Cadillac To Launch Electric Car To Compete With Tesla

JAN 11 2019 BY MARK KANE 232

Cadillac to lead GM’s electrification efforts.

General Motors announced today that Cadillac will be GM’s lead electric vehicle brand. The company is currently developing an all-new EV platform, which at first will be utilized in an upcoming all-electric Cadillac.

The official news was preceded by Reuters’ article, which hints at Cadillac’s competitor to Tesla.

The statement also says that GM will introduce a family of profitable EVs (broad array of body styles). Of course, Chevrolet also will utilize the platform.

“Cadillac will be GM’s lead electric vehicle brand and will introduce the first model from the company’s all new battery electric vehicle architecture, GM’s foundation for an advanced family of profitable EVs.

The flexible platform will provide a broad array of body styles and will be offered in front-wheel, rearwheel and all-wheel configurations.

Its most critical components — including the battery cells — are being designed for maximum usability across all programs. The battery system will also be adjustable, based on vehicle and customer requirements.”

Well, after the market failure of plug-in hybrids Cadillac ELR and Cadillac CT6 PHV (very low volumes), a switch to long-range, all-electric models with performance, all-wheel drive and luxury sounds reasonable.

Reuters’ sources said:

“GM said in 2017 it planned by 2021 to introduce a new dedicated flexible electric vehicle architecture and an advanced battery system to support the development of at least 20 new models in the United States and China.

GM said in 2017 that a new electric vehicle platform in 2021 will serve as a base for at least nine derivatives, ranging from a compact crossover to a large seven-passenger luxury sports utility vehicle and a large commercial van.”

Source: GM, Reuters

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Maybe to be made in Hamtramck or one of the other soon-to-be-idled facilities?

Well if they think they can build it in South Korea with the Bolt they are going to to be disappointed. It will have to built in the US or the UK if anyone is going to take it seriously.

No it will likely be built in Lake Orion Michigan along side the Bolt EV. Especially considering that GM has announced discontinuation of the Sonic built along side the Bolt EV at Orion. Orion has lots of excess capacity. Also Bolt EV battery cells are now being built at the LG Chem facility in Holland Michigan and the battery packs assembled in Hazel Park, Michigan.

So Canada or Mexico would not cut it, I guess? Must wonder why?

GM Mexico hasn’t seen any significant capacity updates in over 10 years and most of GM’s Mexico facilities are already at capacity. GM Oshawa in Canada is too big with a capacity to build over a million cars a year. GM Ingersoll in Canada is also already at capacity. GM has lots of excess capacity at other manufacturing facilities that are not facing closure.

Once GM Closes all it’s Canadian Plants Which is what GM Is planning to do, Canada Should Boycott GM forever ~ And/Or ~ Place a 60% Duty on all GM Products Entering Canada.

Why? How many Canadian Tesla plants are there? You seem to like that brand just fine.

GM has no intention of closing all Canadian plants. GM Ingersoll is running at near full capacity right now.

The Bolt is made in Michigan. Nice try, fudboy. If it wasn’t made in the US, South Korea seems like a better car manufacturing base than the UK, which has practically no auto industry of scale.

54% Korea —comment image

Why the UK, of all places? GM no longer has a subsidiary in the UK (Vauxhall, along with Opel, is now under Groupe PSA)

Not likely. I believe that Cadillac will become a Chinese brand like Buick has become. They will build them in China for China and import some of them here if there is enough interest, just like they are starting to do with Buick.

And because they will have the halo of electrification, no one can complain about stabbing their domestic workers in the back, because while they might not be making red, white, and blue cars- they will at least be green.

No. Just no…

Without showing a single product, they keep claiming that they will sell 20-25 EVs.
At least VW did show the ID.
So their electric vehicle will start at $75,000 not $35,000.
This is their way to say that we will sell electric vehicles only to the rich and not the middle class.
They are building another ELR aka Tesla killer.

Actually GM making this announcement is major. Anyone paying attention would know this means GM is serious about building a competitive EV. Basically there can be no excuses with it being a Cadillac. It will have performance, dynamics and technology. Things they couldn’t do on the low end with Chevy. As far as showing products I would look to see what gets announced at the Detroit auto show next week.

Also I don’t know if you ever saw an ELR but it was a nice looking car. It’s problem was you could buy a Volt for $30k less that had 80% of the ELR capability. But the ELR had 90% of the Volt faults. AN ELR at $50k might have had a chance in the market.

That’s what I’m hoping for, something at the show in Detroit next week. I’ll be heading there on the 19th to check out all the EVs.

So seriously 😒 that they discontinued the Volt and the Bolt sells 18k a year

The GM dealer network have been Tesla fan-boi’s for too long.
By not selling the ELR they helped sell many Tesla’s.

I think GM will continue to have this problem.

This is how the industry works. Automotive companies are generally very secretive. GM is likely waiting for the competition to show their cards to see what area’s they need to focus on to be a market leader. GM has been highly criticized in the past for revealing new products too soon before going to market. Most companies only like to show a product ~6 months in advance of sales.

That’s funny because a Tesla announces years in advance. But then again, they have NO competition.

We will know when GM is serious about selling EVs in volume when they start investing in the Brownstown battery factory to make it a gigafactory.

I also hope GM understands that ev design is not just a powertrain change and no tailpipes. It means no giant useless grille, the engine compartment becomes a front trunk, no transmission tunnel on the floor, longer wheelbases and shorter overhangs.

GM like other automakers have their identity issue to resolve, since now it’s tied to engines, transmissions and exhaust note, Which is why I don’t understand why they don’t boast about their battery packs or electric motors power, quietness, efficiency and torque. Tesla doesn’t even have a marketing name for their motors. But this should happen over time. QuietPower motors. ThermalControl battery pack.

Tesla announces years in advance because they don’t have other cars in a category that would suffer from the Osborne Effect.

Contrariwise, Tesla makes sudden changes to its existing models — such as the recent announcement of discontinuation of the 75 kWh battery pack for the MS & MX — with very little warning. In this last case, just a week.

According to Jay Cole (former Editor in Chief of IEVs), it’s the norm for legacy auto makers to announce major changes to models only 3 months in advance.

Not even a week. He gave like 3 days notice on the ending of the 75KWH pack.

Thank you for the correction! 🙂

As far as packaging the Bolt beats Tesla model 3. It has a shorter wheelbase, but more interior room, better seating position and more storage. The is no room for a frunk because technically there is no need to have a long front on an EV.

More crush space up front is always desirable.

I doubt you’ll find too many people who prefer a Bolt over a Model 3 at their given prices.

Bolt is more utilitarian, but longer wheel-base and lower has advantages too in ride and aesthetic appeal. Real-wheel and Dual motor drive also has advantages in performance.

I prefer the Bolt EV to a Model 3. Especially at current prices.

How can you be a market leader when you are waiting for others to show you the way?

GM is already a market leader. Today they are still the only manufacturer to sell a 200 mile car for under $40k in the US. GM is simply waiting for the market to see how they respond to the Bolt EV. GM is already far along in development with it’s BEV3 platform. But there is likely time for some tweaks based on competitor response before design freeze.

GM didn’t show any Bolt concepts before they “shocked” the world with that Bolt concept and soon into production.

VW has no revenue risk to show more EV concepts since it has little to lose.

GM would have revenue risk if it shows too many concepts that may or may not replace its existing EV offerings.

If selling electric vehicles “for the middle class” means 200+ miles per charge and priced like the average car (under $30,000), then nobody makes those. Electric vehicles ARE only for the rich right now. GM is just recognizing this. While I hope I will eventually be able to afford an electric car, I recognize that they won’t be priced the same as gas cars for several years.

You can get short range EVs for cheap.

‘Bout time GM produced another EV. I think the Bolt covered the lowest cost EV with a respectable range now let’s see if they can salvage the Cadillac brand with electric power. Comparing yourself to Tesla isn’t the start I was hoping for. Just stand on your own with original design and forward thinking. In the world of Evs your still a fledgling player.

GM said nothing about Tesla. Those are words from blog writers to make news where there is none. Notice the quoted text says nothing about Tesla.

Thank you! I’ve long since gotten tired of journalists trying to gin up a false conflict by describing some new EV as a “Tesla-killer” when the auto maker doesn’t even mention Tesla in in its PR or advertising.

Cadillac is doing fine as a brand

How big do they think the market for luxury EVs is? While they can build a decent EV, they will be fighting it out with BWM, MB, Audi,…, (oh and Tesla) for a market that consists of something around 100-200,000 cars a year.

I think almost the ENTIRE luxury market will go EV. IMHO, you cannot be luxury car unless you go EV since only an EV is silent, no vibration, no spewing smelly fatal toxic emissions, no lurching transmission, no oil changes, can easily be fueled at home, etc. ICE cars lack all those premium features.

It’s not about North America. It’s about China. There market potential there is huge.

Well since newbie Tesla is the only US automaker to ever beat the Germans/Japanese head to head in the luxury/sport market I would have to say that Cadillac is fighting a lot of history here.

Gm certainly has the engineers and designers, what it is severely lacking in is leadership and will and a Stealership network staunchly opposed to selling EVs that will kill their best revenue stream in service profits.

Yeah, even if they design a GREAT Caddy EV, the dealerships are going to hamstring GM on this.

If only they would change laws so people could order online (direct, not that redirect to a dealer crap).

We identify the second order obstacles, to GM “succeeding”. I wouldn’t bet the first order commitment is even there.

It does not seem that the public is willing to buy EVs with the compromises necessary to get the price under $30k. Last I heard, the average Model 3 sells for $60k and the average Model S sells for $90k.

You can’t buy the Model 3 for $35k yet, so how do we know what will happen then? My guess is Tesla can’t keep up with demand for $50k Model 3 so why build cheaper version. Once demand stabilised then they will build cheaper version and demand will skyrocket at that point.
It seems like there are plenty of reservation holders who are waiting for the cheaper version. I think Tesla should have a class action from these people who put down their deposit based on Elon Musk saying “of course $35k”, but yet it still hasn’t arrived.

If they can’t keep up with the demand, then why bother with the $2K price drop after federal incentives are down by $3750?

I think it’s more of a PR move, intended to demonstrate that Tesla thinks of its customers as partners and co-authors of success. Meantime the cheapest versions of X and S are being discontinued, which means the least expensive larger tesla will now be $80K+

If you are saying that the public does not want to buy EVs with only 100 mile range then yes, you are right.

But if someone can build an EV with 200+ miles range and >100KW charging for close to $30K, it will sell like crazy. It is just really hard to do that though.

I don’t think it’s even that. The Bolt is ~$30k after tax credits, and that’s if you’re paying MSRP (which you likely aren’t). In real-world prices – especially in CA – people are probably getting Bolts for $25k or less. And yet Bolts are not “selling like crazy.”

I mean, even if the Bolt’s MSRP was lowered to $30k, how fast would it sell… 4k/month? 5k? That’s still peanuts.

Well, a lot of people don’t know that you can get it that cheap. And the Bolt is a near-miss….those econobox looks and the 60KW max CCS port really hurt it.

Tesla is having growing success in the luxury car market. Why wouldn’t GM want to compete with that? If GM wants the Cadillac line to survive, then this is the path forward.

I just hope GM is serious about it this time. The ELR wasn’t a serious attempt, even though it looks great sitting in someone’s driveway!

Cadillac? The brand known as blue haired old ladies car? Get a fork, it’s done.

With this, they have a chance to change the brand to a real sleek modern sports sedan. I’m terrified that they will blow it by going all chrome & tail fins though.

Aw common, it should have tail fins! That was the last period Cadillac had any sort of relevancy….

Well, the Chinese love huge grilles, so we may see some Cadillac EVs with those.

And personally, I love tail fins! They ought to make a comeback. 🙂

I liked the shark fin on that MINI Superleggera.

The ELR was pretty sleek and modern. The only real problem with it was the performance.

Not in China it’s not. Their numbers are booming over there. Besides, get with the modern times. blue haired old ladies now drive Lexus. That’s the new old people’s car.

Right. Cadillac’s design language is one of the few car makers that I love right now. I’m hardly a blue-haired old lady.

By the time Cadillac comes out with a ev you might be.

Indeed! The ELR was vastly overpriced, had an unusable back seat and other problems, but as far as style is concerned, it was light-years ahead of most of the competition!

If Cadillac executes this properly, they may give Tesla some real competition for the MS and possibly the MX. My expectations are low, but we can always hope!

I don’t think you can separate the back seat & truck from the “style”….it is all one common design. And in the end, it was an extremely impractical one. It was basically a 2+2 land yacht with a Volt drivetrain.

Of course you are not, Auntie Mildred,

Cadillac has always been a very exciting brand and older models are still highly sought after collectors items. Cadillac is know for pushing the automotive envelop and taking risks. Their cars still current carry some of the most advanced technology.

It might have been better if the Bolt EV had a Cadillac badge instead of a Chevrolet badge. GM could have got away with higher technology levels and higher price tags. I would very much welcome the sophistication a Cadillac BEV would bring.

Indeed the Bolt should have been a Caddy. Maybe they could have used the Cimarron badge though that Cadillac used before when it pushed the envelope of badge engineering.

I agree to a certain extent. Cadillac is more known as luxury. I say bring back Buick for an ev brand.

No car guy would think that way with CTS-V and ATS-V and recent Cadillac that has Alpha chassis under them. They are arguably the best handling sports sedans on the planet today.

We’re not talking about car guy. We’re talking about general public’s perception. I agree Cadillac made some pretty interesting cars of late, but almost everyone I know think of Caddi as car driven by old aunt Postflo.

Better might’ve been bringing back Pontiac, we build excitement, which Elon Musk “stole” as we don’t build slow cars.

The only times I’ve had the pleasure to ride in a Cadillac, it was driven by a man. I think your stereotype is seriously uninformed.

I also think there may be some life left in the Cadillac brand. In fact, it may have just gotten an injection of youth serum!

Well they could start hiring a couple of designers, and by that I do not mean for the for the battery pack. GM was very professional in killing both Opel/Vauxhall and SAAB. About 1000 Cadillacs are sold in Europe per year, so they do have some work to do. I wish them all the best.

GM didn’t kill SAAB, SAAB killed SAAB. Their cars were a turd on stick with very poor sales when GM bought them for pennies on the dollar. GM tried to make a proper car out of SAAB, but it turns out the small number SAAB buyers out there like turds on a stick and were not pleased with a proper car. Everyone else who wasn’t a SAAB fan asked the right question- Why should I buy a SAAB? There wasn’t a good answer to that question.

what a Saab-story 🙂

GM forced SAAB to use to subpar quality Opel stuff in its cars and it went down the hill. Where Swedish design, quality, practicality and innovation (Turbo engines as an example) once led to great cars with style, GM managers did nothing but cost cutting. With Opel they didn’t do much better, leaving the 80 Million people of Germany in the hands of the VaporWare brand. (which BTW have been caught cheating again this very week!)

SAAB cars were crap before GM, and even worse after GM.

NAIAS starts next week.

Let’s first see if GM will have a new concept of a new EV model at the NAIAS.

They must have prepared something for such an important auto show.

I’ve had that same thought for the past two years and was always sorely disappointed. I don’t expect this year to be any different. If something does show up I expect concept only with no commitment for production in NA.

The difference is in the previous years people hoped GM was going to show something. This year GM has announced Cadillac is going to be their EV flagship brand. It would be really surprising to make that announcement in a vacuum, but not back it up with some products.

I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic. I also got burned the last 2 years at the NAIAS. I was hoping to see a Buick PHEV both times.

Article title: “Cadillac To Launch Electric Car To Compete With Tesla”


Chevy To Launch Bolt To Compete With Tesla Model 3.

They’ll probably sell in that same 10:1 ratio that model 3/bolt does now.

I don’t know if you know this but GM makes more than just one car.

That’s what blogs said. GM never compared themselves to Tesla. For one reason GM makes more than 20x the number of vehicles Tesla does.

@theflew said: “…GM never compared themselves to Tesla…”

Here is Bob Lutz (aka former Mr GM) comparing Tesla not only to GM but to all other traditional car makers:

Bob Lutz said:

“[compared to traditional car makers] Tesla has no advantage no technological advantage no software advantage no battery advantage no advantages whatsoever… in a year or two we will see a movie called who killed Tesla…” -source:

starting @1:20mn

Ugh…too many old folks that should be retired are saying stupid things and pushing the USA in the wrong directions.

Funny that the car he championed (the Volt) got killed.

Sounds like the opinions of Bob Lutz, not official press releases from GM. Are we to take every comment Elon makes (or any Tesla employee) as the official position of Tesla?

Yeah, Bob Lutz no longer represents GM, and is worthy of being ignored (or, sadly, even laughed at.)

On the other hand, yes, every word coming out of Elon’s mouth is the official position of Tesla, even when it contradicts official Tesla press releases. But you know that, Kdawg. Perhaps what you meant is that Elon, who is a visionary, often talks about aspirations rather than actual plans, and this all too often gets mislabeled as Tesla or Elon “promising” something or other.

Bob Lutz is former GM, pre-bankruptcy and he has NOTHING to do with GM currently.

Apart from his role as an anti-Tesla campaigner that he appears to have taken upon himself as some sort of last service to his former employer.

@theflew said: “…GM never compared themselves to Tesla…”

What have we here?

2014- “General Motors Compares Cadillac ELR To Tesla Model S… General Motors put out this Cadillac ELR – Tesla Model S comparison PDF in which the ELR clearly seems superior…” -source:

Given that Cadillac is coming out with another EV attempt to compete against Tesla Model S my above referenced 2014 INSIDEEVs article would be an interesting article for INSIDEEVs to do a “follow up” article on… and ask the question:

What does a Cadillac EV need to compete against a Tesla Model S?

Chevy launched Bolt before Tesla launched the Model 3.

Yes, Chevy did tried to compete against the $35K Model 3 that doesn’t exist but lost to the $50K model 3 in sales.

GM purposefully designed the Bolt to sell in lower volumes. The approach GM is attempting now would have made since a decade ago with the initial Volt program. Where is their program for a vehicle that will be produced at hundreds of thousands a year instead of tens of thousands. That’s where GM needs to be aiming for and this Cadillac plan won’t even aim to achieve that.

Where is the hundreds of thousands of buyers lining up to buy the car? GM wanted to sell 45K/year in Volt sales, but buyers never showed up more than 30K/year.

Now, after 2 years on the market, BOLT is still the ONLY 200+ miles under $40K car one can buy currently, and it still doesn’t sell more than 25K/year. I think it is just BS that people claim that they want it affordable. Talk is cheap.

It’s actually worse since Bolt on sale + subsidy is about $22K to $27K, far better value than even Corollas, Cruze, GTI, etc. Where are the EV buyers who cry and tantrum about affordable EV unavailable?

It’s pretty clear to me that people don’t want EV, they just want the Tesla badge. Power of being the brand with quickest car on the planet will do that. Unfortunately GM doesn’t have anything remotely close.

Subsidy is a bad joke in it’s present form. Just another give away to the rich. Majority of us out here can’t make a payment over $500 and can’t use much of the $7500 rebate. So no real help. Need a reasonable payment, not tax cuts.

Yes, you’re right. But on the other hand, Tesla has shown that it’s entirely possible to make a profit selling upscale EVs, and GM wants a piece of that action. It’s natural for them to use the Cadillac brand for that.

As far as the EV selling in the hundreds of thousands per year… well, neither the Model S nor the Model X sell in that category. When GM finally gets around to aiming for that with an EV, it won’t be using the Cadillac brand for the model(s).

Tesla has a brand name. Fair or not, some people would still buy Tesla even if it has a gas engine in it.

I don’t think it was on purpose. They just don’t quite “get it” yet. They are getting better though. Just get a better design on that Bolt so it doesn’t look like an econobox and bump up the CCS to >100KW and that would be a great EV.

This talk of GM fail this or that is completely missing the point. Bolt has done “ok” as far as GM’s plan is concerned (ie, hot hatch market), especially today when Bolt is outselling all hot hatch on market.

BUT, had Bolt come with Tesla badge, you can betcha that most 400K reservations would be for the Bolt (ie, $32K EV with range of Tesla S75 for $25K post subsidy). The biggest fail on Bolt is not having Tesla badge.

There is a lot of strength to the Tesla brand but it really isn’t just the brand….it is the features. The Supercharger network, the extremely good integrated map & charger software in the cars, the sleek design as opposed to the standard econobox look of the Bolt, the ability to charge at 120KW instead of just 60KW, etc. Give the Bolt all that it and it would sell MUCH better…maybe not quite as good as the Model 3 but close.

I won’t touch GM with a 10 foot pole. Show me 7 yrs of producing a reliable product, where little things don’t constantly break, and maybe I’ll consider them. 10 yrs + from now if they are still around

Tesla would have never gotten off the ground if everyone had that attitude.

Tesla wasn’t starting with a history of crap though. They were starting from zero, not underground. GM still needs to dig themselves out of their hole.

You should have brought a Volt 7 years ago.

I test drove the first batch when they first came out. Was nice, but a little snug. The dealer showed me the price that included a +$4,000 Market Adjustment added to the price, along with another $1000 of paint protection, window tinting, and some other overpriced “dealer add ons”. If people are happy with their Volt, I’m happy for them, but it will take more than one car model to convince me that this wasn’t a fluke.

I would like to show you my Chevy Volt.

There are versions of the Volt that have been out for 9 years now. The Volt has shown above average reliability.

Ok, so they got one right, but got quite a few wrong. I still don’t forgive them for my 1999 Cadillac Catera – in the shop 42 times for the first 4 yrs with various items breaking and leaking, and GM’s response that this was normal. My Chevy Colorado has had the gas tank (yes the big huge gas tank) replaced twice on my dime. Who makes cars where the gas tank fails? I’m done with GM.

So, your GM experience was about 20 years old.

My Volt had less issues than my Tesla has.

My 2012 Volt is trouble free and it has been 7 years.

My 2013 Volt has had two flat tires in 5.5 years. And it threw a code once but it went away. Very reliable car.

I would like to show you my Chevrolet Bolt EV.

“I won’t touch GM with a 10 foot pole.”

LOL. I used to say I won’t touch GM with a stolen pole (thanks George!). Then SparkEV happened. When GM creates such awesome product, well, it wasn’t with stolen pole that I touched it.

This is great to hear…the Bolt shows GM can build a good EV. But they better build a sleek aerodynamic car like a Tesla Model S or X. I’m terrified that they’ll build another boxy land yacht that will just be another flop.

A boxy land yacht SUV EV with good range would sell like crazy. Yes, do some aero tweaks but keep it higher ground clearance and a proper SUV rear shape. The X is weird (it’s just a fat sedan), and limited in it’s ability to put tall stuff in the back, and there’s really no other alternatives on the market.

Well, Caddy has already had two boxy land yachts completely flop as PHEVs. I don’t see how an EV version will be the savior.

And I also think you are not appreciating how much the aerodynamics play as factor in giving the car a good range and reasonable price. A boxy EV will have a reduced range and/or higher price due to more batteries needed.

If you want boxy then Caddy should put the Voltec PHEV drivetrain into the Escalade.

But the laws of physics are not going to be changing to suit your desires.

The ELR was a “boxy land yacht”?

OK, the ELR was not boxy…but very land-yacht-ish.

Mostpepplen who has seen an ELR realize it is great looking car. I took one for a test drive and while it looked and felt very nicely finished, it really felt about the same as my Gen 1 Volt. It was also very impractical. My teenage daughter could barely get in the back seat and they killed the great storage.

I basically thought all you would do with the car was put a golf bag in the truck and drive to the country club.

On the ELR, if you need more space when going to the HOME CENTER, the rear seats both fold down so that you can purchase LONG objects and take them home. My Tesla Roadster was cramped, and your teenage kid wouldn’t have been able to get INTO it period if she had trouble with the back seat of the ELR since there is an easy switch to push the front seat out of the way when entering/exiting the back seat. The Trunk is multiple times the size of the Roadster, where indeed you could only ‘Fit a set of Gulf Clubs’. And, you can increase the size of the trunk if needed. This is IMPOSSIBLE with that Silly CT6 PHEV, since the battery is between the rear seats, and what remains of the trunk, and occupies the space that would be the Trunk. That is why in THAT car the phev ct6 has such a dinky trunk, and you can’t improve it by folding down the rear seats since the battery is in the way. Its for all these reasons all YOU BIG EXPERTS don’t realize that Smart Consumers never bought the Ct6 Phev; the ELR selling TEN Times as… Read more »

The ELR is one of the best looking cars I’ve seen in the past several years. It certainly didn’t flop because of any lack of style! I can certainly understand why some people bought it just because it looks so great sitting in their driveway, despite severe problems with the rear seat and trunk being far too small.

I think the ELR would have done much better if it had performed as well as it looked. It was all show and no go. The small seat and trunk could have been forgiven if it performed better.

That was the problem with ELR.

It looked great and fast and as cramped as every 2 door sports coupe. But it had a freaking slow performance that was way too slow for its price and brand.

In fact, before GM upgraded the performance, it was the SLOWEST Cadillac in its lineup.

What you guys say doesn’t matter as it is a totally uninformed comment. Car and Driver (of all magazines) called it overall the best performing HYBRID they’ve ever tested – plugin – or not.

The performance of Cadillacs in general is ‘sluggish’ compared to the quickly responsive ELR.

In that sense, the ELR *IS* unlike any other Caddy – the rest are boats, but this one is fun to drive. The CT6 PHEV is just like the others – an unresponsive boat.

Pushi has never bought a Sport Coupe. Of course he knows all about cars since he stumbled upon an old mini-van, and mini pickup-truck back when they foolishly allowed him to legally drive. But that was a LONG time ago, and he can’t drive any more.

And he’s just echo-chamber-like repeating plenty of wives’ tales. The trunk actually holds quite a bit – but then it was designed from the powertrain-up as a Plug-in.

Its the CT6 PHEV that is actually the compromise – they threw the volt battery in the trunk so that the PHEV version has much less trunk than the ICE CT6. What a dumb design.

Fortunately, would be buyers are smarter than you guys. They purchased 10 times the numbers of ‘slow selling ELRs’ compared to that OH SO GREAT PHEV CT6.

I think an electric XT4 for the SUV/CUV crowd would sell well. For myself, I’d like a CTS-esque sedan, but with more EV-styling. Get rid of the grilles and make them look sleek.

Good aero design simply isn’t compatible with a “proper SUV rear shape”, which is boxy. Choose one or the other; you can’t have both.

I don’t see Cadillac EV competing with Tesla, rather with ICE. Which is of course a positive thing, the more EVs the merrier.

Even that interior looks pretty nice actually.

GM recently discovered Tesla’s secret master plan

Which is already somewhat dated and already started to shift.
It’s too late to try to replicate Tesla’s success. They are ahead.

The Model S has been on the market since 2012 (7 years). And it’s not likely to see a redesign for at least 2 to 3 years more. That is extremely slooooowww by industry standards. That’s just as slow as Mitsubishi which is one of the slowest in the industry. At this pace GM is going to be able to do two full design iterations for every one at Tesla.

pull the other one

“The Model S… it’s not likely to see a redesign for at least 2 to 3 years more.”

Prepare to be very surprised, and quite possibly within a month or two.

Actually, the Model S has been in a constant process of redesign ever since it came out. Since the first S rolled off the line, they have completely replaced the following:

1) Seats and much of the interior trim touch surfaces
2) Battery pack
3) Drivetrain (2wd to AWD)
4) Nose/front end
5) Cooling system
6) Autopilot hardware and software
7) Wheels and tires
8) Entertainment system software
9) Charging units, and increased charging speed 90 kW max to 120 kW max
10) Brake updates
11) Suspension updates

Etc. If all this happened at once, it would be considered a significant redesign

That’s true for any car on the market. All vehicles receive constant updates and mid-cycle refreshes.

GM or any of the other legacy automakers should really look at the rest of Tesla’s business plan. Offering energy products out of the dealerships would allow them to develop a new revenue stream to replace what they will lose on maintenance.

Start selling solar panels, chargers, battery storage.

95% or more of Tesla’s income comes from selling cars. The other products are, at least for the moment, a minor sideline.

And I don’t see people visiting their local Chevy, or Buick or Cadillac dealer to shop for solar panels. Dealing with a dealer to buy a car is bad enough!

At the moment it’s true it’s a sideline, but the smarter dealership owners out there will be forced to make a decision at some point to either get out all together or find new ways to grow there business. And I really think electric cars and home energy systems go together like bread and butter. This will require dealerships to change, but it’s change or die at this point.

The battery market…..if they build massive battery factories for their cars, they should have a storage market to create batteries for utility, commercial, and residential storage. It reduces the risk of building a big factory. And if there is a down-turn, you can beg the government to do some renewable & battery public works projects in order to keep the factory busy.

I’ve always said that is partly why Tesla got into the storage market. It helped assuage investors about the Gigafactory that many said would be a white elephant that bankrupted Tesla. Instead, that Gigafactory is now part of the reason they are the best EV maker….they have a nice, big, cheap, reliable supply of batteries.

Perfect post with that. You are certainly not a pea brain.

It is puzzling to me why GM would shift to Cadillac as their lead brand for their new BEV3 vehicles. Most Cadillac dealers are not also Chevy dealers. Cadi dealers usually also sell Buicks and GMC trucks, but usually Chevy is its own dealer network. And relatively few Cadi dealers bought into the abortive ELR program. GM has cultivated a lot of EV-supportive Chevy dealers the past 8 years, especially in the CARB states, selling – and more importantly servicing – all of GM’s electrified products, including PHEV Volts and BEV Spark EVs and Bolt EVs. I think a lot of ELR owners relied on the local Chevy dealer service departments when their ELRs had Voltec issues that required Volt-certified technicians. Now GM will have to start over with their Cadillac dealer network – training sales and management staff on BEV basics, installing chargers, re-tooling service shops and re-training service techs. GM may think that Cadillac is the best place to launch their “Tesla beaters”, but Chevy is their “every-man” brand, with a much wider net than their Cadillac dealer network. That’s the brand where the mass-market sales will really happen, if they are serious about BEVs. I would be… Read more »

Really? This is the most obvious move to do, IMHO. EVs are still niche but they are absolutely killing it in the luxury sedan market. That is Caddy’s bailiwick. I’m just afraid they’ll screw it up. Again.

Of course they will it’s GM their hearts aren’t into it.

Look at VW’s plans. I think, even with all the annoying announcements, they actually will have this EV change under control because they are securing battery supply before really ramping up their model offering. In terms of all the ICE brands, they seem to be the only company that has paid attention to what Tesla has done and, in one respect, how they done it.
GM doesn’t need to introduce EV’s in their Cadillac brand, they need to just start introducing EV’s across all their brands. They need to be very bold and invest in battery supply so that they can offer a broad range of EV’s in all their market segments. If anything you would think an EV truck is their logical place to be given that is one of their biggest markets and very soon there will be Rivian, Bollinger and a few other new EV players in that space.

That’s what I was going to say. Over the years, I’ve always said “put a plug in everything”. Everyone needs to stop trying to figure out the *best* car to be electrified. Just offer all/most of your cars in EV form or EV flavors of each style of car; Luxury, sports, low-end, CUV, SUV, sedan, etc.


We need a full lineup of EVs, not individual models.

But they need to sell, and to sell they need to be competitive economically and feature wise.

Cost is still the biggest issue with electrification. PHEV’s are generally $5-10 more than their ICE equivalents and BEV’s are $10-20k+ more.

In the luxury market it’s different, but in the mainstream market that is the reality of the situation. Prices will come down, but they’re still not there yet.

They could produce a million PHEV’s but it’s unlikely they would be able to sell them profitably.

I’m with you until the last sentence, I actually think that’s backwards. If they were producing a million of them a year I believe they would be profitable.

The more EV drive-trains they make, the more they can spread the cost. That’s is why gas engines are so cheap. The industry makes them by the millions.

Well said. If there is one legacy auto maker which seems likely to survive the EV revolution, it’s VW… assuming they really do follow through on their announced plans this time (unlike what they’ve done in the past).

But if GM keeps dragging its feet as they have been, I think their survival is questionable. Gonna be another GM bailout, 6 or 7 years from now? Quite possibly.

The only two manufacturers who have faced battery shortages (Tesla and Mitsubishi) have ownership stakes in their battery supply chains. Worrying about battery supply is like 2010 GM buying ClipperCreek because they’ll need to own an EVSE manufacturer for all the Volts they’re going to sell.

When GM actually faces a battery shortage – for the first time – you will see them increase future battery orders. When they place an order that can’t be filled, you will see them invest in their own battery supply chain. Until then, better to let LG, Samsung, and Panasonic invest in battery factories.

GM still isn’t interested in making the necessary investments to take EVs to mainstream production numbers, thus this plan.

Cadillac makes total sense. I’ve been wondering for years whey they launched with the Bolt as their foray into EV instead of a more upmarket vehicle. Batteries are still expensive, so they make more sense in an expensive car.

There’s a growing consensus that most luxury vehicles will EVs sooner rather than later. I tend to agree with this.

@HVACman. Why be puzzled? These are ICEmakers. These are profitable legacy automakers who got there by selling very large numbers of gas pig trucks and SUVs that need lots of service and replacement parts. They live for their quarterly profit reports. Nobody believes they want to rock that boat by just rebuilding all their systems to become Tesla (an electric car maker). This would stall profits hoping for future gain. Something legacy companies that have gotten too big are very averse to. They may lose stockholders and market share in the short term. Retooling your business plan tends to do that. Don’t be surprised when you see shenanigans like what Mercedes, BMW and Audi are doing, and GM is planning. They cannot see past today’s truck and SUV gold rush. Yet every gold rush dries up. Volumes of 100,000s and 1,000,000s of cars means economies of scale. Meaning a $80,000 250 mile luxury BEV becomes a $30,000 everyman 250 mile BEV. The Volt and Bolt were never imagined to be mass produced. If they were, Volt would’ve had a Civic sized back seat and Bolt would have been RAV4 or Equinox sized. $40,000 as a Chevrolet with limited practicality does… Read more »

“This is why legacy brands market EVs as exclusive luxury brands”.

As do Tesla, as is Rivian, as is pretty much every startup BEV company around. There’s a reason for that.

They just aren’t going to make a competitive Tesla offering with the Chevy brand. Maybe Buick, but Cadillac is there leading technology brand. An EV there can have a no compromise interior, Super Cruise, performance and handling.

Exactly right. Who the heck is giving this down-votes? Chevy is completely the wrong brand for an EV at today’s prices.

GM should have followed Tesla’s game plan, starting with compelling EVs in the Cadillac brand, and gradually moving down-market to Buick and then finally to Chevy as prices on EV batteries and other components fall.

But of course, GM had no intention of doing that, because it is fighting tooth and nail against making a real commitment to making EVs instead of gasmobiles.

I don’t think GM has a commitment issue, but I think by releasing vehicles in the Chevy brand it allows them to test the water without causing issues if it fails. If they did the same with Cadillac it would make front page news of any failure.

GM has made it clear that they want to make profitable BEV’s. From that perspective starting with Cadillac to cover the initial investments makes sense. Then as costs decrease the platform will come down to lower cost brands.

That strategy would have made sense 10 years ago when the Volt was under development. GM needs EVs everywhere not just overpriced Cadillac’s

What part of my post did you not understand. EV’s are coming everywhere. They are simply just starting with Cadillac. GM made it very clear this platform is going to roll out fairly quickly to over 20 models in just a few years. And this will include Chevrolet.

“It is puzzling to me why GM would shift to Cadillac as their lead brand for their new BEV3 vehicles.”

Why? Tesla has eaten into the luxury segment with the Model S and Model X; Jaguar has followed with the I-Pace, and Audi with the e-Tron. The luxury segment is where EV makers can actually make a profit, unlike the Bolt EV, which makes little if any. Tesla has proven this rather thoroughly.

GM is actually dragging its feet by only just now announcing a new luxury EV in the Cadillac line. What’s puzzling here is why GM took this long to do it!

Good luck Cadillac! I have owned a CTSV, than i got married and had family and bought an Escalade ESV. Its going to be replaced with the Rivian RS1 when it comes available unless you make something that seats 6+ and is comparable in performance. Im rooting for yall.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen goes the volume route and builds 300,000+ BEVs each year selling for $33,000 and blows Cadillac, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes out of the water.

Boutique BEVs at $90,000 built in 20,000 unit batches does not:

A) Prove anything

B) Improve anything

C) Change the world

D) Save an aging car industry

E) Challenge Tesla

Let me guess… This Cadillac will be built on production lines in between hundreds of gas models. It will be a tall station wagon with 2 rows of seats marketed as a Crossover SUV. It will have a grille up front because people don’t like change. It will have a realistic 220 mile EV range. It will cost $85-100,000. It will have lots if glitzy, gimmickry in it’s interior with plenty of stitching, power cupholders and trendy cameras. The Cadillac will be built in boutique numbers of 20,000 per year. GM will not build out any fast chargers to make it go.

Gee, this sounds like what everybody else but Tesla is doing. AND, GM is doing it years after every other idiotic gas car company. Good job, GM! Good job blowing whatever lead you had in developing Voltec EREVs and S. Korean Bolt EV tech integration.

“Meanwhile, Volkswagen goes the volume route and builds 300,000+ BEVs each year selling for $33,000”

What planet is this happening on? I guess you are looking at their future plan….well, I HOPE that happens but I really don’t see it being that easy. If they can profitably build & sell long range EVs for $33K, they’ll be automotive gods and they’ll sell more than just 300,000 of them…but I just don’t see that happening. But I hope I’m proved wrong.

Volkswagen has lost tons of respect and their image has been severely damaged. They know this alone has effected their sales much more now and into the future than the billions of dollars of government penalties and TDI buybacks have cost them. Your reputation is everything in business. This creates a unique situation in the industry. Diesel sales are down DRASTICALLY in Europe and N. America due to Dieselgate. Not just for Volkswagen, but all brands. This is why I believe VW will follow through on their BEV promises. There is mounting evidence they will. Scouts have been looking in the USA to build a BEV exclusive factory here. Several vacant existing car plants are becoming available after GM announced closings, opening up not only the buildings and equipment, but thousands of ready, experienced, skilled and unemployed auto workers. Volkswagen is converting their entire Zwikau factory in Germany for series BEV mass production. 300,000 units per year was a statement by them, not guesswork by me. Several camouflaged ID prototype mules have been seen plying roads around the world. Fully Charged and other media outlets have driven them. This, the first in the ID Series on the modular MEB platform… Read more »

I’m not saying they won’t try…I’m just saying those benchmarks are extremely difficult. Tesla has so far failed to sell its $35K base Model 3 and they have the cheapest batteries in the business. I sure hope VW can do it, I just think the prices will be higher or the range won’t be so good. But again…I sure hope to be proven wrong.

Outside of EV forums and a few other niche locations NOBODY (at least the public) cares about Dieselgate. It hasn’t affected their sales figures to any real degree. Diesel sales are down sure, but petrol sales are up instead.

Have a look at VW’s sales figures over the last few years:

Perhaps a slight decline in the US in 2016, but hardly anything in the grand scheme of things, especially compared to European and Chinese sales numbers.

That said, I like the direction they are going and hope that they continue to do so, but lets not pretend that the general public actually care about dieselgate – other than as a way for owners to potentially make a little free money in “compensation”. It’s a good time and excuse for them to pivot heavily to EV’s however.

And GM aren’t building out a fast charging network because they don’t really need to, especially with the work Electrify America are doing. They didn’t build out a gas station network either.

Unpossible. I’ve been assured by the internet that they are about to file bankruptcy any day now. Finished. Kaput. Same with Toyota. I mean nobody buys those ghastly things.

VW has something to prove to the public to get over dieselgate. So VW seems willing to loose a large chunk of money on EV’s for a few years to play catch up.

GM is already ahead of most with the Bolt EV which will continue to be produced and will likely receive updates while the new platform will initially launch with Cadillac at a profit and will likely cover most of the up front development costs before the platform filters down to lower costs brands a few years down the road.

I would imagine at first GM’s Lake Orion, Michigan facility will be producing more EV’s. Currently it builds the Bolt EV and Sonic. But the Sonic is being discontinued later this year. Orion has lots of additional capacity to build at least two other cars.

You just described a Tesla Model X.

“Meanwhile, Volkswagen goes the volume route and builds 300,000+ BEVs each year selling for $33,000…”

Not yet, they’re not. And let’s not forget that VW has made similar predictions about EVs in the past, while quite clearly having no real intentions of following through.

I certainly hope that this time, it’s different regarding what VW has promised. But this Little Boy has cried Wolf! far too many times.

I didn’t know that many old guys want a Cadillac EV car? When I am too old, I would check out Cadillac. Driving the quiet couch sounds appealing to geriatrics who fracture their hip or got a hip replacement.

Please do try to be more narrow minded and pointlessly snarky. I think a few enlightened people didn’t hear you and cringe this time around.

Public sentiment and government mandates are pushing EV adoption. Most of the most populous countries in the world, including the USA, are pushing for at least 50% of all new car sales to be zero emission (electric) by 2030. It should be of no surprise that GMs most advanced brand is going to lead the company in the electric vehicle evolution, the only surprise is that it has taken so long to make this move.


The 30, 50 or 100 so called ‘Tesla killers’ will IMO first and foremost compete against each other – helping to expand the market for Tesla.

No, they will primarily steal market from gasmobiles… just like all the current PEVs (Plug-in EVs) are doing.

It’s really strange how so many people, even EV advocates who should know better, write as though PEVs compete primarily with the 2% of the market that is other PEVs, rather than the 98% of the market which is gasmobiles.


“No, they will primarily steal market from gasmobiles… just like all the current PEVs (Plug-in EVs) are doing.”
True. That’s what I actually meant by ‘expand the market for Tesla’.


Cadilac competing with Tesla 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Like ELR or CTS6

Before you make fun at it, maybe you should get information straight so you don’t look like a fool.

There is NO CTS6. It is CT6 PHEV.

NO shortage of fools in this particular discussion. This article holds the record for unveiling the most number of people who are so totally clueless. Oh, btw I can’t edit my previous comment: GULF CLUBS are what they must use in Florida and Louisiana.

the only reason “Tesla” was included in the headline was to garner clicks.

This shouldn’t be about EV vs. EV, but rather EV vs ICE. These types of headlines just keep the meme of a limited market for EVs, in that they have to compete against each other, instead of against the 95% of the auto market that is ICE.

[standing ovation]

Bravo! Hear, hear!

Are you listening, InsideEVs staff?

Wonder if Cadillac’s gonna roll out a charging network to compete with Tesla’s, too?

The announcement was last week.

Partnering with ChargePoint is not the same as a dedicated high power DCFC network with lots of charging stations at each location.

GM should have developed a separate brand for EVs, the Volt brand, with a direct sales model similar to Tesla’s. Or reincarnate the Saturn brand as an EV brand with innovative dealer structures. The usual Chevy buyers don’t go to the dealer to look at EVs, they want a pickup or big cheap SUV. The Cadillac ELR was a great piece of engineering, but hopelessly overpriced (seriously, twice as much as a Volt ?). If they keep the same pricing structure for the Cadillac EVs, they will never be competitive with Tesla and lose the mass market.

Anyone can compete with Tesla, the reality is are they competative with Tesla and that answer is simple…..Nope.
GM is to political within the company, each division is like a mini empire and that is why GM moves so slowly, buerocratic B.S. is the system, then the bean counters weigh in and the whole thing goes south in the end.
GM, to Big, Fat and slow to even think about competing with the likes of Tesla…’s pure fantasy!

Taking a quick look at the Caddy site, if they were to introduce vehicles that were essentially EV models of the XT4 (roughly Rogue-size SUV) or XT5 (slightly larger) and the ATS coupe, I’m guessing they could sell a bunch of them to both Cadillac owners and people tired of waiting for MB, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti to get off their collective butts and bring out an EV.

This assumes, of course, that they don’t make this announcement and then drag their feet for 4 or 5 years…

If they announce a production vehicle I will be shocked if it produced before 2021, too little too late. It may as well be the GM mantra.

So, getting rid of Johan De Nysschen is working?

During his anti-EV reign, CT6 PHEV was the only thing that came out… Now, Cadillac is working on real EVs?

How differently it would have been if he was never hired at GM.

That interior looks pretty ICEy to me.

That picture is from an ICE Cadillac.

No interior is released yet. It is just an inside EV picture from a typical Cadillac.

Seriously, people are really that oblivious these days?

Amazingly enough, many people (including myself) can’t recognize every make and model of car at a glance. Not even the exterior, let alone the interior seen in that photo.

I wish IEVs would do a better job of putting captions on their photos. Often, such as in this case, the average reader has no idea what a photo appearing in an article is showing.

And then two years later, after they overprice it and do a terrible job of support and advertising, they will pull the plug on it and blame someone else. No thanks. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m saving my money for a Tesla.

It would be unfair to GM to say we hope they will be more successful with these new EVs than they were with the ELR. 😉

But snarkiness aside, I hope GM is serious this time about putting compelling EVs into production. Yet if they are limited to the Cadillac line, this is an indication that GM still has no plans for any high-volume production of any plug-in EV. 🙁

I continue to hope that GM will create a new badge exclusively for EVs. That would also help them with sales in Europe, where GM’s cars have a reputation for poor quality still lingering from the 1970s and 1980s.

“Europe, where GM’s cars have a reputation for poor quality still lingering from the 1970s and 1980s.” Um, that’s their problem everywhere. And yes, optional EV packages are doomed to failure (as their cost will inevitably be compared to the base ICE model). A separate brand is the answer, but no one at GM hears the question.

These will not be limited to Cadillac. They are simply starting with Cadillac. GM has made it very clear that the BEV3 platform will cover over 20 vehicles by 2023 and that will include Chevrolet’s, Buick’s and GMC’s.

“Electric Cadillac” – is a blues/jazz/fusion band who GM might wanna think about using to promote their …electric Cadillacs ! After all – the band beat ’em to it. See their Youtube’d gigs..
Paul G

This announcement of GM’s sounds like grandstanding and showboating. Not much to discern here. It wouldn’t surprise me to see GM go with the LG Chem version of the 20700 battery that’s in Rivian’s skateboard and ditch the LG landscape battery cells they’ve been using on the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

None of the traditional manufactures use cylindrical cells. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense. The Bolt EV has a couple hundred cells whereas the Model 3 MR has several thousand cells. If you trying to build a mass market vehicle you don’t want the complexity of Tesla’s design. It’s robust, but a lot more complicated to build. Tesla’s cell price is lower, but their pack cost probably isn’t due to design.

An electric Luxobarge with ginormous bench seats covered in the finest Corinthian leathers. Sign me up.

Man there has been more nonsense here by people who know nothing than I have seen on any of these articles in a long time.

The objective thing to do would be to compare this upcoming release to the existing CT6, now discontinued in the States yet apparently still made in very limited release in China.

People with at least half a brain looked at the car, and this is why the ELR sold 10 times better than the PHEV version. So, the question is – is this new car going to be a smart, or a dumb design?

GM tends to change their collective minds too much. At first the CT6 PHEV was going to have a 3 liter turbo – then it was switched to a 2 liter 4 cyl turbo. They WERE (in 2014) going to make a 200 mile AER all electric in Hamtramck, but ended up making the lowly BOLT nearby at Orion. I did forecast that the CT6 end design was much too complicated and a joke, therefore few would buy it in the states. Turns out the ELR ended up selling 10 times as well for a car only made 12 months. Now of course they are CLOSING Hamtramck (and a bunch of others), and causing Canadians to do sit-down-strikes, besides pissing off many in this country. I’m not holding my breath to see what they’ll come out with next. Hopefully it will be something decent, but I certainly won’t be surprised if it is not since they don’t seem to have the right people running the corporation. If you want to see what JUNK is coming out of GM, just check out the 3 toy cars they’re asking people to vote on which they like best at the Detroit Auto Show.

CT6 PHEV is far more expensive than the ELR. and it got a “made in China” label on it which don’t help.

GM has already taken two swings to release EV Cadillac’s that could have competed against the Model S that Tesla brought to auto shows in 2009. Two swings, two misses. Not sure why the next one will magically be different.

I think going pure EV stands a better chance than a PHEV. Tesla has shown that pure EV is a success for luxury sedans. Cadillac & BMW have shown that PHEVs are largely a flop for the luxury sedan market.

That said…I suspect GM will screw it up with car design from the 90s.

This is the same GM whose president and head of product development says that he has “gasoline in his blood.”

There is no prototype, no word on pricing, production, or availability. With no details, it is impossible to take any part of this announcement seriously.

Dammit, I want GM to succeed. We were an all-GM household growing up. Pontiac, Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, you name it. But there needs to be a massive sea change in culture over at GM in order for them to navigate the BEV transition. I’m not seeing it.

I was were you are, my household was the same growing up, but they have worn me down and I have lost any faith in them leading on this.

But his Boss has ELECTRICAL Engineering degree. So, there is that. In fact, GM CEO is the only one among all the automakers to have an EE degree as background.

The fact that Mary B. would give a preliminary ok for that JOKE of an EV Caddy SUV they are supposedly coming out with in Late 2021 makes me RELIEVED that Mary didn’t do any of the engineering work on the Bolt EV.

Not sure as to the precise delineation of which company did exactly what job, but I’m assuming the particular details of the car were left to LG seeing as to the high % korean content of the car.

LG couldn’t have done worse than GM’s current crop of Great Brains.

Bring back the ELR with a slightly updated look and with the pack under the cabin. It would raise the seating position a bit and give the driver a better position to see traffic from. Make the pack options 70 kWh or 90 kWh and 0-60 times for the larger pack around 5 seconds. It would be a limited niche market since it is a 4 (5?) seat coupe, but it would get a lot of attention. As long as Cadillac didn’t price it over $70k…
The ELR was one of the most gorgeous cars made and it is worth bringing back.
Something more like the XT4 would actually make more sense since the E2xx platform size would allow for the eventual electric only platform to fit a decent pack size under the cabin. But make the eventual BEV on its own platform, don’t use a gasser platform and alter it to fit a pack in somehow. Which will take time and money. I hope GM has already been working on this…

Dude. It flopped massively. That’s the objective reality. It doesn’t matter if you subjectively found it gorgeous, the public didn’t. Don’t bring back flops.

It outsold the much longer available CT6 PHEV by 10 to 1.

Big Experts would have said the PRIUS was a failure had Toyota only made it for 12 months.

Is this the dying dinosaur’s last claw?

GM was supposed to offer a Buick upscale version of the Bolt (power seats, dynamic cruise, AWD) in 2019. I wonder if that is still on or not as it now looks like GM is going to have Cadillac be the EV lead.

I think that is for China where Buick is a big successful brand.

Idiots. That goes for Toyota with its missing BEV Lexus and Nissan with no BEV Infiniti too

Come out with an EV ELR for $50,000.

Button galore

As a beloved Volt Owner & Knowing GM extremely closely, they sadly will fail on EV Cadillac.
Why? They have continued to exhibit no internal toughness to push through until a product line becomes a success.
They are sadly – extremely likely to fold and give up when they hit some head wind from competitors, instead they will spit the dummy and retreat that is GM way.
Can’t believe what they did to the Volt line and many others over the last 30 years, every one can throw product around but few stick it out to make it success.
This hurts GM sales in future as people have a long memory and will much rather put their money on a Tesla than buy a soon obsoleted GM product.
The EV market needs car brands that are serious long term, is GM one of them?

Hey Martin:

Look at the related article for the joke that they supposedly are releasing late 2021. They should hire some elementary school budding artists to redesign it since even kids could do better than their latest Joke.

Their Lifer Reuss (sp?) – you know – the one who gets Gasoline transfusions, so he says, better lay off the psychotropic drugs. Few Sober people would think that SUV is a serious offering. People are already LAUGHING at the Space-Inefficient interior.

Historical Cadillac buyers are much Smarter than the current company:. The rather Nice ELR outsold the Joke of a Car – the CT6 PHEV by 10 to 1 – and the ELR was only made for 12 months, 9 in ’14 and 3 in ’16. But at least the CT6 PHEV Looked like a Cadillac. This thing just looks like a BLOB from a junk-yard.

General Motors already missed the boat

No, they are still in the game. They just need to refine their plug-in offerings.

GM had to go through bankruptcy to compete globally from primarily supplying rentals. They were so far behind with 4 speed tranny’s etc. All car manufacturers will burn through billions switching from their old infrastructure to a new EV infrastructure. GM keeps paying too many multimillion dollar bonuses to their higher ups and will need to go through bankruptcy to compete against EV’s.

What the hell is wrong with GM?……the scrap the Chevy Volt….only to make a brand new all-electric car….from Cadillac……this is a bunch of crap!….they do have the reputation for making big mistakes in the past as shown with the EV-1…….now the Chevy Volt….they dont care about the is profit…the cars that make the money they wan’t….the Volt was supposed to their answer to cooling the bad backlash they got for scrapping the EV-1…which too was a very well engineered car….and the Volt too….so sad…it makes me so mad…GM’s Volt was never given a chance under other reasons too….GM….keeps repeating history……so sad…very sad…

Yeah Tim

Check out the joke of an SUV they are supposedly coming out in the distant future (late 2021). – By that time the competition will be so much better that they’ll certainly have to change that Grotesque design.

And of course – the big surprise here is even fantasy jokes like Atlis make a better pretense of releasing future cars than does GM. Better try again, Mary B.