Cadillac CT6 Shows Signs Of Life In Booming Chinese Market

MAR 1 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Plug-in electric car sales increased four-fold to nearly 35,000 in China, in one of the slowest months of the year – January.

BAIC EC-Series

The reason behind the high growth is low sales last year, when manufacturers were dealing with changes and accreditation of subsidies.

Anyways, the market share amounted to some 1.4%.

Usually, sales of plug-ins increase through the year to peak in December. In 2017, December was a record at 102,600.

Looking at the data provided by the invaluable EV Sales Blog, we see that the BAIC EC-Series, despite only having 125 miles (200 km) of range, remains unstoppable. Nearly 8,000 were sold In January, which is two times more than next best selling car, the BEV JAC iEV7 S/E.

Two BYD plug-in hybrids – Qin and Song noted solid results, but without a big splash.

January was a good month for the plug-in hybrids, and even GM’s Cadillac CT6 PHEV was able to break into the top 20. 451 sales was good enough for #19.

Interestingly, Tesla delivered some 500 Model X in China in January (Model S didn’t make the top 20).

Plug-in electric car sales in China – January 2018 (source: EV Sales Blog)

Source: EV Sales Blog

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Pretty good! That is about 1/4 of CT6 sales for all of 2017. GMs E100 sales went from 5000+ sales in December to under 100 in January! I’m guessing that was inventory related!

Good showing by the Model X as well. But it’s gonna be hard for Tesla and GM to really own the charts until they start producing batteries in China in larger numbers.

The protectionist policies of China are going to continue making it difficult because of Tesla and GMs strong connections to South Korean companies for battery sourcing.

*South Korean and Japanese


Aren’t Samsung SDI and LG Chem both headquartered in South Korea?

Or maybe you just referring to the fact that China is imposing the same restrictions on Japanese battery sources as well.

Wait, I see what you were correcting me on. Tesla batteries.

Yes, Panasonic is a Japanese company, I neglected to mention Japan. 🙂

Interesting to see the CT6 selling at almost the same level as a Tesla Model X.

Model X pays 25% tariff and does not qualify for local incentives.

CT6 escapes 25% tariff and qualifies for local incentives.

I would have expected more CT6 China sales – especially since the car is homegrown.

I guess the Chinese recognize a joke of a car when they see one also. No testing here has shown as much as 22 miles of ev range, yet they keep advertising 31.

The range number is not directly set by the car maker, that is set by the testing standard. I.e., they can’t advertise differently. The 31 is whatever standard they are using.

Cars should be selling 10s of thousands in a billion people population

The same size battery gets sometimes 70 miles in the GEN 2 Volt. No one has gotten as much as 22 in the CT6 phev.

Its because of dopey decisions like having a 3 horsepower ELECTRIC oil pump running all the clutch actuators the silly car has.