Cable Provider To Switch Fleet Over To 100 Tesla Model X SUVs

MAY 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

Layer3 TV, a cable television service provider, made the pretty unusual decision to switch its service vehicles to the Tesla Model X! We imagine there are some pretty happy techs today at the company today!

layer3tv: Not only do we provide quick installs, but we do it in a Tesla. Rodney installs 6 boxes in a day with our eco-friendly Tesla

It’s not clear how the company, founded in just 2013 (to introduce high quality video), can afford to utilize the Tesla Model X for service over the more traditional (and much cheaper) white vans, but perhaps it’s worth a try from a promotional and marketing prospective? Purchasing Teslas could be cheaper than ads we suppose.

According to Layer3 TV CEO Jeff Binder, the “unique installation process and the low maintenance cost of the Model X enables the company to reap “substantial” savings”.

“Jeff Binder told Teslarati via phone, “There is no downside… we are spending half as much as the competition on installs, our installers love the vehicles, it’s sustainable, and we get great marketing out of the vehicles.””

Layer3 TV intends to have around 100 Tesla Model X in its fleet by the end of this year.

Binder also shared an insight that Tesla should add custom fleet management functionality, as there is currently none.

source: Teslarati

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Robert Fahey

“Custom fleet management functionality” sounds like something we’ll see when autonomous fleets hit the road.


Seems like something an ambitious person could use the SDK to create. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be created by Tesla, but could use the SDK to interact with the vehicles.

Mister G

Great news for our air quality.


And the safety of employees.


And now you know why your cable bill is climbing again this year…

Like they need a reason to do that…no one is asking so no need to give one.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas


Devin Serpa

Those “white vans” are close to $50k plus the maintenance and service and fuel costs add up to more than the minimum Model X plus electricity at $72k.


I wonder how long until there is a true “fleet” version of the X with a stripped rear interior and vinyl front interior…Take out the “luxury” and I bet the price point comes down significantly.

Maybe these are it, custom stripped down versions.


Delivering 6 cable boxes per day? A Bolt would be a much better fit and cheaper to run.
They must put a lot of value on the marketing aspect of running Teslas.


You know you’re paying waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for TV when a cable company can buy Model X’s.

Mister G

They will be able to depreciate a lot of $$$$$ for many years on each model x on federal taxes LOL


Appears they used to drive i3s…

From a wired article:

“they were drawn by the promise of awesome customer service. When you place an order, an installation person shows up exactly at the appointed hour, driving a BMW. He brings a set of set-top boxes in a variety of colors—one for each television. Each is slightly smaller than a traditional cable box. Installation is simple—so simple, the company promises, eventually customers will have the option to install the box themselves.”

I don’t know how this company stays in business…

Elooney Muskey

Cable guys need to climb up with ladders to route cables. The cable vans I see carry multiple ladders on the roof rack.
How do they do that with a Model X?


Hummer tax loophole is one of the main reasons. Its GVWR is over 6,000 lbs. They get $7,500-10,000 back on the car from tax rebates AND they can write off a substantial percentage of the car because of the hummer loophole. Easily takes another $20k off the cost of the vehicle in the first couple years.

They can sell the vehicles next year and make money. Plus they got all of the free marketing. Pretty smart…