Cadillac ELR Buyers Get Free 240 Volt Home Charger – Includes Installation



2014 Cadillac ELR National Lease Offer

2014 Cadillac ELR National Lease Offer – Click to Enlarge

If you happen to have the $75,995-plus needed to buy the Cadillac ELR, then the couple thousand bucks extra required to get a 240 volt charger installed probably isn’t a major concern.  Right?

Cadillac thinks the charger and its install should be free (can’t complain against that), so it announced that it is “offering a complimentary 240-volt home charging station and installation to early buyers of the all-new 2014 ELR electrified luxury coupe.”

Cadillac ELR Charging Station By Bosch

Cadillac ELR Charging Station By Bosch

Two words are worth bolding: early and buyers.

This deal does not apply to those who lease (Cadillac’s current ELR lease deal is an ultra-low-mileage, 39-month lease for qualified lessees at $699 per month with $5,999 due at signing after all offers) the ELR, nor does it apply to late buyers of the ELR.

Cadillac has not defined what early means here, so we have no idea when this deal ends.  Update:  Apparently early means for the first 1,000 purchasers of a news ELR (hat tip to Bill Howland on the 411)

Uwe Ellinghaus, chief marketing officer at Cadillac, stated this:

“The ELR’s blend of leading technology with provocative design and fun-to-drive performance is set to bring new buyers to Cadillac and to electrification itself. Professional installation of the fastest home-charging unit is a natural way to mark the introduction of ELR to the luxury market.”

ELR Powered by Bosch - Get This Unit Installed For Free When You Buy an ELR

ELR Powered by Bosch – Get This Unit Installed For Free When You Buy an ELR

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This is actually a good call, although it’s too bad they can’t do SOMETHING for the lease people. I would strongly argue for the lease people that if the owners pay for the electrical, the charger is thrown in for free.

We all know this car is way, way overpriced for what you get. But for the crowd that will buy it, even though a couple thousand to install a charger is no big deal, they SHOULD be catered to for a car at that cost, and they don’t want to be running their own subcontracting business. So really good move by GM, given the current vehicle and pricing…

Hahah.. Maybe they are realizing the price is too high and finding ways to lower it without actually lowering it?

Is there a limit on how much they’ll pay for installation?

I’d love to see someone beat them on this. As we know, Condo associations aren’t always EV friendly and may not allow you to hook up to a common electrical panel, even if you offer to have the line running to your EVSE set up on its own meter.

The best would be someone living in a 50th-floor condo where their association requires the EVSE’s cable to run all the way up to their floor and tie into their individual panel+meter.

I own a Volt, and I’ve never needed a 240 volt charge. I suppose if you want to get your charge all done at super low off peak rates it would be nice.

Good Point. What about those of us who already have an EVSE and don’t really want one, OR, will take the EVSE but want to take care of the installation ourselves? Then of course what do they do for people who only have 110 in their houses, or 110 in their garages which are at a large distance, or reconfiguring things would be impractical, such as a garden in between the 110 volt powered garage and the 220 source?

I do like this Bosch unit though, If I ever bought a second EVSE I could use the presumeably 16 amp Bosch unit in a very narrow spot in my garage that really can’t take any other shape of EVSE. How Much is the unit if sold outright?

Can an ELR buyer request a deduction if they do the install work themselves or take a bigger deduction if they forget the entire thing? I like the ELR since its interior is more plush than any model S. Therefore, some of us consider it the better value. Scott200’s analysis on showed a $14,000 savings over the closest available model S.

This unit supports up to 30A (it’s the SPX Power Xpress).

Actually per the spx installation menu, switch position #4 gives you 32 amps.

ELR a better value than a model S because its interior is more plush? That is putting a high value on plushness, and low value on electric range, charging speed, passenger and cargo space, and well designed touchscreen interface.

Personally, I think the Volt offers more than the ELR. More EV range, more passenger and cargo space, more doors, more energy efficiency, and more value for the money.

Plush is OK (sometimes) but it only goes so far.


Well if you want to get that analytical about it, the Chevy Impala has an equivalent trim level to the “s”, (unless you’re an Ipod fan, of course), and its 1/3 the cost. For those who care, Consumer Reports liked that car, too. As far as alternative fuel vehicles, although few consider it, it is a competitor to the “S”, when the 2015 Impala CNG arrives later this year. Since they’re shutting down all the coal plants (big mistake in my view), the default around here is natural gas. If the avg nat gas power plant is 40% efficient (not many cogens in my area), and the Impala at its worst is 20% efficient, by the time you take into account distribution losses and battery losses both ways, the Impala overall uses less, especially during the winter time which is a huge portion of the year here. And its cheaper to run on methane in the summer time than even my Volt on electricity since natural gas in my area is less than 1/4 the cost of electricity. So my Volt’s tripple efficiency is not quite good enough to take care of the difference in utility rates, which my electric… Read more »

Yeah, they are definitely not necessary for a PHEVs. But they are still nice to have to charge up a little faster.

And they get you ready for when you buy a real EV. 😉

it shouldnt take 10 hours to charge only 40 miles, and if you actually became cool with your volt salesman he could have went in the backlot and hooked you up with maybe one or two 240 chargers 🙂

For that price, they should get a free *** as well.

From Cadillac, i would have expected a plugless charger… but i’m just a Volt owner with plugless to come very soon, no more plugs for me!

Al S :

Just called the cadillac concierge, plus snooped around the Bosch Web site (I’ll call them tomorrow to confirm the details. Apparently Bosch is administering the whole program for GM.

Limited to first 1000 purchases of an ELR.

Installation may be up to $3000.00 The apparently old SPX power express has been cosmetically revamped for the cute Cadillac thingy. (value $948.00)

The nice thing about this unit is, it is available with either a 24 amp plug and cord, or you can put your own beefier plug on it (Nema 6-50 and 8 gauge cord) for 32 amps (adjustable from a jeweler’s screwdrive on the front panel). What a deal !!!!

I’ll call them tomorrow and see if they give you any discount if you install it yourself, but I doubt it. Sounds like you’d have to make a deal with the electrician.

Too bad the ELR can only charge at 15A max (3.3 kW).

That is half the charging speed of a Leaf, and way less than the Model S which has 40 A standard, and 80 A twin charger option. Not to mention optional120 kW DC fast charging.


Ultimately, Tesla’s fast charging , to make a prediction, will be temporary if huge amounts of S and X’s are sold, or cars like them. Utilities don’t care if the occassional house uses 20kw, but if EVERY house or every other house started doing that, there’d be demand charges reimposed, or as my utility did years ago, insist that the house be charged commercial rates, which in SCE territory is $20/kw, or a $400 fine for a model S, if charging when other electrics in the house are also running. That’s conceivably $9600 a year fine if you had 2 model s’s (his and hers) charging at the same time. The supercharger business model works simply because Tesla pays the demand charges (they’ve publically whined about them, btw), banking on the fact that people pay for the $2000 option (they automatically ‘include’ this option if you ‘design’ a car on their website), but then rarely, if ever use it. Cadillac’s 3.3 kw charge rate will probably eventually give way to 6.6 kw, since the vast majority of public charger docks are this rate. But I’m sure GM standardized intitially on 3.3 kw same as Nissan and others did, simply because… Read more »
Just called Bosch ‘ solutions ‘. (Notice how everything is a solution these days? Too bad the ‘problem’ hasn’t been properly framed…. ahem!) The basic deal is you can like it or lump it. IN other words if you already have a properly installed evse for your 2011 volt (my case exactly), they can either hire an electrician to put in the nice cadillac thingy, or, you can choose from several other CHEAPER Bosch models that they’ll Glue a plastic cadillac shield on top of, (and you have your choice of #10 gauge attachment cord, or #8, as long as the TOTAL price (EVSE and electrician) doesn’t exceed $3000.00 When I asked will anybody actually give you an atlernative discount if you don’t want the freely installed EVSE, they said you’d have to dicker with your Caddy Dealer on that point. So, humm, that’s a lot more investigative work required…It would be interesting to see just how flexible they are. Steve at Bosch seemed to think that Caddy dealers have been given Broad Leeway into selling ELR’s. If that’s true on the face of it, then it will be truly a refreshing experience. So the short answer is, I don’t… Read more »

A bargain

I simply have no faith in GM or any of it’s products. IMHO, this product has created a very good example of what $75k worth of mediocre engineering can accomplish.
And, if I wanted “plush”, GM is not even on the radar screen.

I just purchased my ELR yesterday and the Sales Person told me this offer is only to the first 1,000 Buyers and it only covers the Charging Unit – labor & permits (if necessary) are additional cost to the ELR Owner.

Sorry Folks, one correction – my local Dealer (Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa) said GM is giving $3,000.00 to the first 1,000 Buyers of the ELR and to cover the cost of the Charing Unit and Labor UP TO $3,000.00, anything over $3,000 is the Buyers out of pocket.

I bought mine in 2014 but was not told about this, can I still get it free