Cadillac To Reveal CT6 At New York Auto Show – Plug-In Hybrid Version Planned


With the 2015 New York Auto Show opening in just a few days, Autocar reveals that Cadillac will put on display its all-new CT6.

The CT6 is considered to be Cadillac’s “technological masterpiece” and will become the flagship of the brand.

We don’t expect to see the plug-in version of this car in New York, however if it doesn’t show in America this week, the rumour du jour is that it will still make its debut at a major auto show in China shortly.  Currently, China is responsible for all the growth of the Cadillac brand, improving 47% last year to 73,500 units; for America 170,750 Cadillacs were moved last year – off 6.5%.

Although we have to note Cadillac’s spotty history in following through on revealing their plug-ins in a timely fashion; the 2016 Cadillac ELR skipped its planned debut in November of 2014, then again last month in Geneva.

Per Autocar:

“In an interview with Jalopnik, de Nysschen confirmed that the CT6 would be sold with a 420bhp V6 engine, a plug-in hybrid variant and a twin-turbo V8. Although no power output has been revealed, the V8 would most likely take centre stage in Cadillac’s V-badged range of performance models, which are designed to rival equivalent cars from Mercedes-AMG, BMW M division and Audi’s Quattro GmbH.”

In regards to the CT6 plug-in version itself (more details), we know that GM plans on introducing it at some point in 2015, and that it will be equipped with a turbo 6 cylinder engine.  GM’s Mark Ruess, Executive VP of Global Product Development, has said that the CT6 plug-in will get about 70 MPGe – which leads us to believe it will have an all-electric range of about 20-25 miles.

We expect more news to come when the reveal occurs in New York.

Source: Autocar

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GM . . . stop with the plug-in Caddies. Fox News watching Grandpa doesn’t care about plug-ins.

Build plug-in crossovers, SUVs, mini-vans, sedans, etc.

Uh, Cadillacs aren’t just for grandpas any more. They’re some of the coolest cars on the road. Audi’s, Mercedes, and (to a lesser extent) BMWs are seen as stodgy now.

Consumers say quite otherwise. When Cadillac manages to produce a car with even close to comparable sales (or reviews, for that matter) then this might become true.

Offerring yet another “almost” is not a formula for success.

Agree, just look at the world wide sales of each car, Cadillac does not rate.

If sales figures had anything at all to do with how cool a car was, then the Camry wouldn’t be a perennial top seller. Right now baby boomers are the one with the money, so whatever they buy sells in greater numbers. Nobody ever accused baby boomers of having good taste in cars though. 🙂

Certainly isn’t like that where I live.

It is where I live (Michigan). Successful yuppies drive Cadillacs. Once in a while you see a bimmer or Mercedes (even less fequent).

Well . . . yeah . . . it is good they are supporting the home team there in Michigan.

Cadillac for me is just 50’s classics and such. Something that a few collectors parade once or twice a year and then keep in their garage to polish them and such.

As a modern car? I can’t remember that I’ve ever seen one. Or met someone that would rate them at all.

Say that name in the same sentence as BMW, Audi etc…. ridiculous.

I think you need to go for a test drive. You would be pleasantly surprised at the ride/quality of Cadillacs.

The ability to drive a car when a possible fuel shortage is in place [ Katrina, Fukushima… ] should be sufficient reason for smart people to buy this plugin.

The Chinese market does not agree with you. They are buying Caddies and Buicks and loving them. And with the smog there, EVs and hybrids will be welcomed. And China is where the future big money is, not the U.S. atm.

Yeah, Buick is a big brand in China. You never know how these things translate.

They don’t seem to be listening to you.

According to GreenCarReports, the plugin hybrid version of the CT6 will be revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show in the last week or two of April.

I watch Fox local news. I have 10 grandkids. I care about EVs and drive an ELR. Hardly a “grandpa” car.

But you just told me you are a grandpa.

That cares about plug-ins.

You watch fox and bought a hybrid? You da real MVP.

I’ll be curious (still hoping to hit NYC) how the interior changes. I’m not expecting CUE, or at least the same CUE. The interiors seem so far behind the “wow” factor of Cadillac’s latest exterior designs.

Too bad we might only see “20-25 miles”. On the bright side, that’s “32 miles”, in German speak. 🙂

I sure hope this is not just another 20-mile PHEV.

Cadillac can offer luxury not available with the other brands (yet) if they offer a 40-50 mile “EREV” with full performance in EV mode. I hope they do.


This should be a big seller in Florida, any state that gets hit with big storms.

The Next Gen Voltec electrified transmission, with its ability to strongly blend the combined torque of two electric motors AND the ICE, is the perfect performance transmission as well as a high mpg hybrid drive. GM has already announced that the new Malibu hybrid will be using it, albeit without a plug. With 185 HP + lower weight than the Gen 2 Volt, I bet that Malibu will have some impressive 0-60 times along with the 45 mpg. Toyota can keep their HSD + Atkinson ICE.

Don’t be surprised if this new CT6 incorporates a high performance version of the same Voltec transmission, an even larger ICE motor, and eye-popping 0-60 times + insanely high mpg for a performance/luxury vehicle. Maybe a plug, too? We can hope…

SO… by the time the big 3 finally “discover” hybrids… we will have moved fully to full EV with 100 to 400 miles of range and virtually no emissions when charged by renewables.

Hybrids are nice but over complicated. Introduced after the 90s EV crushing debacle… they have served us all well and raised the bar to higher MPG. Soon though the double transmissions and complicated control systems will be crazy compared to the simplicity of an all electric like the Tesla or Nissan Leaf.

Hybrids are still only 3% of the market. The Malibu hybrid will use the same drive-train as the Volt and the CT6 will probably as well. It’s not as complicated as you think. And not everyone can afford a 400 mile BEV, and not everyone has a place to plug in.