California Adds $4.5 Million to Clean Vehicle Rebate Funding


Tesla Model S is But One of Dozens of Eligible Vehicles

Tesla Model S is But One of Dozens of Eligible Vehicles

As February came to a close, the California Energy Commission voted to add $4.5 million in funds to the state’s clean-vehicle rebate program.

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Funding

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Funding

This funding will be used solely to support purchases of light-duty zero-emission electric vehicles and light-duty plug-in hybrids.

Quoting Energy Commission chair Robert B. Weisenmiller:

“This award will make clean-energy vehicles more affordable for all Californians.  Additionally, it builds on a productive partnership of public agencies to help make substantial progress toward a future of clean, sustainable transportation.”

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project is administered by the California Center for Sustainable Energy and has already issued approximately 18,000 rebates worth a total of $41 million.

California accounts for nearly 40% of the nation’s plug-in vehicle purchases, despite the state only making up roughly 10% of the US’ total automotive market.

A complete list of rebate-eligible vehicles can be found by clicking here.  Most vehicles are eligible for $1,500 to $2,500 in rebates.

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The race is on…

That’s an additional 3,000 plug-in hybrids or 1,800 EVs.

Adding to the funds currently available for 6,912 plug-in hybrids, or 4,147 EVs remaining.

This could have something to do with why Ford is pushing plug-in hybrids more than the Focus Electric EV. The state incentive opportunity covers over 9k plug-in hybrids, compared with about 6k with EVs. Also considering there is a higher profit margin on the higher demand/wait listed plug-in hybrids than the now discounted EVs.