BYD Unveils Tang Plug-In Hybrid CUV


Details are sparse, but BYD has announced that it’s adding a vehicle called Tang to its plug-in hybrid stable.

And Yes, There Will Certainly Be BYD Dancers At The 2014 Beijing Auto Show

And Yes, There Will Certainly Be BYD Dancers At The 2014 Beijing Auto Show

Here’s BYD’s description of Tang:

Tang: Tri-motor Dual-mode and full electric 4WD

The 542 technology is aiming at setting the standards for key performance of the upcoming new energy cars. The traditional standards for power, safety and fuel consumption will be once again redefined. China’s auto industry can now take advantage of the advanced new energy cars concept to rocket and pass the “old school” big brands.

Tang is the first model to conform to the 542 technology concept. Tang is equipped with tri-motor arrangement, hi-performance electric 4WD and powerful sports car-like acceleration from 0 to 100Km/h in merely 4.9 seconds! You cannot miss the unveiling.

And we won’t miss the unveiling.  InsideEVs will be attending the 2014 Beijing Auto Show where Tang will get revealed, so stick with us for more details from the show floor starting on April 23.

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Also Denza announced yesterday in China Autoshow with nearly 50 kWh Battery and 300 km range!

With the Chinese gov’t having a goal of reducing pollution and oil imports, and the big automakers (aside from VW and maybe Nissan) not being serious about plugins across their lineup, Chinese auto companies seem to have finally found the opening to become technology leaders and fix their image issues.

High performance is the key to making plugins lusted after. It’s crazy that BYD and Tesla are the only companies that know this.

Denza EV claims 47,5 KWh battery (550kg) and 18,9KWh/100km consumption, giving it up to 250 km range. This Denza is smth serious, unfortunately very expensive, too.

Looks like it has more ground clearance than you see in a lot of EVs. That would rate as a plus on snowy roads. However, the glass area seems a bit small. The sight lines would be a concern. I will be looking for these in the product reviews.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Growing boys need tang!

lol, +1

But you just aged yourself…..
But then again so did I. 😛

Why cant we get a PHEV like the Tang here in the US?

I agree….

BYD needs to sell their cars “direct” like Tesla.

I’d prefer the Mitsu Outlander PHEV.
I read maybe late next year.

These guys are going to eat the big 3’s lunch if they ever start dumping products like this on the US market. Well, probably every automaker’s lunch, really… Korea and Japan too. World economy disrupted again (shudder).

542 strategy. 5=0 to 100 km/hour within 5 sec. 4 = 4 wheel drive. 2=2 litter gas for 100 km.

power equvilent of
542 cubic inches?