Byton Reveals Near Production-Ready Electric SUV – Videos

APR 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Byton presents its all-electric concept in Europe at the 2018 Milan Design Week, after the car was unveiled earlier this year at CES.

In its current stage, the car is 85% production-ready and production is expected to begin in China in late 2019.

To reach the production stage, Byton is looking for investors that would be willing to cough up some $400 million.

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The unique features of Byton EV are displays – one on the steering wheel, and another one the full width of the car.

Byton EV specs:

  • Battery: 71 or 95 kWh for 250 miles (400 km) or 323 (520 km) of range
  • Powertrain: 200 kW rear-wheel drive or 350 kW all-wheel drive

You haven’t seen our BYTON Concept and the artistic interpretation of our connecting lines yet? Then wait no longer and…

Posted by BYTON on Thursday, April 19, 2018

source: Shropshire Star

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Looks like another “Tesla Killer.”

Now lets make sure to jump down the throats of every car manufacturer when they are late to produce their evs or their production numbers are far below what they predicted. I think FF is a joke and always has been. Lucid, anyone hear fro Lucid lately? SF motor. Jaguar, iPace. In the Fall of 2018. Byton and their near production ready ev (late 2019)? That’s near production. An other Chinese ev passenger car,which can’t be imported to the U.S. Then there’s the e-tron, Kona, Mission E, a bunch more. I have been throwing shade for years on these claims and aspirational vehicles, (they wish they could make them), for years and have yet to be corrected of my derisive and acerbic point of view in regard to what they say they are going to do.. Yes, and Tesla has fumbled the ball a few times, but the other team is not even on the field , so they just pick it up and run with it. Heck Nissan, the biggest seller of evs, doesn’t even have a (active) TMS on the Leaf. The Bolt is alright, but you can only get it in NA. And Ford, will that little… Read more »

I know the Jaguar is going to sell well (for a Jaguar). At least in markets where EVs are sold in some kind of volume.
I’m more worried they will not make enough.
They have sold 1300 in Norway. I think Jaguar sends 1500 cars to Norway this year. .
So if people are too slow, they have to wait until next year.

That would be because companies like Porsche extensively trial and test their products rather than rushing development and having too many design and manufacturing issues to deal with at launch.

Spaciousness and functionality is very important and I hope Tesla keeps this in mind when designing Model-Y and make it as big as possible internally and keep the price affordable.

I just don’t see how that display is going to work. It looks way too high. That and the display on the steering wheel just looks like a bad idea as well.

The rest of it however looks very nice 🙂

Safety Question: How does the airbag in the steering wheel work if the first thing that will impact the driver is shrapnel from the monitor?

The airbag deploys from below the touch screen. The screen reamins intact, and isn’t effected by the air bag being deployed.

It looks pretty nice!! I am more and more convinced that new car startups are going to have to really push the EV market forward. BMW should copy that belt-line for the i3. That looks like what the i3 should have looked like from the beginning.