BYTON – Video Roundup, Including Test Drives, From CES

JAN 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

If you thought that Tesla has the largest screens in the industry, you’d be wrong.

Here is the BYTON Concept SUV with its gigantic 125 x 25 cm (49 x 9.8 inch) Shared Experience Display center console.


This all-electric SUV, shown at CES, is scheduled for market launch in 2019 in China, followed by Europe and the U.S. in 2020.

BYTON bets on autonomous driving and because of that, they put inside many displays (including the one on the steering wheel) to keep you busy doing stuff while riding along, not driving.

Entry level price is estimated at $45,000. BYTON has already sketched out plans for sedan and MPV in the following years, provided this first model sells well.

Two battery pack options and powertrain options will be available:

  • 71 kWh for 350 km (217 miles)
  • 95 kWh for up to 520 km (323 miles)

Two powertrain options are considered:

  • 200 kW and 400 Nm rear-wheel drive
  • 350 kW and 710 Nm all-wheel drive (200 kW rear motor and additional 150 kW front motor)

Here are photos and videos gallore, including demo rides:







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It looks great. It will take the x money

I see a lot of potential problems with this car from the computer screen in the steering wheel that could take your head off when the air bag pops to the obtrusive dashboard screen that limits visibility. This is not the car people need and, if this thing does make it into production, most of those gimmicks will disappear. What people need right now are straight up BEV replacements to smoker pickup trucks and SUVs.


I would only add minivans to your list. I still don’t see why there are no EV minivans. Imagine a Pacifica with 60-90 battery pack. It’s not like there’s no room for it.

Actually, there isn’t, using current battery tech. Recall the Pacifica is a conversion, not a from-scratch BEV, and still needs room for the ICE, transmission & gas tank.
As it is, the battery takes up room so the 3d row seats can’t be folded into the floor, and if you want more space, have to be removed from the car completely.
a 60mi-90mi pack would mean more than doubling or tripling the current battery capacity (“more” since so much extra battery also adds a lot of weight), which means much more expensive as well as giving up more cargo or people space.

Thanks for your comment.

Surely if GM can fit a 60kWh pack in a bolt, Chrysler can fit one under the (raised?) floor of a minivan!?!
– Remember all that Stow’n Go space in the Voyager?
– There’s also a spare wheel hanging below the floor. Take that out ! 🙂
– Engine bay runs almost all the way between the front seats. fill with a DC motor and some more cells there.

Is VW’s vapor ID cross is coming after all? That’s also a minivan

I’m such a backseat engineer! 🙂
I just want to them to make it happen… Can’t wait for some of this vaporware to materialize…

The airbag deploys from the underside of the screen.

I don’t see the need for the screen though.

The huge screen, should be lower. Looks like it could block the view.
I don’t think they need a screen that big, or hand gestures to control it – to sell EVs.
Quality, design and range, range and more range.

The screens in the back would be popular for sure.

Their logo looks shockingly like the Bugatti logo.

I also said it on the other article but those LED screens are just stupid. Bet on self driving all you want. Until it actually works however how about you build a car that people don’t have to sit on a phone book in just to see over the dash…

This looks great, like 100 times better than TMX. Provided they get rid of those screens and keep the price close to $50k, they could sell at least 80 to 100k/year. Only competition would be the more expensive Jaguar (as long as I like TM3 and TMS…TMX looks…well “like an electric cousin of the ugly CAR/SUV introduced by BMW some 10 years ago. Also once they introduce it Tesla will rush the Model Y

Not a bad looking car. I see the i3 cues in rear 3/4 panels. Screen on the steering wheel though? ugh – no Interior looks cheesy – overstuffed alla Lincoln

Starting at $45,000? I think not… That’s a pipe dream with all of the tech in this vehicle.

“around” $45,000 for the entry level (no options) 217 miles in hopefully “two years”. uhh, no.

If the chinese want to let in go for $45,000 plus $5,000 for the long range option, I’ll gladly take the long range version.

You can keep the AWD and bigger motor… I want range and an affordable price.