BYD Qin Sales – “China’s Q1-2014 Best-Selling Electric Vehicle”


MAR 21 2014 BY MARK KANE 21

BYD Qin Taking Down the Competition?

BYD Qin Taking Down the Competition?

BYD boasted that its Qin plug-in hybrid electric car is selling so well that the automaker has had trouble meeting demand.

According to China’s National Passenger Car Association, Qin was introduced in China in December 2013 and is already “China’s Best-Selling Electric Vehicle”.

BYD Qin now has over 50% market share of NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) in the first quarter of 2014, which is still not even over.  The Qin has an extended all-electric range of up to 43 miles.

“In the first weeks of 2014, more than 6,000 vehicles were sold accounting for over half (50%) of the Chinese new-energy vehicle market.”

As both Shanghai and Beijing announced earlier this month that they will now permit BYD new energy vehicles to qualify for local municipality green-vehicle incentives and be licensed in those regions, the Chinese market for electric and plug-in hybrids from manufacturer BYD should really take off.

BYD Senior Vice President Stella Li stated:



“the news that QIN is a top selling vehicle should come as no surprise as there is simply no other vehicle this fast, efficient, stylish and affordable on the market, anywhere.”

The strong points of Qin’s specifications are 0-100 km/h (60 mph) in 5.9 seconds acceleration and consumption of just 1.6 liters of fuel for every one-hundred kilometers (~62 miles), according to BYD.

On the horizon there are new models including an electrified SUV:

“This is only the first of many of BYD super-electric vehicles launching as the electric version of the S7-styled SUV internally named the Tang (pronounced “Tah-ng”) is set to be released later this year. The QIN is currently available to domestic Chinese and Latin American markets and senior officials at BYD have discussed expanding exported versions of these new energy vehicles in the coming years.”

BYD Qin Powertrain

BYD Qin Powertrain

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China has some nice incentives for plug-ins. From $9k+ on something like this, and $18k+ for a Tesla.

The starting price on this car is pretty low to begin with. (from Wiki)

“The Qin starts at 189,800 rmb (~US$31,000), before any applicable government subsidies and tax exemptions available for eco-friendly vehicles.”

“consumption of just 1.6 liters of fuel for every one-hundred kilometers”
I thought it could go 43 miles (70km) on electricity alone? Is this the MPG in CS mode?

It must be some kind of combined result. Like in Europe where the car gets two rounds, one with full batteries and one with depleted batteries and then gets a weighted average.
To give a comparason the Volvo V60 PHEV does 4,8 liters per 100 km with depleted batteries, the Volt about 6,2 l/100km and the Outlander PHEV about 9 l/100km.

That is to compare to the Volt/Amperas weighted result in Europe of 1,6 l/100km.

Personally I don’t like the use of a weighted average. I would prefer to know two (three) values, how far it goes on electricity (and how many kWh/km) and fuel consumption in CS mode/with depleted battery.

Oh.. and for you few countries (yes, I’m talking about you Liberia, Burma and the US) that uses measurements that should have died out a long time ago I can say that 1,6 l/100km is about 147 mpg.. so pretty impossible figures… Unlike a normal new car that gets about 50 mpg.

147 MPG? That is like VW XL1 territory at a fraction of the price! There is probably a reason, or two, why they don’t sell it in the US yet.

“In the first weeks of 2014, more than 6,000 vehicles were sold accounting for over half (50%) of the Chinese new-energy vehicle market.”

Hmm… Wiki says 142 were sold in 2013, and 815 cumulative by end of Jan 2014. That means to reach 6,000 they sold 5,327 vehicles in 1.5 months (Feb + 1/2 March)?!

Yes kdawg..Sales have gone through the roof since BYD has been allowed to sell in Beijing and Shanghai. We’ll have more on this coming soon.

Impressive sales of a plug in in just one quarter. great specs too.

faked news

there is no chinese version report


jan qin sales number 630
fen sales number 830

so march 4500?

Are you kidding me

The news comes directly from BYD.

provide byd chinese link

byd qin sales number from chinese gov

jan 630+
Feb 830+

don’t post faked news again!!!!!!

Here is the original media press release published straight from BYD via Business Wire – link

Also of note. Without having verifiable links to dispute a point yourself (after all mistakes can be made) please do not insinuate we are publishing “faked news.” The restrictions to ownership on BYD in those two Chinese cities were just lifted and there was massive demand for the car with the incentive applied.

If you care to dispute the press release, here are the BYD reps who put it out – battle there:

Contacts in China: Sherry Li tel: +86-755-8988-8888-69666
In US: Micheal Austin, BYD tel: 1(800) BYD-AUTO
In Europe: Penny Peng, BYD tel: +31-102070888

Additionally, you lose credibility when you yourself use a “fake”/brand new id to make point without any facts, or at least one unfamiliar to the community at large, over the one of which you have normally been using to date to make such accusations – “EVerwer

Of your 16 posts here, you have also been warned on 3 occasions to not use personal attacks or slurs against other members of the community.

One more incident like this, double IDing, or slander against others and you will be banned.

trash website

ban me now

***Request Granted***

Thank you!

Good job! This guy sure is annoying.

Is there not some constraint on buying a car in China? I mean don’t you have to get a permit to buy one. Probably this car is exempt.

There are a lof of different constraints in different cities.
The Beijing license plate lottery is legendary.

What is the picture of a new road with a few cars on it all about? More realistic pictures of actual Chinese traffic here

Try not to get all of your information from sensationalist websites. China is not just Beijing or Shanghai during rush hour.