Cadillac XT4 Spy Shots Show Possible PHEV

JUL 9 2017 BY C SMITH 21

Is that a flap for a charging point on the driver side fender?

Cadillac is still keeping its forthcoming XT4 compact crossover well disguised, though the latest round of spy shots give us few points to ponder. We can see a bit more detail up front that hint to Cadillac’s trademark grille with pointed, edgy LED headlamps. An intercooler is also visible up front – something we’ve seen before but this reinforces the likelihood of at least one boosted engine option, if not more.

The latest photos give us something else to consider. The driver side left fender has what appears to be an extra fuel flap in the covering. It’s possible that flap conceals a side vent, or perhaps it’s just there to throw us all a curve ball. Another possibility, however, is that the flap allows access to a charging point. Could a plug-in hybrid variant of the XT4 also be on the table?

2019 Cadillac XT4 Spy Photo

When the compact crossover does eventually go on sale, it’s expected to be offered globally as a rival to the BMW X1, Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3. It seems likely that front-wheel drive as well as all-wheel drive models will be offered, though all-wheel drive could be a standard feature across the line. Since the XT4 is intended to be a global offering, diesel engine options will likely be available for European markets whereas other areas could have a range of turbocharged four cylinder engines. The plug-in hybrid possibility is an interesting development; BMW will be offering a plug-in X1 for the Chinese market only, but none of the XT4’s other luxury competitors presently have that option.

It will likely still be awhile before we have specifics on the XT4. A debut isn’t expected until sometime in mid-2018 for the 2019 model year, though we could get previews late this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, or in early 2018 at Detroit.

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Hey GM….day late and a dollar short.
A 35+ mile PHEV small SUV should have been on the road years ago. You’ve lost your fist strike advantage.


And missed out on, what, a couple thousand in sales from early buyers? 😉 It ain’t too late.

If they do bring this model out, then I would expect other cadillac models to follow, similar to BMWs strategy. ( Except with far more useful 30+ mile range compared to BMWs ~ 15. )


I would hope you’re right regarding range, but I’m skeptical: if the car is primarily an ICE design then they probably didn’t design the battery in from the beginning the way they’d need to fit a big battery sufficient for 30+ miles all-EV range.


It’s almost certainly built on the same platform as the brand new Equinox (2017). That platform being new this year means it likely would have been designed with space for a PHEV battery.

How much space? I suppose we’ll just have to find out.

Robert Weekley

Maybe they will put a Modified Volt EREV Drivetrain in the Front, and a Bolt EV Drivetrain in the Rear, plus 2/3rds of that Bolt’s 60 kWh Battery (40 kWh), and make a ‘Real’ – Extended Range EV, with about 120-150 Miles on Battery, and with a 10 Gallon Fuel Tank, another 300+ miles on Gas?

Such a package, with CCS Charging, could be OK! Might even get under 4.0 Seconds in the 0-60 run!


“and make a ‘Real’ – Extended Range EV, with about 120-150 Miles on Battery, and with a 10 Gallon Fuel Tank, another 300+ miles on Gas?”

I wish they would do that… if they did then holy crap would that be a compelling buy. BMW is the closest to offering such a vehicle… the i3… but in a much smaller package and with a tiny fuel tank. (i5 still MIA… presumed dead?)

But I don’t think we will see anything like that from Cadillac in the next few years. Based on statements I have read, I think similar range/performance to the CT6 is what we can reasonably expect.

They have discussed future Plug-In Hybrids as improving the efficiency of their existing ICE line-up. Rather than the ICE extending the range of their Plug-In Hybrids.


That vehicle would be very expensive for its class. This would limit its sales.

Volt Fan

The Xt4 will be on the E2XX platform used by the Chevy Malibu. The new Equinox shares the Volt’sd D2XX platform.


As unlucky says, this would have been designed with the plug-in option in mind.

Cadillac said last year that the CT6 was the first step in standardizing the PHEV in it’s lineup. And that Plug-In technology would be developed and introduced in conjunction with more efficient ICE. (So we shouldn’t expect a BEV from Cadillac anytime soon. Only PHEVs)

But a Plug-In XT4 is far better suited for the US than the CT6.

I think it will be about a 30 mile range and 25-30 mpg combined based on the efficiency of GMs other small SUVs/ crossovers. Won’t know for sure till next year.


They will overprice it just like the Cadillac Volt version

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Yes, they will. Probably $80K+


Why because Mitsubishi beat them to the punch?

Or BMW, Mercedes and Porsche with their PHEV’s with the massive EV range they bring to the table?



Is there currently a 35+ mile PHEV SUV/CUV for sale in the US?

If there is I don’t know of it. Many people here have been clamouring to take the Volt drivetrain and put it in a SUV and when they do you complain.


Ryan S

Ummm, the new Volvo XC60 is being offered in a plug in option, so Cadillac is smart to follow suite.


Maybe GM will finally do what so many of us Volt owners have been begging for: Put Voltec in a CUV.


5 years ago, I would have bought one without thinking twice.

Now, I’ll just wait for a Model Y.
Don’t get me wrong, my Volt has been a FANTASTIC car, but it’s been completely ruined by dealerships that hate it, and don’t want to sell or service them.


Model Y?

You mean by 2020?

LOL. How come you are thinking it is too late when there is a CT4 prototype and there is NOTHING about the Model Y either, not even a real drawing!

How silly have been people acting lately with Tesla is just getting crazier by the second.


GM should have done the Volt as a CUV/SUV, not as a sedan. GM can always try to sell a CUV to a sedan buyer, but not the other way around.

Three weeks ago I hauled a dishwasher in my SUV. Today it’s a hot water tank. In 2 weeks I haul another dishwasher. I can’t do this stuff in a sedan.

In 3 years Tesla will have Model Y and Ford will have their 300 mile SUV. We’ll finally have some useful options.


We’ll see about Ford.

I would not hold my breath.


You can try to sell a CUV to a sedan buyer. But you won’t always be successful. Just like the other way around.

Not all of us are interested in CUVs. We certainly don’t all haul dishwashers.

And a hot water tank would #fitsinavolt.

Volt Fan

My “hot water tank” is a line heater that one can carry in a shopping bag. And that fits even in a Smart TWo!