Cadillac ELR Video Review And Test Drive From TFL


Cadillac ELR Gets The "Once Over" By TFL

Cadillac ELR Gets The “Once Over” By TFL

A few months ago we covered an impromptu review and quick-and-dirty 0-60 mph test (in EV mode) of the Cadillac ELR by the Fast Lane Car (that video below), in anticipation of their further more extensive review of the 37 mile, extended range luxury version of the Chevrolet Volt from General Motors.

Cadillac ELR Specs

Cadillac ELR Specs








So did they like it?  We’ll let the video walk you through their opinion, but the do lead with a fairly strong statement:

“If it wasn’t for the Corvette, I would say that this ELR is, by far, the most beautiful that General Motors builds…”

But how about after a week living with it?

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Some incorrect info in the vid review. It does not take between 15 – 18 hours to recharge. It’s 8hrs. He had it set to the slow charging mode. Also, you will get MORE than the 37 mile AER in places like FL, year round. It’s only in the cold winter states, running the heater, that lowers the EV range.

Make it a five seater and give it plenty or room in the back seat and I’d consider $30-35k for it.

That’s why GM has the Volt.

The ELR and Volt are very different for different purposes. Like just how the guy there said, it’s like comparing a Citroen DS with a Citreoen SM. It’s not a fair comparison when everyone calls the ELR a failure and that it’s nothing more than a Volt in a Caddy dress.

Heck no. I drive by myself all the time. Why would I want 5 seats?

We need more EV Coupes

The battery is positioned for maximum handling stability.

But, maybe THIS car is the collector item, the first Caddy EV in 100 years.

You could say that.

I think I’ve been saying this a bit much now but the Volt and the ELR are the modern equivalent of the Citroen DS and SM.

One’s a well known and highly capable family car that will make its way to the history books. The other is a low-production, ultra-refined and highly exclusive car that makes the traffic and people around it stand still.

I think your Citroen analogy is off the mark. The SM was powered by a Maserati engine, not an engine found in the DS. The ELR’s power components, specs and performance are virtually the same as in the Volt, and this lack of differentiation has been the primary reason the ELR’s been criticized for being way overpriced.

He obviously drove the car.
He obviously did not drive the car 40 miles, because in FL of all states he would have gotten better then 40 miles of electric range.

not fond of that guy. i’d pay 40k for the car though………

I’d go as far as 55K, if I was the Cadillac type. It really does look great and I wouldn’t blame anyone for spending that on that car.

Anything past 60K and you are approaching Model S territory, so the ELR stops making sense to all but the Cadillac faithful.

Less torque than the Spark EV, which does 0 to 60 in 7.5 seconds, but it might be a way to wean Caddy lovers off the sauce. Still, a Spark for short distances and a CTS for long would cost less than this hybrid.

Spark looks atrocious

Nicely done review. I just upgraded from a 2013 loaded Volt to a 2014 loaded ELR. Much of the commentary is that the ELR is not worth twice the price of a Volt. It’s not…it’s three times the car!

I’ve had a garage full of BMW’s and Audi’s over the years. The ELR is in a class by itself. The ELR is not about any one advantage. If you’re looking for economy go get a Spark. If you want to drive a car that is and makes you feel special every minute, get the ELR. The reviewer made that point too.

On that note, check out the lease deals. They’re making the ELR lease-out at a rate similar to a loaded BMW 3 series. I know, I almost bought one until my dealer (Cadillac of Novi, MI) got me a great lease deal.

Finally, I like CUE. Then again, I do technology for a living!