California DMV Issuing Green HOV Stickers Again


As we reported some three weeks ago, California legislature has recently extended the allocation of green HOV stickers from 40,000 to 55,000. This was accomplished via an emergency measure in trailer bill SB-853, which was passed along with the new 2014-15 state budget, and came into effect on July 1.

Following this encouraging news, first newly issued green HOV decals are arriving in mailboxes across California. Jackson Kuo was one of the first lucky plug-in hybrid owners to receive the coveted carpool-lane stickers. As Jackson reports in the BMW i3 Facebook group,  he sent his application to the DMV on or about June 23, and the stickers arrived in his mailbox on July 8. According to Jackson, he included cash in lieu of a check to cover the $8 fee, and he believes that this might have accelerated the processing of his application.

Scott Lyons, a BMW i3 REx owner in Southern California, said that he sent his HOV decal application on June 26, and the California DMV cashed his check on July 10. Alexander Kuscher, who recently took delivery of an i3 REx in Northern California, reports a similar timeline. Given these reports, recent plug-in hybrid buyers and lessees might want to mail in their HOV decal application soon to take advantage of the swift processing times.

The California Air Resources Board maintains a webpage with a detailed overview of the program. This includes a long list of eligible vehicles, as well as links to frequently asked questions, the application form with detailed instructions, and other resources.

In summary, the green HOV stickers are being issued, but you should act fast to ensure you’ll get one before green goes goodbye again.

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took me 4 months to get mine because the stupid dealer marked my car as gas and not an EV.

such a simple correction that took a ridiculous amount of time

I think I may be in the same boat. Mine marked the i3 REx I own as fully electric. I expect that the DMV will demand a correction. The previous plugin I owned was classified as a 1981 BMW electric, and that did not fly with the DMV either.

Missed the original 40,000 by three weeks. but i still sent in the application. Got my stickers Saturday.

Good to hear, Jimmy! It looks like the DMV has processed the backlog rather quickly. The word is that they are allowing dealers to apply for the green HOV decals again, which should keep the demand high.