Cadillac Shows Off First Fully Electric Crossover On New EV Platform

JAN 14 2019 BY WADE MALONE 177

More details will be announced as the automaker moves closer to launch.

Last week we learned that Cadillac was going to become the lead brand for the next generation of electric vehicles at General Motors. The luxury Detroit automaker would soon announce a lineup aimed at industry leader Tesla. What we did not know was how long it would take for us to get our first details on the upcoming Cadillac EV.

Well, the first announcement has come more quickly than we expected. Late Sunday afternoon, Cadillac dropped the images of its first fully electric vehicle, following the XT6 reveal.

The vehicle shown is not a “compact crossover” as GM calls the Chevy Bolt EV. Instead, the upcoming Cadillac EV will be a 3-row SUV. While details are still scarce, Cadillac says the new electric vehicle platform will be incredibly flexible. The automaker adds that the platform has a “relatively short design and development lead time”. But the announcement does not simply hint at the future of GM’s electric vehicle platform. It is also a step towards re-invigorating Cadillac.

Barra Comment Plus Background

Mary Barry commented on the upcoming fully electric SUV. She hints it’s the beginning of a new era for Cadillac.

One of the things that’s going to make Cadillac, Cadillac again is being leading in innovation and technology. We’re very intent on continuing aggressively to accomplish that … This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We had been hearing for some time about a future crossover based on the Bolt that would launch as a Buick. Previously, GM CEO Mary Barra had announced that multiple vehicles would be launching on the Chevy Bolt platform. So far, that has not come to pass. After the announcement that Cadillac would become the tent pole brand for the new EV platform, it is no surprise that the Cadillac EV is the first to be officially announced.

For the past several years, Buick and Cadillac have been the primary focus of the automaker’s efforts in China. But the most important aspect for Americans is that this was announced on the U.S. media site at a North American event. This likely indicates this vehicle is not merely a play for the Chinese market.

This article will be continually updated as we receive further details.

6 photos

Press release below:

DETROIT — Cadillac furthered its recent product blitz today with the reveal of the brand’s first EV. This will be the first model derived from GM’s future EV platform. GM announced on Friday that Cadillac will be at the vanguard of the company’s move toward an all-electric future.

“Cadillac’s EV will hit the heart of the crossover market and meet the needs of customers around the world,” said Steve Carlisle, president of Cadillac. “It will represent the height of luxury and innovation while positioning Cadillac as the pinnacle of mobility.”

The Cadillac EV’s name and additional details will be revealed closer to launch. Today’s announcement is part of Cadillac’s aggressive product acceleration announced this week — in addition to revealing the all-new XT6 crossover, the company also hinted at both a future Escalade and an upcoming performance sedan. Overall, Cadillac will introduce new models at the rate of roughly one every six months through 2021.

GM’s future EV platform, which Cadillac will be the first to use, will be flexible. It will allow the company to respond quickly to customer preferences with a relatively short design and development lead time. The Cadillac portfolio will eventually benefit from a variety of body styles that can be spun off this architecture.

The most advanced components within this platform are the drive units and battery cells, both of which are being designed for maximum usability throughout GM vehicle lineups in different countries. The EVs can be configured in front-, rear- or all-wheel drive, and the output of their battery systems will be adjustable based on vehicle and customer needs.

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Caddy EV looks ain’t so Baddy (from limited pics).

They don’t even have a working model of it, just some fantastical drawings. How could GM have fallen so far behind. Switching to Cadillac means GM is going to build expensive EV’s on top of being late to market. We needed an AWD Buick EV at $50K instead we’ve got nothing….maybe an $80K Caddy to compete with e-Tron and i-Pace.

Oh they very likely have working development mules running about.


Common sense given that this is supposed to be a 2021 model year car.

Automotive sites are reporting the debut will happen in 2021…

Just like those 14-16 EV models for 2021

Pics pleased

Uh, these photos are just a sneak preview of likely a full reveal in a few days.

hope so!

Would be extremely good for GM to be that far long here. Hope so too.

These are sketches, not photos. The fact that GM has no photos, that the cars don’t exist on January 2019 when GM had said it planned to release an upgraded Bolt with the Buick label.

Now that is not happening and Cadillac is going to someday build a car that might look something like some sketches. Bolt gets no improvements (good seats, power seats, dynamic cruise) in 2019 and Volt is discontinued. GM is retreating from EV market in 2019.

honestly, at 2% of the market, no one is really late yet to the EV game.

This boat is much further along than the market share number would lead anyone to believe. It is really late. We are probably two years past the point where firms had to move. The next decade is going to be wrenching for this industry.

But we don’t know when they started. GM got the Bolt out a year before the Model 3, so they clearly had some advance planning in place.

But Bolt is still not „in production“ in real numbers.

Well, it (Bolt EV) held up much better than the Spark EV, or iMiEV! Sure, never meant to reach 100,000+ per year, but – it’s a Start!

“never meant to reach 100,000+ per year”, not sure about that. If the demand is there and I’m a manufacturer; I would go with the demand and ruine Tesla plan before they get too big.

I think it only make sense to sell as much as possible from evrery model you make, the more you make, the less each one cost = more profit per unit

It doesn’t seem the demand is really there for the Bolt, if stories that mention that dealers have inventory on lots, even when GM is only making 30K/yr.

Yes their dealers get in the way and limit their sales, but the real problem with the Bolt is they made a long range ev in a city car form factor that doesn’t allow for luggage, and doesn’t have charging capability or infrastructure to be used as a long range EV. Maybe it’s great for Europe, but they’re not selling it there.

If they’d made it 15cm longer and a few cm wider, I’d think they would’ve generated a lot more demand.

“Yes their dealers get in the way and limit their sales,… ” they sure do, because they don’t make much on after warranty service.. which has traditionally been their cash cow. Many of the dealers may not be well positioned with expensive diagnostic equipment, nor have staff trained to do what service is needed.

That Cadillac looks like a beluga whale coming at you with an open mouth… it doesn’t turn my crank, and the styling seems counter productive to producing a good drag coefficient, so necessary for range on electric vehicles.

Who wants to sell a car that needs brakes at 100k and needs one oil change a year. Low maintenance cars like the Volt kill dealerships.

I agree this is potentially evidence of advanced planning. I am extremely hopeful that they are very far along here.

Agreed. This is why I keep stressing here that the Legacies we all like to bash for not selling EVs are almost surely working on (or have already developed) EVs behind the scenes. To use my favorite example: Who here seriously thinks that Honda isn’t working on a much longer range version of the Clarity EV? The CEV is an in-production BEV that gets great reviews, except for one glaring issue, the pathetically limited (by 2019 standards) range. Bump that to 200 to 225 miles EPA at a reasonable price and they’d have a hit on their hands.

Lou, you are so correct, it seems these companies are still chasing a slice of the luxury or early adopter pie, all the while Tesla has it pretty well sewed up. You watch.. Tesla will soon come out with a long range SUV, 400 to 500 miles and their fanbois with lotsa testosterone will be a salivating. There will come a point where urban mom n pop 2.5 kids and a dog on Average Street will be looking for a commuter/grocery-getter utility vehicle with 250mile range in the battery for around $25K. Somebody is gonna come up with that soon and they’ll sell like hotcakes.

VW will.

Not really. GM can bounce back just like all the legecies. But can’t fall all the way back like Ford

So true. Disappointed ☹️

Crap aero with that large-mouth bass grille.

But hey, at least GM finally put out a CGI render so I hope in 2-5 years this vehicle will be out.

Hopefully it’s in time to help GM start to really pivot towards widespread electrification and save themselves.

I have moved on with a Model 3 and will stay with Tesla going forward.

Based on GM’s development roadmap for BEV3 this will likely be in production around summer of 2020.

Reported that it will arrive “sometime soon after 2021”

Well GM’s roadmap from nearly two years ago was showing this as a 2021MY. And this vehicle is now purportedly accelerated. So I’m going to take this “I heard tweet” with a grain of salt.

Things change including some major new EV positions at GM (we have to remember JDN left the company), however this is GM saying after 2021 so I believe that statement supersedes the roadmap…They also said there would already be two new EVs with in 18 months…We know one is China’s Velite 6 yet I can’t find anything saying the EV version has been delivered yet…

Doing more research, the 2021 comment has been verified and several automotive cites…Autoblog states this won’t even debut until 2021…So if they’re not even producing this until 2022, it’ll likely be a 2023 model…

Not questioning your research, but really hoping this timeline either proves false or that they can manage it forward. It is a good segment with the right brand.

And that is way too late, at that pace we won’t see an affordable EV thats not a compact from GM until 2030

So, “after 2021” means the end of 2022 in GM’s time.

But, a Cadillac ELR, at $40,000 (instead of @ $75,000) could have been a Good thing!

I bought mine @$43k after incentives, grants and tax credits.

A “good thing” for someone who wanted a car with a useless back seat and a trunk barely large enough for a bag of golf clubs. Might as well have been a 2-seat roadster or coupe.

It certainly does look good sitting in someone’s driveway, though! Too bad the engineering and practicality wasn’t up to the superior styling.

I believe that’s what a coupe is push. It’s two seater.

Yes. Superior aesthetics aside, the ELR was worse than the Volt for the reasons you describe. And that price tag guaranteed it’s failure. For the money, I would rather have two Volts than one ELR. Heck – I’d rather have one Volt than one ELR. Let’s hope that GM learns from that fiasco and develops practical vehicles with realistic pricing for its upcoming EVs.

ELR has way too much room for me. My Smart Car has too much room for me.

I don’t get why people have to have 5 usable seats and tons of trunk space.

The trunk holds TWO golf club bags and the two front seats are VERY nice compared to Volt or Bolt. A guy and his lady golfer friend are happy.

I used the back seat for actual humans on occasion. Not a daily thing, but, good enough in a pinch. Once you’re in there, it’s fine.

I drove the car mostly as a single-person commuter. How much dang room do ya need for that? And at 77mpg, not to shabby for an awesome-looking ride.

Looks like a first gen Chrysler Pacifica with a Lexus LX570 grill stuck to the front.

it will also ride like a boat

3/4 of this concept looks gorgeous for a CUV. But that grille is just atrocious. I hate the current trend of oversized, black hole grilles. They’re way bigger than necessary and just fake stupid like fake hood scoops, rear wings, and fake vents. Even more cringe-worthy on an EV.

Tesla and Porsche make some great looking cars without huge fake grilles. Hopefully it becomes the trend and others follow their lead.

Yeah, not digging the grill either.

The grill probably adds more drag, too!

I like it, as long as it doesn’t ruin the drag. With some smart ducting through the chassis air could be moved to the rear even with those looks.

I never understood why they don’t make wind or air turbine in the a eV grill

Is that a grille? I didn’t think it was; I guess I should look more closely.

Maybe this is intended for the Chinese market after all, if that is a huge faux grille on the front.

What I find truly bizarre is the way that huge faux air scoops on the front have become a fashion trend in the auto industry. I think the Toyota Mirai is one of the ugliest cars currently being made, yet it seems to have started a trend! *Shudder* 🙁

Yep. The faux scoops thing is the automotive equivalent of super droopy pants or women’s shirts with insanely long sleeves. The fad can’t die soon enough.

I agree. The grille looks more like a faux grille like on the Chevy Bolt.

A big grill has always been a symbol of a prestigious motorcar. Jag didn’t do away with it, either. Old folks who buy these luxury cars have to be weaned off a big grill.

Nice design, Tesla needs to bring a new designer for Model Y.

This looks like the ice XT6 without headlights and a ghost grille. Clearly an ice design. The ev is the best time for Cadillac to offer a new design for EVs, instead of the old design with a giant blank space where the grille goes on the ice cars.

Also, where is sexy, sleek so the ev is desirable? Instead offering boxy and boring.

Are ice automakers so scared of the Model 3 that they don’t even try to compete?

yet another sketch. why waste time on these non production sketches?

Cuz haters like to waste time in comments sections?

Because it’s all they’ve got. No products, just sketches.

They did. They got the guy from Volvo that designed the XC40.

Which has a cw worse than the Volvo 850 bricks I had (built in 94 and 96).


The design of this Cadillac closely follows Chinese design trends for premium SUV’s. The front is almost identical to the NIO ES8.

What’s up with the stupid light fangs? Seems like alot of the new evs have them…eGolf, Clarity come to mind.

I liked the eGolf ones 2015, nice tron look. I like the idea of seeing from far at night that it’s a real Ev . But the rest of the car was easy to let go off in 2018 when I replaced it with the tesla model 3.

The Caddy don’t get Zapped Edition!

So that’s what all the buzz about 😛

That thing needs more grill.

We’re still not at a point where grills are wider than the cars they belong to. Way to go!

I like them, makes a great new styling element to make a brand unique look. Clarity for example, very easy to identify by DRLs. Also, Volvo and their hammer of Thor shape. It is like Jeep and their grille.

Well that is bad news as the Buick upgraded version of the Bolt was supposed to be out in 2019. Volt discontinuing (why would anyone buy the featureless Volt over the feature rich Inoniq?) and Bolt not competing (no power seats, no dynamic cruise) and Cadillac years out, Ford bailing out, GM bailing out, the Kona and Niro EV’s are going to take the low end of the EV market with 250 mile loaded hatchback FWD CUV’s, the world’s new station wagons.

I think the Velite 6 BEV for China is based on the Bolt platform.


I think this is the ugliest design I have seen from Cadillac. Toyota has been trying hard to produce the ugliest cars on the planet, and now Cadillac is trying to out do Toyota.

The exterior isn’t to my taste, but I can see the appeal. The interior however, I can’t stop laughing:

– WTF is up with the super high center console?

– Why the super wide screen? Did they see the Byton prototype and thought, we gotta have a screen that’s full of info but to far away to physically touch.

– The square steering wheel looks pants.

Yes, the exterior is very believable as near production ready. The interior? Screams concept vehicle lol.

These are low res quick renders. Most concept designs have over the top silly interiors. See them every year in all manufacture cars.

Have you seen the Volt? That’s where GM likes to put their batteries…

Thanks, I’ve only seen the volt from the outside.

It’s just a rendering. You can’t tell anything from a rendering. The design could change many times even before the first concept.

Bingo! Remember the early Volt prototype, the one that looked NOTHING like the production car? Until GM shows sheet metal AND says, “This is the final production version which will be on sale in a few months,” I’m not assuming anything except that things can change a lot.

I know, right?

The grill should have come out, not in.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but now that you point it out, that’s exactly what’s wrong.

Mary Barra: “This is just the tip of the iceberg”.


But the timing will be decisive.

Yes. Car manufacturing is like comedy and sex: Timing is everything.

wasn’t it an iceberg that sank the Titanic? Just sayin’….

Who wants to bet we are going to see this vehicle on stage this week in production form?

I sure hope it will be there. If so, we’ll have photos to share I’m sure. 🙂 Although possibly not in “production” form.

Don’t get your hopes up, It took two years for the Bolt EV to go from concept to production. GM is not going to slap something together and then work out the bugs later the way Tesla does.

No, GM would never “slap something together” for early adopters to become essentially the Cadillac early guinea pig EV beta testers.😂

Good point, the ELR was a miserable failure, despite its really sharp styling.

The Volt is the only plug-in EV which GM has yet made which was actually well designed, and even that is (was) too small to have wide appeal.

The slap around for the Bolt and the Spark EV oh and the ELR

You assume GM hasn’t been working on this. Maybe since the Bolt was released 2 years ago they’ve been doing something with their 1000’s of engineers.

Yeah, they’re busily working on ways to keep making gasmobiles with their 1000’s of engineers.

LMAO at the troll!

You mean the Tesla that outsells GM in EVs ten to one !!!

Real no one mention Tesla dude

“GM is not going to slap something together and then work out the bugs later the way Tesla does.”

With the Bolt EV, GM certainly did slap something together — or worse yet, got someone else to slap something together for them — and took a full year to work out the “bugs” of the uncomfortable front seat.

A ‘bot transcript (full accuracy not guaranteed) of what Sandy Munro said after his teardown of the Bolt EV:

~“…from an engineering point of view I’ll start with a Bolt the Bolt did a good thing GM doesn’t have a lot of money to throw at all the different cars that they’re developing they took a Spark ripped out the bottom told somebody else to come in here put in batteries and motors and whatnot saved a tremendous amount of engineering costs and whatnot and NRE and and boomp wound up with a car and got it into the marketplace quick so that was a good thing with them…”~

Yelp push so true. That’s why the seats are for the Asians market

i will. GM is dead. Horribly run company needs to die.

Expert hating on this one!

Horribly run? I’ll give you that part. But “needs to die”? Uh, no. We desperately need every one of the Legacies to step up and get aggressive with EV R&D, as well as production, marketing and support.

No they won’t, if they do only in concept form like the Bolt. Pre production car is what I’m waiting for

One thing I like about Cadillac leading is that you know the Cadillac EV will have all the latest bells and whistles. It will be easier for GM to downgrade than to upgrade. There won’t be any more excuses about why the most popular features can’t be incorporated, like Adaptive Cruise Control or power seats not being available on the Bolt EV.

a Honda Accord is more luxurious and refined than any Cadillac ever built. And it costs a fraction of the cost.

You are of course entitled to your opinion, but I must say that’s a silly one!

😂 Only have this opinion because the only thing you can afford is a cheap used Accord, and have never sat in a Cadillac

Hate on Garth!

My wife had a 2017 Accord EX-L loaner while her Clarity was in getting some bodywork done. Felt cheap as shi… You can really tell cost cutting in interior. The Clarity has nicer fake wood plastics and the Alcantara dash is nice. So no, not going to agree.

I can only assume you’ve never actually ridden in a Cadillac, let alone driven one.

No offense to Honda, but my first car was an early Honda Civic, and that’s very, very far from the luxury that Cadillac offers.

I don’t like Cadillac but still find myself strongly disagreeing with your statement.

Up until now I have thought that the Bolt was GM’s dedicated “future EV platform”, but I guess they haven’t been able to scale the program up and bring it to profitability, so a new platform has to be introduced.

As long as there is progress, I don’t care what path from A to B it takes.

I think we still might see a couple of global BEV2 cars (especially in China). But BEV3 has always been the future for a wider platform. I think with GM on tax credit phase out in the US it’s plans have changed and they have pulled it’s focus to BEV3.

Nah, the Bolt EV was something GM rushed into production in an attempt to head off the market for the Tesla Model 3; a hastily cobbled-together BEV that GM farmed out to LG Chem for development.

At least, that’s what Sandy Munro said recently, and he’s done a teardown of the Bolt EV, so I presume he knows what he’s talking about.

Great product for a “rush job”!

They have the XT4 and the Bolt chassis. It won’t take them long to respond.

XT4 is on E2 platform. Bolt EV is BEV2. This vehicle is on BEV3 and it’s been in development for a while now.

Well, I hope GM will take the time to get it right, as they did with the Volt. The Bolt EV is a poorly done rush job, and the ELR was a downright embarrassment, despite the very nice styling.

ELR needed a more powerful motors and the 2016 volt Battery packs , lower keep price of $45k then all the other option and would have competed

ELR would be a collectible since they sold so few

The point is they have the vehicles, the Y is just an idea.

Imagine the Earth-shaking bass you could produce with a 100 kWh battery.

no need to imagine, listen to the stereo in the Model S.

Unfortunately there’s no 400v car stereo equipment yet. Since I got my Tesla, the old Leaf would be a great place try high voltage DC amplifiers.

yawn. let me guess, production in credit states sometime in 2025? Oh, and it will look nothing like this, and its interior will be horribly cheap and unrefined. In other words, a GM product.

Now you got the hate train rolling!

It’s OK! Let Cadillac Prove Him Wrong!
If they CAN!

You should really take an opportunity to sit in an ELR sometime. It’s too slow and overpriced, but it looks great and it has one of the best interiors you’ll see.

…as long as you don’t try to sit in the back seat. Or open the trunk and see it’s barely big enough for a bag of golf clubs.

It’s a coupe push. It’s suppose to be a two seater. I never seen anyone seat in the back of a coupe caddy

The Cadilac Eldorodo was a coupe with a great back seat and trunk.

If you count the trunk as the “interior,” you’re using the car wrong.

Maybe like this person (who is apparently smaller than “a bag of golf clubs”):×200.jpg

I hope you’re wrong, and I think you’re at least partially wrong, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have similar fears.

Personally, I think making Cadillac produce all GM EVs is punishment for their past screw-ups.

GM would water down it, but they would make it appealing to the major of Cadillac demographics which are geriatrics. Tesla will not worry. 🙂

Yep, Cadillac is a dying brand like most of the people that drive them. They can try and jolt it back to life by electrifying it but it won’t work.

I saw the Newly Unveiled Volt Prototype in Detroit, at its NAIAS opening! I still think, they should have made 100,000 copies of that Prototype, sold at a near “ELR” Price, as Collectors Items!

Thanks! 🙂

From comments here, I guess some people do need to be reminded that artist’s concept renders do not equal production vehicle designs.

I’ll be more impressed when they release a $25,000 electric vehicle for the masses.

Mary B. Goode sayz “don’t hold your breath” ’till then. We’d hate for you to turn Ford Blue Oval faced.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

No battery capacity = no volume capacity; hence the high end thrust for margins. Sound familiar a la S and X?

It does sound familiar and it’s a strategy that is a decade late. At this pace no affordable vehicles from GM until 5+ years after this vehicle goes into production.

Bolt is $21K in SoCal after sale, subsidy, and rebates.

…and that’s about all it’s worth, if that.

You mean EV that’s quicker than comparable gas car (ie, Focus ST) should be worth 20% less? No wonder EV are not selling, instead only the Tesla badge is selling, because Tesla without the badge is worth 20% less than comparable gasser.

Don’t live in California and don’t make 100$k to get a subsidy

A $25k car will never be successful without the high end being profitable first.

I hope the 3rd row is optional. Prefer 5 seats with more room for passengers and cargo. That three row config looks awfully cramped.

Wish they would do a an all-electric XT4 sized vehicle. Or try again with an all-electric the ELR like coupe with 4 seats but real power, and reasonable price tag.

Man, I hope the final version is at least some improvement over this Grotesque looking thing. And if its electric why are they wasting all the cabin space on center consoles?

This is a prime example of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. They need a very few people with some artistic and manufacturing sense, not hundreds each putting in a bit of ‘input’ with this Abortion as a result.

Another issue is GM keeps screwing dealerships first with the ELR, and later the CT6 PHEV – leaving them currently with no electrical product for sale – interrupting the dealer’s continuity sales plans. I would bet most are reluctant to follow GM after being bit twice.

Looks like the EQC or Etron or IPace.

Agree, and my bet is the really unique grille gets toned down too much. This is what happened with EQC for me, I loved the prototype, but find the production model boring to the point I wouldn’t look at the vehicle.

Here are my guesses for specifications for this model:
Dual motor AWD (two 150KW (200hp) motors)
800V DC battery system
Battery 95 to 100KWh
300 miles EPA rated range.
200+KW charge rate. 10-80% in 20 to 30mins.
Optional – Latest version of Supercruise.
Base price $70K USD.

Release date: End of 2022

That’d work. I’ll need a CT6 replacement in a few years.

Priced with the creature comfort additional features, that you would probably want configured: $85k USD in 2022.

Looking at that photo, it looks like it’ll weigh as much as a tank, probably more than I-Pace. If so I doubt 95 to 100 kwh will get you 300 miles, probably closer to 240.

What’s the desire for 800 volt batteries? I get that cuts down on the conductor size for a given power, but the insulation needed is bulkier and eats up most of the benefits. If you want more wattage in a smaller cable, I thing liquid cooling is a much bigger improvement.

Does not look aerodynamic at all

When has any Caddy looked aerodynamic? Who cares?


I see GM have solved the pesky door handle issue.

The doors will open via wishful thinking. 😉

Perhaps the doors auto-present as you walk up. Handles are so last century.

Until it freezes in the winter

Upscale cars in the Chinese market have huge grilles. This Cadillac EV obviously isn’t intended for the Chinese market.

Good to see GM finally moving into the luxury EV market in a meaningful way. Better 7 years late than never, I suppose. (The Tesla Model S was first sold in 2012.) Or more likely 8-9 years late, once this car actually enters production. Since all we see is an artist’s concept render here, I presume it’s not going to go into production this year.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

116 comments. Just imagine what would happen if Cadillac showed an HFCV concept.

Just a concept, putting out feelers at this point. But maybe it’s because they’re actually going to release a small Cadillac BLT and they don’t want shareholders to get angry that they’re thinking small.

EVs are probably the only thing that can save the brand.

It is still a chevy

Vaporware just like that Atlis truck. Come back when you have a pre production car

Leading from the rear, good ole GM. Talk a big game and fall flat on your face. But at least they know how to close plants and lay-off workers, something they will doing a lot of in the coming years.

Just a drawing – wake me up when it is real….

one word only: FINALLY

Mary Barra and the board do it one generation of cars later then necessary; they let Cadillac die because of lack of vision, lack of relevant high-tech products. For all the money GM invested in stocks buyback, autonomous driving, stupid things, it could have invested in Cadillac and Buick premium electric cars just after the bail-out!! I want to say that no bankrupty would have occurred if they invested before in electric cars, let’s say in 2003, when Tesla was founded. They wasted more than 15 years, they let die premium brands like Cadillac and Buick producing SUVs for guidos and criminal-rappers, instead to lure Lexus/BMW/M-Benz/Jaguar buyers… SOOOOOOOOOO SMART, eh, Barra? what’s in your stupid brain? nails?

Cadillac, Buick ,Chevy….. do we really still need this antiquated “multiple badging” model? Just call them all Chevy and build them nice. Would probably save a bunch of money.

I remember the volt looked like that but when it came out looked totally different.

Well, not too keen on the styling, but I am glad to hear the full commitment to BEVs! If I understand correctly, as each Cadillac model reaches the end of its design life, the replacement will be a pure BEV, no more hybrids of any description. I hope the transition time is a short 3 years because as Elon pointed out there is a conflict trying to sell both types. Once the ICE variants disappear so does the conflict.

Great! Another SUV I can’t afford. And another competitor for Tesla. What I really want is a Honda HR-EV with 250 miles of range, full suite of safety features, fast charging, and a price under $30k before the federal tax credit. You know, a people’s car. The Kona and Niro EV’s are a bit too small. Get to work, boys! Maybe VW will beat everybody out of the gate.