Cadillac Karma – The KICK GAS Way Of Converting ICE Owners Over To Electric Vehicles


Tiffany Raim Kicking Gas

Tiffany Raim Kicking Gas

I’m currently in my Indiana hometown. It’s a charming place. The people are refreshing, kind, hard working, and golf is the activity of choice.

This morning I was at breakfast with a couple who I’ve known almost my entire life. Their garage consists of a Corvette, 2 SUV’s, and a Cadillac. If you did the math, that’s 4 cars for 2 people. They both work within 10 miles of their home, and are looking to trade in one of the SUV’s for something smaller. Perfect! What better time to bring up how an EV would make a lot of sense. My suggestion was met with a laugh followed by, “Never!”

I now give you Cadillac Karma…


Conversation With Mr & Mrs M.

The Aftermath:

Everyone is safe, however the CTS’ warranty ended in June.The dealership is estimating a minimum of $3,000 to fix the issue.

I took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood. When I came back to see if they needed anything, to my shock…the Tesla homepage was pulled up on their computer. Mrs. M. was asking Google “how much money can an EV save me”, and Mr. M was on the phone with their dealership inquiring about the Cadillac ELR.

I leave you with this…

Small victories are still victories. A single point turned Germany into World Cup Champions. It took a lot of hard work to be in that final game, however in the end, a win is a win.

Be kind to one another, and KICK GAS!

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Hold out for $20k discount before the subsidy! Heck, given the new Volt battery, I’d ask for even more since the ELR’s tech has already been obsoleted :p

I highly suspect the ELR has the same 17.1 kWh battery as the Volt is using. It wouldn’t make sense to produce two separate battery packs.

Except the ELRs on the lot have been produced long ago…

Apostrophe abuse… 😉

Hi Aaron
My apologies to the apostrophe 🙂

With 3 other cars to pick from, how much you wanna bet they go with the ELR instead of a Tesla?

Still, well played madam, well played! 🙂

Thanks Scramjett 😉

Shame you were unable to pick them up in a Tesla :O)

Speaking of golf I recommend ignition golf with Paul Wilson. Really helped me, and it’s free.
Love the high heels studded with rhinestones resting on the gas can. I get it: ‘Kick Gas’.

FFBJ, thank you so much for the golf tip; will be looking into that later. Also, you officially win this comment thread for reading the article, acknowledging golf, and “getting” the shoes. 🙂

“They both work within 10 miles of their home, and are looking to trade in one of the SUV’s for something smaller.”

Too bad you are in Indiana; a Spark EV would be perfect. Some people still buy them out of the rollout states… so maybe still an option.

Well they do look like GM fans but I seriously doubt they’d be interested in a Spark….not upscale enough.

What about a Volt?

but then someone would have to explain how it works

Ha! George S you sure called it on the couple being GM fans! Naturally, there is a GM/Chevrolet Dealership within 5 min of them who carries Volts.

Great story Tiffany.
Karma is right.
God is an EV and he just struck back.

Great story!

A dead transmission . . . another one of the many complex things in an ICE car that can break which doesn’t exist in an EV.

Love the story.

Thanks TomArt!

Cadillac Karma – maybe that’s what what GM should have done – early on strike a deal with Henrik Fisker to design their high end flagship $100k EVer. You have arguably the best designed four door sedan without all the headaches of launching a dealer network that an independent has.

Carguy, You bring up an interesting thought, as that team up could’ve been a game changer.

Here is to the small victories.

I drive a Chevy Volt EREV and am in no need of a charging infrastructure, but I bought a Level 2 charger and donated it to a local non-profit so that a small town USA would start learning about the EV (r)evolution. I asked the non-profit to provide the use for free with a sign asking for a donation to cover the base electricity cost with a QR code paypal link. Too early to tell how well the cost will be managed but people are talking.

Another quick one. I look for opportunities to get people behind the wheel of my EV. One afternoon I had taken a friend and his son for a ride. As they were departing, his young son exclaimed “I want to drive an EV when I grow up daddy!”. I smiled and said to my friend “My work here is done.” =)

Mark H, That is very cool about your friend’s son! The charging station donation is also outstanding! It absolutely has the people talking, soon they will be looking/inquiring, and before you know it they will be charging. 🙂

It is amazing to me how excited kids get around EVs. I never have to plug or unplug mine when kids are over, they actually fight for the privilege. It’s pretty funny, but I wonder how much it will stick with them as they get older.

Cool story. I’d even talk them into selling one of the SUVs too! With such a small commute, an PEV should be a no-brainer.

Also, are you working with Netflix or Amazon Video for the documentary at some point?

Pretty safe to say 99.9% of the readers would agree with you MTN Ranger 🙂