Cadillac ELR Pricing Announcement Expected in Two Weeks; Any Guesses What the MSRP Will Be?


Word is that Cadillac will announce pricing for the 2014 ELR within the next 2 weeks.

 Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR

So, naturally, we’re now wondering what the MSRP will be.

But before taking a shot at guessing what price Cadillac will put on the ELR, some background info should be disclosed.

In terms of pricing, Cadillac has been rather tight-lipped, but we have heard some remarks.

Recently, Automotive News asked Cadillac vice-president Bob Ferguson if pricing for the ELR would be adjusted downward in response to GM cutting the MSRP of the Chevy Volt.  Here’s what Ferguson stated:

Cadillac ELR Shown In Red Tintcoat With 20" Wheels

Cadillac ELR Shown In Red Tintcoat With 20″ Wheels

“Not at all. We’re really confident about that vehicle.  We’re only going to make so many. I actually think you’re going to see a scramble for that vehicle.”

So, Cadillac is sticking with its prior statements on price, which are limited to these remarks made by Darin Geese, Cadillac ELR product manager, to Car and Driver almost 9 months ago:

“The ELR is scheduled for production at the end of 2013 calendar year and those units will be on sale the beginning of 2014.”

“…the pricing is really not finalized for the vehicle, but we can kinda tell you that its not in the realm of the supercar, and certainly not in the realm of your conventional car. We are truly a Cadillac, truly a luxury vehicle. Probably somewhere in between what you see as a Fisker (Karma – from $102,00) and what you see as a Volt (which at the time of the comment was $39,995).”

Cadillac ELR With Beige Interior

Cadillac ELR With Beige Interior

Car and Driver estimated that the base MSRP of the ELR would be $67,500 (before incentives) and that a fully loaded version would be $82,500 (before incentives).

We’re still thinking that Cadillac, despite what it told Automotive News, might adjust that figure downward a bit.  It would make sense for the ELR to have a base MSRP below $60,000 after incentives, even below $55,000 would be a marketing point.

So, our guess is that the base MSRP of the ELR with no options will be just under $62,500.  Nobody will buy a base ELR, but at least Cadillac will be able to advertise that it starts at under $55,000 (after incentives).  We expect that the average ELR will go for $70,000-ish (after incentives) due to an extensive list of options that we think most ELR buyers will…umm…opt for.

What’s your ELR price guess?

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“So, our guess is that the base MSRP of the ELR with no options will be just under $62,500”

No fair, you stole my prediction (well it was $62K).
Is this like the Price is Right? If yes, then I’ll bid $62,501 🙂

My guess is that it will be too high.

Or for a limited (2500?) run, maybe they will hit the Goldilocks-zone of “just right”. 🙂

I proffer that the ELR, being a limited production model, will be fully loaded with few options.

$59,990 for base. A loaded one will approach $70k. Really nice looking car, but it’s just too close to Model S territory. Sure they’ll sell out the small, limited run they produce, but part of why they will is because it’s a limited-run car and will be collectable. If they made it a regular series production vehicle and made as many as they sold it would flop at this price. The collectability of it will be it’s strongest selling point. For this price you could buy a CTS-V!

The Volt costs $35k, and the CTS Coupe starts at $39k. So the ELR(Volt with new skin(top hat)) should start no more than $49k before incentives. That offers GM a $14k Cadillac premium over the Volt. Especially with the next gen Volt to start at about $30k.

BMW i3 Rex will start at $47k, which will be the ELR’s most direct luxury segment competition, but with a very short total 200 mile range.

The Tesla Model S starts at $70k. But if someone wanted a 200mile pure EV, they won’t be cross shopping the 35 EV mile ELR/Volt.

Who would be shopping for an ELR anyway? It’s as smart an idea as microsoft releasing a new version of the windows rt tablet. Which they just did.

People looking for a luxury EV with about $65K to spend.

My guess is the MSPR will be between $75K and $79K. Fully loaded.


$49,800 for base. $51,900 loaded.

Pretty specific. Did Anton get a leak? Good price. Anything more than that would hamper sales. It is a sort of fancy Volt anyway so a 15k premium for the options and small variance seems right. Loaded would perhap be $55k, IMO.

If it’s as high as people are guessing then GM is really clueless. More than was already certain before. And it might just be.
My guess is 52 base (without tax rebate). And I think it will sell fairly poorly.
I don’t know anything about it but Caddy buyers might be old and ignorant so this half hearted new fangled thing with limited utility…
And if they have a clue then Tesla Model S is the cool thing to have even though it’s more money.
In any event, it’s a poorly done vehicle, very uninspiring, done by very stagnant and conventional minds. Same as brought you the Volt lobotomy.

If Tesla manages to become an Apple of cars then GM is just in so much doodoo.
They couldn’t muster cool if they were on the south pole.

“In any event, it’s a poorly done vehicle, very uninspiring, done by very stagnant and conventional minds. Same as brought you the Volt lobotomy.” ————– You have a minority opinion (may an opinion of just 1). Cadillac ELR awards and recognition – February 18, 2013 Initially introduced as the Cadillac Converj concept, the Cadillac ELR has won several awards and recognition. When revealed at the Detroit Auto Show back in 2009, the Cadillac Converj concept won the Best Concept Vehicle of 2009, Eyes on Design Awards. At the same auto show, it was also awarded the accolade as the “Most Significant Concept Vehicle of 2009″ from the North American Concept Awards. The Converj concept won the Most Significant Concept category and then won the overall most significant concept award. The award marked the 5th time GM has earned the top spot – quite a feat considering 28 category finalists and 11 category winners. Cadillac Converj Concept Introduction at 2009 NAIAS In 2012, the Cadillac ELR was selected as 1 of 5 finalists in the 2012 Green Car Vision Award, by Green Car Journal. After winning so many awards, it wasn’t really a surprise the GM was actively pursuing putting the… Read more »

Who cares if the ELR can’t match a Model S in speed. When it comes to luxury, the ELR is superior in many details. The ELR’s paddle-controlled variable regen is a big deal – it’ll greatly increase the fun factor when driving on rolling, curvy roads, besides giving the right foot a break from dancing back and forth between go and stop pedals.

The Model S is a great car overall, but the ELR looks to be a cutting edge vehicle in its own right. Mid $70’s is my guess and worth every penny.

I agree. I think the Model S interior is its biggest drawback. I like the performance of the Model S, and the graphics (software), but the interior design is bland, and even the exterior makes me yawn. But it’s their first sedan. I think they will learn & improve. The ELR is much more exciting to me.

Here’s a comparison

my smart ED has regen paddles and lol @ the negative talk about model s, there is nothing negative about its looks

Being a limited edition run, this luxury EREV will be a head turner and will sell out. I really thought GM would have put in a higher charging ability and or additional wireless charging. I hope they also will have back seat air vents so that rear seat passengers can be comfortable without blowing out front seat passengers in hot climate areas. I think most people will think the electric open, close heated/chilled cup holders are ridiculous. Over-all, this EREV should be a very sweeeet ride meant for collectors and very wealthy buyers only!

My guesstimate is $64499 base. $75k loaded.

My guess is $57499 base and $62k loaded..

But considering that this is going to be a limited run EV, GM will probably ask for more..

60K base, 70K loaded before rebates.

I seriously would consider the ELR at something around a $15,000 premium over a loaded Volt, but NOT at $25,000 over that Loaded 2014 Volt. For me there is just not enough “premium” in that Cadillac format, and there is surely NOT enough “performance (LESS EV range than the Volt!). My 2014 upgrade from our 2011 loaded Volt will almost certainly be……..the BMW i3.

GM, you impressed me enough with the introduction of the Volt to get me back to an American car after 42 YEARS of foreign alternatives. Now the American car in my garage is NOT one from your lines, but the Tesla Model S, and at the end of our lease on VIN #679 2011 Volt, the second car in that garage will once again be from BMW (i3 with REX).

Maybe you should wait before committing to the i3. Motor Trend drove it and was unimpressed, even preferring the Spark EV to it. In fact, why not save some $$ and get the widely touted Spark EV as your #2 car, and go zero emission all the way. Rex is a half baked concept which isn’t meant for long distance motoring anyway.

Either way, I hope gas goes to and sustains @ $6/Gal.

I sort of tend to agree. But I wouldn’t dare say it around most people as they’d be pissed. I’ll settle for gas staying in the $4 to $5 per gallon range because that makes an EV a good value. I hope gasoline doesn’t start to drop in price until EV’s have taken away so much market demand that gasoline price falls due to the lack of demand.

That would be such a hurt on this economy you really should rethink that wish.

Base at $55,960, Loaded $68,705, My WAG for whatever it is worth.
Maybe in 10 years I could pick one up : )

I’m thinking $50K base and around $60Kish loaded. Although like others have said, by GM making this a deliberate “limited” edition, the price could climb another $5K-$10K or more. I was hoping to turn in my Volt for an ELR lease. It all depends on price and payments as usual.

I think GM will want the base price under $60K after rebate, so I am guessing the base at $67K and fully loaded at about $80K.

I hope they surprise me!!!!


Have you noticed that most Cadillac cars have a last digit number of 5 for their MSRP? My guess is that Chevrolet will provide an initial price of either $53,405 or $58,405.

Well its been two weeks and still no pricing announcement per this article. I wonder if this was a miss or GM changed plans.