BYD Yuan To Get EV500 Version With 500 KM Range

NOV 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

New BYD Yuan EV500 will go further, up to 500 km (310 miles)

BYD Yuan is a huge success in China as more than 40,000 orders were placed by the end of October and BYD sold 21,490 during the first five months (including record 5,803 in October) on the market.

The current Yuan EV360 is rated for 360 km (224 miles) of range at speed of 60 km/h (37 mph). The more realistic rating is 305 km (190 miles) on a 42 kWh  liquid-cooled battery. The car is pretty affordable at around $25,000 and offers two permanent magnet synchronous motor options:

  • 70 kW and 180 Nm
  • 160 kW and 360 Nm (0-50 km/h or 31 mph in 3.9 seconds)

According to the latest news from China, BYD is already working on a new version Yuan EV500, which will be good for up to 500 km (310 miles). The 39% higher range probably means that the battery capacity was increased by about the same 39% to almost 60 kWh. Higher range should help to get even more subsidies per car as China prefers longer range EVs.

Another upgrade is the motor output to 120 kW (we believe in base version). First images of the EV500 shows that the exterior look will be only tweaked, without major changes.

Here is EV360 video, while the images of EV500 can be seen here.


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BYD is famous for copying western car designs, usually Toyota’s but it looks like this time it chose to copy a Ford model (Ecosport). It might have chosen a more attractive design to copy but apparently it doesn’t stop the Chinese from buying it.

BYD hired former Audi and Alfa Romeo designer Wolfgang Egger in 2017. I don’t really think they still need to copy from anyone, unless by copying you mean all cars have 4 wheels?

No by copying I mean almost the exact same design in which Wolfgang Egger clearly wasn’t involved unless his job is limited to making the minor changes needed to make it legal in China.

Please provide a dimensional measurement comparison between that Ford and this vehicle.

I see similarities, but so what, I see similarities across the whole auto industry.

I doubt the Ford rear hatch opens like this one, and the front is clearly different than the Ecosport. Took me 2 seconds to find an image, and see the difference.

copy definition:
n. An imitation or reproduction of an original; a duplicate: a copy of a painting; made two copies of the letter.

My bad for thinking Wolfgang Egger’s (Let’s assume it was him;)) attempts to disguise the Ecosport wouldn’t fool anyone, guess there is always a few. Better not attempt to export this to Western countries though, Ford might have something to say about that. OTOH: if Ford needs vehicles for China ZEV compliance it could simply re-badge this BYD product and it’s ready to go. Even the Ford grill is already there, all it need is a new badge.

I wonder what Japanese people think about being called “Western”.

Byd ist not a copy is official whit the approbation of Toyota byd f3dm ya f5dmand other trademarks. It’s a official copy to have supply of parts for the official original design

Price of 25kusd most certainly after incentives. Probably +20kusd if subtracting incentives.

A crossover with 190 mile range costs just $25,000, that’s fantastic. Hope they bag more orders and increase the sales.
Probably they figured a way to make more cheaper batteries.

The dash is arcade looking, The grill chrome was a bit mis-aligned, the back seat faux leather was out of true in several spots. Small things, but if these are visible in this video, what do the look like close up? And what do the materials feel like?

To get 500 km they have to her the spare inside. Drag chute kills aero.