Cadillac ELR Shines Bright at 2014 Detroit Auto Show


The production Cadillac ELR is on display at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

ELR in Your Face in Detroit

ELR in Your Face in Detroit

Few have seen the ELR in person, so we made it a point to focus our lenses on this latest EREV from General Motors.

The ELR is visually stunning both inside and out, though some question whether or not it’s worth the substantial premium over the Chevy Volt.

Of course, Cadillac buyers are unlikely to consider the Chevy Volt, so doing the ELR may actually be a wise move for GM, as it’ll draw in buyers who would not have otherwise considered GM when seeking a plug-in.

The limited production ELR is slowly tickling out to dealerships across the nation.

It launched slightly ahead of schedule and actually recorded 6 sales in December.  We expect sales to rise substantially this month.

ELR Detroit

ELR Detroit

ELR Detroit

ELR Detroit

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EREV? I thought we already had this discussion.

GM came up with the EREV term and can define it as they want. No different than Apple coming up with magical terms like a lightening port, which I wonder if you go around trying to tell people it really isn’t using lightening as it is just a 30-pin dock connector.

GM can call it what they want, but it is slower in EV mode than in hybrid mode. I much prefer the Volt “extended range EV” that has full performance in EV mode.

However, the ELR does look stunning.


There is ZERO difference in performance when the gasoline generator is supplying the Electric Motor. Instant torque either way.

I have been driving a Chevy Volt for 39,000 miles.

crap, fail

What is the failure?