while Model X is second in the Luxury Mid Size SUV category. Chevrolet Bolt EV and Model S took 3rd (respectively) in Subcompact and Luxury and High-End Sports Cars categories.

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Source: California Auto Outlook – 2018 – California New Car Dealers Association

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The future is here, now!

It’s just not evenly distributed. 🙁

Interesting, for Bolt EV roughly 54% of its US sales were in CA where Model 3 had only 37% of its US sales in CA. It is great to see the Model 3 getting more reach to the rest of the US than most EVs. I also like how it outsold the other Near Luxury contenders 3 or 4 to 1 or even more.

Tesla is like an Atlas holding up of the ev world.

I hope he doesn’t shrug.


Seriously…people kept whining about how Tesla gets all the press. And this is why…they really are the only ones pushing real hard to advance things. And now with an 80% stranglehold on the EV market, you can’t complain about them getting the lion’s share of the press.

So… People couldn’t care less about the stupid self-charging toyota hybrids which require gasoline to cover 100% of their energy needs.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I think they could. Still at 4%.

I don’t consider these EVs, but I am certainly happier breathing air in a region with 4% Prius instead of that 4% being ICE-only vehicles.

It is easy for a manufacturer to convert a hybrid into a plug-in-hybrid and so it is natural to see the decline of hybrids as a given model moves from one category to another. I expect to see the plug-in variety to be slightly higher than the basic hybrid for 2019.
The total market for hybrid and plug-in-hybrid seems to be near constant.

Seriously, the conventional hybrid market should be killed off. EVERY hybrid should be a plug-in hybrid. All it takes is boosting the battery size, adding a charger, and maybe increasing the size of the electric motor up a bit.

It could save massive amounts of gasoline,

While I agree with you, it is not just as simple as boosting battery size and adding a charger. In fact, boosting battery size IS the problem. There is nowhere to put those batteries in the existing hybrid designs because they were based on the ICE versions. Ford Fusion is the perfect example of that: the Fusion trunk size for the ICE/Hyb/PHEV are as follows: 16cu ft/12cu ft/8.2cu ft. You lose interior space, and people don’t want that. Add to that the extra cost of a 5x bigger battery for the PHEV and you find even less buyers. The proper way to do that is design from the ground up, but if you’re going to do that, you might as well go pure EV.

I understand Toyota is hybridizing more of its models Corolla, Camry, RAV4, possibly others and it seems to me that it would be in Toyota’s best interest to bring out plug-in versions as well.

I think Bolt should be subcompact SUV, not just subcompact. Then it’d rank 3 instead of 2. I’m curious where VW GTI ranks. Bolt outsold GTI in 2018.

Top vehicles across all categories in California:
1 – Civic with 80190
2 – Camry with 61553
3 – Accord with 59591
4 – F-Series with 54761
5 – RAV4 with 51815
6 – Model 3 with 51293
7 – Corolla with 48180

And this was with Tesla hardly making any Model 3s in the first half of the year. Maybe this year we’ll see the Model 3 reach the top of the list?

This year Tesla won’t have the full Federal Tax Credit(1/4 credit in 2nd half of the year) and will ship ~50% of Model 3s to foreign markets.

But this year Tesla will also release the cheaper SR Model 3.

Plenty of room for Tesla in the compact car, midsize car, compact pickup, midsize pickup, full-size pickup, sub-compact SUV, compact SUV and midsize SUV arena! Phew!

Best-selling cars in California (2018):

1. Honda Civic: 80,190
2. Toyota Camry: 61,553
3. Honda Accord: 59,591
4. Tesla Model 3: 51,293
5. Toyota Corolla: 48,180

Best-selling vehicles in California (2018), including both cars and trucks:

1. Honda Civic: 80,190
2. Toyota Camry: 61,553
3. Honda Accord: 59,591
4. Ford F Series: 54,761
5. Toyota RAV4: 51,815
6. Tesla Model 3: 51,293
7. Toyota Corolla: 48,180
8. Toyota Tacoma: 44,334
9. Chevrolet Silverado: 41,399
10. Honda CR-V: 41,309

Seems Buick sold 5,000 Velite 6 in China in 2018-12. So in 1 month they sold more than what they sold in previous 2 years.

Only 4,300 Velite 5 were sold in the years 2017 & 2018.

Here are the dimensions of Buick Velite 6 which is available in both Electric and Plugin hybrid versions.
1510 mm – 59 ”
1817 mm – 71.5 ”
4650 mm – 182.9 ”

Being taller makes it a Crossover just like Buick Regal TourX sold here in USA/Can.
Its electric range is 182 miles NEDC.
Why not GM sell this here in USA where people prefer more spacious bigger vehicle.

Instead of killing the Volt, they should just replace it with the Buick Velitte. Or for that matter just put a Buick badge on the Volt.

Very nice to read this. Is there a hybrid sales for whole of USA. Compared to regular vehicles the full hybrids which goes 30-40% extra distance is still good.
Of late only the mild hybrids are hitting the market and full hybrids are going down.

The full report that this article is based on has CA stats and some US stats (not the EV section though). It is here:

Can’t wait to see Tesla TM3 sales for February. I only expect about 2,500 US but a other 22,500 globally.

I think there’s more lag than that. A big chunk of that volume won’t reach land until March.

So we have reached peak ICE in California.

This may indeed be true. Tesla losing it’s tax-credit will hurt. But California’s high gas prices and increasing solar PV will really drive people to plug-in cars.

CA also have high electricity cost. So, there is that concern.

Fortunately high gasoline prices make the high electricity prices look attractive. My costs right now are ~7.5¢/mile on gasoline and ~5¢/mile on electricity. And that is with 25¢/kWh for my electricity!

“~5¢/mile on electricity. And that is with 25¢/kWh for my electricity!”

So, you are saying that you are getting 5 miles/kWh that includes about 10% charging loss which is 5.5 miles/kWh.

We all know that is a BS claim in the winter as average.

It is also worth mentioning that from CNCDA’s graph that PHEVs peaked in 2013 with a market share of about 7% while PEVs peaked in 2018 at 7.8%. Only Norway (49.1%), little Iceland (19%), and Sweden (8.2%) had a higher plug-in intake than Cal in 2018.

Oops! I meant HEVs peaked in 2013.

WOAH! I was about to rant on about pure EVs & PHEVs when I realized that the article is really about pure EVs outselling old conventional hybrids (Prius, etc.). That’s an amazing statistic.

The Prius has been a great car for the green & economical crowd but didn’t grow outside of that much. But since the Tesla Model 3 offers GREAT performance and even better green cred, it can really display hybrids and eat into the ICE market.

Using the Tesla “metric”, Bolt has the highest selling revenue among subcompact class then?

“which raises the question of whether or not Toyota noticed this trend?”

Doubtful. They probably think they are part of the trend already with their FCEV fool cells and “self-charging” hybrids.