Want Your Cadillac ELR In A Convertible? NCE Can Hook You Up

MAR 24 2014 BY JAY COLE 15

Ownership of a Cadillac ELR is not an inexpensive proposition as the 37 mile, extended range car starts at $75,995.  Then after you purchase one, there is the throngs of people you have to deal with who are only too happy to point out the Caddy’s similarities to its Chevy Volt cousin.

NCE Also Has Some Experience Converting The Porsche Panamera In Case Your Are Looking For A 4 Door Plug-In Convertible

NCE Also Has Some Experience Converting The Porsche Panamera In Case Your Are Looking For A 4 Door Plug-In Convertible

However, Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), a custom conversion ship, can distance your new whip a little further from the Chevy – by cutting off the top!

Says the company on their latest luxury offering:

NCE will produce limited Cadillac ELR convertible worldwide.   For our USA clients: You may ship your car to our main headquarters in the USA, California.  For our International clients: You may also contact our main office in the USA for booking your vehicle in our international facilities for convertible conversion in Spain, Barcelona or UAE, Dubai.   Tel: 001 714 848 0011

Truthfully, and given Cadillac’s price point, we kind of wish General Motors had given the car the XLR roof treatment themselves…even if it was only an option.

Newport Convertible

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Wow, that looks fantastic as a convertible!

I’m disappointed by the lack of any convertible EV yet. However, that is not the one I’d want. I wish someone made something like the Solstice into a real EV (not the after-market conversion someone did).

My Roadster came standard as an “EV convertable”, and they’re still available used if you want one.

This article didn’t mention the conversion cost, or features included in it.

As a long time Volt owner (40k total miles – 30K grid, 10k gas miles), I had the opportunity to test a ELR at a new friends place. That car has some beautiful features both inside and out. Would have loved to try out the adaptive cruise control (ACC) where you tell it how many car lengths you want to stay behind the car in front but I didn’t not get a chance. Owner says it works great. CUE system was very cool. Just put your hand *near* the screen and options blend up in the interface. Swiping button and the screen was slick.

you have a better car than the ELR

Not a better car, but a much better value.

I can only imagine how many miles this will shave off the AER.

Nah, think of all the weight savings! hehe 😉

Nah, think of all the snow this Tuesday and Wednesday. 🙂

So is the battery holding the whole ELR together when the roof is gone? Uhm… gulp!

I think the ELR has a 35 mile range…


It’s supposed to have 37 mile AER, 1 mile less than the Volt. Pam Fletcher has explained how impressed she was w/the engineering team to add all that they did to the ELR and only sacrifice 1 mile.

Had they done that to a Volt would we be looking at a 45 EV mile EPA range? Do you think they might do that for 2015 to boost sales for the last year of this model?

Random note: the original concept was promoted at 35 miles, so that is probably why we see both numbers a lot

My impression was that is why they opened up the battery SOC window more. Plus they had 2+ years worth of statistics on the Volt’s battery and capacity losses (or lack there of).

The ELR is a bad joke, with barely 100 of them being sold from December through February. At this rate, I doubt there will be a 2016 model.