Cadillac Exec: Luxury Electric Vehicles “Are Not Cars For Tree-Huggers”


Cadillac ELR - Not For Tree-Huggers

Cadillac ELR – Not For Tree-Huggers

Cadillac is so confident that “tree-huggers” don’t/won’t buy luxury plug-in electric vehicles that Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac’s chief marketing officer, is willing to go on record to state what he believes to be fact:

“These are not cars for tree-huggers, as tree-huggers do not buy new luxury cars.”

That quote comes from the Detroit News in an article in which Ellinghaus was discussing the possibility of Cadillac adding more electrified vehicles to its lineup.

Quoting the Detroit News:

“Ellinghaus said Cadillac plans to broaden its offering of electric powertrains. Cadillac’s only electric is the ELR, a plug-in hybrid electric luxury sedan that costs about $80,000.”

“But GM’s top marque will have to ensure that it gives customers added value for the price point and keep the performance and traditional qualities that luxury buyers expect, Ellinghaus said.”

We’re not sure where this whole “tree-huggers do not buy new luxury cars,” fits in, but we’re rather certain that even some Tesla Model S buyers would be comfortable with the “tree-hugger” label being applied to them, so perhaps Ellinghaus has lost touch with the times.

Source: Detroit News

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Oh my god, now Elon should kill himself. Whatthe hell he could decide to produce thousands of cars no one will buy.

Did the meds run out today? I can’t find the context in all your word salad…

What else would you expect from a legacy automaker? What a clueless douchebag…probably the same moron that approved the poolside add…

Poolside ad was good, there is nothing wrong with celebrating hard work and having some balls. This tree hugger comment is stupid however. It’s interesting how some people seem to live in a bubble so completely clueless about what’s going on around them.

Well it’s true that tree huggers don’t by ELRs, but no-one else does either!

What a derogatory statement from an arrogant individual. Ellinghaus singularly defines what is wrong with GM marketing.

A recent Fortune magazine article identified 25 corporate eco-innovators that are leading the way on energy innovation and efficiency, which demonstrates how arcane and out of touch “treehugger” comments are. BTW the first name on the list was Elon Musk, but there are some surprises too.

Maybe Ellinghaus went to the same school as Donald Sterling? Sure do show their colors quick enough…

High priced.





Fugly? Time for an art classes or a museum visit. Only the aesthetically challenged would think the ELR was anything other than stunning. What do you think looks better? The Model S? Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Plenty of reasons to pass on the ELR but styling is not one of them.

I agree.

It is a 50-60T dollar hybrid with an 80T dollar price tag.
But it does look good.

As has often been stated if people were really that concerned they’d buy a used car vs impact of building a new one.

No. Used vehicles have lower efficiency, higher carbon output output, and cost more to maintain…

Used EVs, might be another story, however.

My Honda accord gets almost 40 mpg highway and 32 mpg city – all day.
It has passed emissions with flying colors each and every year. At 300k miles it is a amazing Honda.
It cost me $800 used.
ANY part of it can be replaced for a few hundred $$.
THIS used car is beyond anything sold today on a ROI basis.

I’m guessing what he really meant was that tree huggers do not buy Cadillacs, regardless of the powertrain.

Need to know his definition of a “tree hugger”. Maybe he just means hippies? Either way, should steer clear of the term. Lutz used to use the term as well, which probably wasn’t good.

Here’s one from UD:

“Typically described as hippies. Often characterized by eating organic goods, natural fibre clothing, not consumption of meat, a general liking and respect for the environment.”

And somehow, these are all supposed to be negative things. 😉

this definitely makes me want to buy an ELR. Would be such a good investment…. not

Heh, time to pull the wool back and reveal a little secret bout the Stunning Cadillac ELR Extended Range Electric Luxury Coupe.

Hint- 850+ Mpg!

Owners and Lessees of this machine ARE GREEN HUGGERS!
Green as in money. One does have to find ways to hold on to the green cash in order to afford such an automobile.

Our friend, Milke Rosack over at VoltStats now is hosting the Stunning Cadillac ELR Extended Range Electric Luxury Coupe / Stats.

Now just four members strong, interesting to see a Cadillac, or any luxury Car for that matter getting over 800+ Mpg!

Now that’s hugging some $Green$!

Link Goes To VoltStats/ELR/Stats Leader/Details-


Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.


Hey, there’s VoltStats functionality for the ELR now? Cool! 🙂

Spark EV too (in case you weren’t aware)

Posting gas-only MPG ratings makes no sense. If I carry a gallon of gas in the back of my i-MiEV, I get INFINITY miles per gallon (less evaporation). 😉

It sounds like he is trying to blame the consumer for not wanting to spend $75k on a Volt.

When the ELR should have been priced at $49k to start with.

Oh come on. Give them $55K at least.

GM has to pay incentives for dealers to sell ELRs and get people to buy them, while BMW can’t build enough to meet demand. That doesn’t sound like a treehugger problem to me.

That is why they got broke and they will get broke again, the management of GM make ignorant comments and they really believe in. For GM management, TESLA is a successful company because they build an amazing efficient car that happens use electricity, Tesla buyers are not for three lovers, are for people who enjoy technology, performance and efficiency, a luxury product which GM can’t even compete. As a bonus is GREEN.

The number of treehugging eco-caddy drivers is probably always going to be pretty close to zero but I’m sure there is plenty of rational high income people out there who realise that oil is hardly the future and are willing to consider something different if it offers a compelling value proposition and fits their lifestyle. The ELR rather fails as a value proposition, but no need to give up, there really is market for the right concept. Tesla is proof of that.

It’s the perfect phrase: fails as a value proposition. ELR is a terrific 50-60k car. It’s ridiculous at 75-82k.


I think there is some truth in that. Even in Tesla’s own buyer profile, the former LEAF and Prius buyers only contributes to a small percentage (less than 30% combined)

However, the issue is the fact that if “tree huggers” don’t buy luxury cars and ELR is only intended to be luxury (and NO significant performance), then they should know that “non-tree huggers” don’t buy plugin cars or Cadillacs without performance. So, ELR would stuck in somewhere nobody wants….

The sales reflect that.

Sometimes, I question how GM “marketing” executives think.

This is probably why GM can’t sell Volt at a much better rate considering how many awards the car has won and how much the owners love them. Those marketing nutjobs at GM needs some brain refreshing.

Less than 30% for Leaf + Prius is small to you for a $70K and up car? What do you think the % for Panamera, Jaguar, 5 series, etc are? Even the Volt is significantly less than 30% and that is much more logical step.

This Tesla owner thinks he’s got it wrong. Cadillacs are not for “tree huggers.”

They way overpriced the ELR. Expect to see them deeply discounted in a few months as inventory piles up.

Cadillac running from green virtue, is like Miley Cyrus molesting mannequins. They think it will get them somewhere.


Doubling down on their poolside add

Going by sales figures, the Cadillac ELR is hardly for anyone.

Boom! Take that you marketing loser!

Cadillac has lost their single most important selling feature; their styling of a ridiculously over the top, over-sized, overweight, top brand vehicle. The ELR is the modern equivalent of the 1982 award-losing Cimarron and has no outstanding or unique styling features to differentiate it from any other GM product. it’s just another pile of Detroit Iron with no soul. No amount of PR will convince people it’s a worthy car to enhance the history and reputation of what was once an excellent brand.

Lad, you said, “~ it’s just another pile of Detroit Iron with no soul.~” Hmmm, CyberSpace is flooded with Global Auto Industry authorities and with authorities and critics of the Global Electric Fueled Vehicle Industry. Not being able to find a reference or body of critical work on line in reference to “Lad”, I must conclude that you are just an #antiEVZombie Bot programed to spew incoherent jiberings randomly in post it sites in the CyberSphere- I did not have the heart to pose a vision of you sitting in your stained underwear in an aging Aunts basement trying get noticed by the #antiEVZombies underground. I digress. A Motor Trend reviewer who I can find a credible body of work and cited reviews on is Michael Febbo. Mr. Febbo’s comments differ massively from your and I tend to want listen to what he has to say. “[…]More impressive is the combination of ride and handling. While the ELR will never be mistaken for a sports car, it drives well. In the canyons it changed directions quickly enough to be fun, with understeer waiting to pop up whenever I started having too much fun. Overall grip is relatively low. Cadillac says… Read more »

Pretty pedestrian review for a vehicle at that price range… How much was this reviewer paid by GM for his efforts?

Wow, 850 MPG! Distance Traveled Vs Gas Burned. This Guy In His Stunning Cadillac ELR Extended Range Electric Luxury Coupe Is Using #ElectricityAsEVFuel And Pulling Off Something No BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz AGM, Lincoln, Bently or Tesla Can Do-

Near 100% EV, Minimal Gas When I Want It, Endless Range Using Gas If I Need It!

Link Goes To Owners Onstar Data Dump Page-

This Guy In The Cadillac Is Even Besting My Paultry 616 MPG!

Link Goes To My OnStar Data Dump Page-


Thomas J. Thias

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Well, I don’t consider myself a tree-hugger, but I just bought an ELR because it is a great electric car. I had a Volt already, and a 9kW Solar Panel system, and was thinking of getting a Tesla Model S. Is this car overpriced? Yes. But they are doing great lease deals on them, all things considered I am very happy with the deal I got. It looks awesome, drives great, and has lots lots of great luxury features not available on a Tesla, such as Adaptive Cruise, blind spot protection and a heated steering wheel. The interior is to die for. Moved my Model S deposit to a Model X. 😉