BYD Wins 10 Of 12 Vehicle Categories In Bus RFP In Washington & Oregon

SEP 12 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

BYD electric bus

BYD electric bus

BYD announced a shocking high win in 10 out of 12 categories in the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Heavy Duty Bus RFP for up to 800 vehicles.

It’s not clear about how many orders will be made for BYD electric buses, but potentially it could be hundreds in both Washington State and Oregon.

“The contract allows for up to 800 heavy duty buses from all different propulsion types that included 12 different categories for all-electric buses. The contract has the potential to be the most complete electric vehicle procurement in US history as it includes buses from 30 – 60 feet in length for both highway and transit applications, as well as long-range and shorter range, on-route charging configurations.

BYD Motors being the only electric bus maker globally that manufactures 7 different all-electric buses, capable of long range as well as in-route charging configurations was awarded wins in 10 of the 12 available vehicle categories and has the ability to deliver any of their buses within six months.

BYD is also the only bus manufacturer on the contract with wireless on route charging as an option approved by WSDOT. The mass procurement by WSDOT is being seen as a visionary move by Washington State, clearly establishing itself as one of the most environmentally conscious states nation wide. Any transit agency or public institution in Washington, as well as the state of Oregon, is now able to procure electric buses from the RFP, greatly simplifying the procurement process, and cleaning the air faster.

With the most comprehensive line up of electric buses BYD Coach & Bus, a division of Southern California electric vehicle manufacturer BYD Motors, Inc. finished the RFP process as the winner in 10 of 12 vehicle categories.”

So transit authorities, agencies, universities, or institutions can just simply pick-up BYD buses if they need such vehicles.

WSDOT David Chenaur, Capital Programs Manager said:

“Any of Washington State or Oregon’s transit authorities, agencies, universities, or institutions are now able to procure electric buses from the approved list of makes and models without going through the cumbersome and time consuming RFP process. All that work has been done by WSDOT,”.

“Washington State has long been a leader in the clean-energy movement, and WSDOT is proud to be doing our part in furthering this mission on the transportation side of the equation. Our staff has spent the past few years researching every electric bus on the market, and after rigorous evaluations of each manufacturer and their products we believe we have given our transit authorities the very best electric buses in each vehicle category to build their fleet with.”

BYD Coach & Bus Vice President of Sales Macy Neshati commented:

“It is a tremendous honor to be have received such a vote of confidence from the Washington State DOT. WSDOT continues to show leadership in the transportation electrification movement and they stand out nationally for taking such a firm stance on air quality improvement. As a Nation, we are on the eve of greatness as we prepare to show the world the path to energy independence and this procurement will be seen as a key moment in the electrification of the U.S. transit industry; electric buses are no longer a science-fair project, with BYD now producing a long-range bus in nearly every category we have proven the technology is here to stay.”




BYD Coach & Bus – BYD K7


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD with WAVE wireless charging


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD K9S


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD K9S with WAVE wireless charging


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD K9


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD K9 with WAVE wireless charging


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD K11


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD K11 with WAVE wireless charging


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD C10


BYD Coach & Bus – BYD C10 with WAVE wireless charging

Pictured Above: The 10 Categories of the WSDOT RFP BYD Motors won.

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These type of electric buses make a lot of economic and environmental sense.

When will other states or countries catch up with the program?

Good on BYD.

It would be nice to know what RFP stands for.

A request for proposal (RFP) is a solicitation, often made through a bidding process, by an agency or company interested in procurement of a commodity, service or valuable asset, to potential suppliers to submit business proposals.


BYD is knocking it out of the park in the one area that I presumed hydrogen had even a small chance.

I’m holding hope that hydrogen can squeeze into the heavy long haul trucking market, with some nice government subsidized hydrogen.

The infrastructure for hydrogen recharging is super expensive compared to electric. Maybe one day…


Natural gas (in the form of LNG) already has stations open along the key interstates. For commercial (not discretionary) transport, a natural gas fuel cell trounces hydrogen. In the vehicle, and through the logistical chain. And on the books.

Actually, IMHO for OR and WA specifically, electric makes more sense than hydrogen. Both states generate most of their electricity from hydroelectric dams (and most of the rest from renewables), so there’s incentive to use that, especially for publicly-funded transportation.
Also, getting power lines, even massive ones, into a few locations (bus depots) for charging should be pretty cost effective, more so than the many more charging stations the equivalent amount of cars would need.

Been investing in BYD using ADR symbol BYDDY for 5 years. Adding more last week mainly because of the success of the BYD electric buses.

Who won the 2 remaining categories? Is there an original link?

Seems like the source for this article is BYD, couldn’t find the story on WSDOT website. I believe it’s true, just don’t know why they didn’t post it prominently there with all the info.

China is not just about cheap labor anymore, they are rapidly catching up technology-wise too. If I was american I would be a little worried about that, with the huge debt of the USA and all.

I wish they would also get some Proterra buses as those are made here in the USA, BYD is made in China.

“Lancaster” refers to the Lancaster, CA assembly facility.

Shades of grey, I know, but it’s something.