BYTON To Reveal Details On First Production EV At CES 2019

DEC 28 2018 BY GASGOO 7

After M-Byte and K-Byte concepts comes a real electric car. Details available soon.

BYTON, a China-based EV startup, is ready to showcase the BYTON M-Byte Concept SUV and the K-Byte Concept sedan at the upcoming CES 2019 Las Vegas next month. In the meantime, the startup will publish the latest information about its first volume production model.

According to relevant reports, the mass-produced model will retain the most attractive innovative technologies that are applied in the concept model unveiled before, such as the global-first vast 49 x 9.8-inch screen as a “shared experience” controlled by touch, voice and gestures and the touch screen above the steering wheel.

Moreover, the interior design for the mass-produced model will be further optimized to accentuate a sense of future and luxury. For example, its center console features a brand-new full-vision design. Smart sensors and traditional physical buttons are properly integrated by elegant curves and artful layering design.

BYTON, which is dedicated to integrating automobile engineering and digital technologies, defines its products as the “next-generation smart devices”. At the forthcoming CES, the startup is set to release a series of personalized connectivity applications and services based on the BYTON Life cloud platform as well as the smart sensing technologies to be used in the volume production model.

As the company’s plan, its first premium intelligent electric SUV will be officially put into production at the end of 2019.

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“..defines its products as the “next-generation smart devices”

Ah marketing speak. It’s a car folks, for it to succeed it has to actually work as a car.

Yes-but that’s like saying a smartphone has to act like a phone. Sure it does, but there is sooooo much more. EVs are going to lead the autonomous revolution and its happening already. I was caught recently in a rainstorm on the interstate, the kind of storm where you can no longer see the lines. Tesla’s level 2 AP never missed a lane. Now I was gripping the steering wheel firmly with both hands, but the constant tug of the lane keep was incredibly helpful even with the current auto-steering technology. The automobile has become a smart device as the author describes it. Sure it still has to serve the base function of transportation the same way a phone has to take a call. Any company that doesn’t view it as a smart device is going to be left woefully behind.

Another chinese ev joining the bandwagon. Welcome.
Their vehicle has a monitor that stretches from right to left of the dashboard.

Why is china trying to dump EVs on America?
At the very least, we need a 25% tariff on their imported cars like they have on American cars.

It’s actually 15% currently (for now…), down from 25% before the trade war started. Not bad compared to the 25% US tariff on trucks.

Vaporware. Nio brand should come stateside

I like Byton. I wish them lots of success in the US.