BYD To Deliver 10 Electric Buses To Campinas, Brazil


BYD to Deliver 10 Electric Buses to Campinas Public Transport Fleet

BYD to Deliver 10 Electric Buses to Campinas Public Transport Fleet

BYD is expanding its electric bus business in Brazil.

Recently, BYD of Brasil and Campinas City Administration announced agreement for 10 12-meter, 4-door, low-floor urban buses, which will join the Campinas city fleet.

This is so far the largest project with electric buses in Brazil and later this year BYD intends to open an electric buses factory in Campinas. Solar panels plant to follow in 2016.

Total investment will exceed $100 million.

“Campinas Mayor, Jonas Donizete, was really impressed with the bus’s quality and technology, and said that “they are very comfortable, almost noise-free, and great for the environment”. He also mentioned that the city has a lot to gain with such technology, from better quality of life, reduction of pollutants and incentives to public transportation, and that he is very excited that BYD chose Campinas as the basis for its production units in Brazil. The company’s factories – one for electric buses and the other for solar panels, to be opened in the second half of 2015 and first half of 2016, respectively – will supply both Brazilian and Latin American markets. Between 2014 and 2017, BYD will invest around R$ 350 million and generate around 650 jobs.”

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That’s good news, I wonder why the fact that BYD will open two factories (electris busses + solar panels) did not make it to the headline.

I think that’s bigger news than 10 busses 😉

Most likely because the building of the two factories are old news that have been covered before. 😛

It would be bigger news if it were news though. 😉

You’re right, it was just “news” for me 😉

Wow, BYD is really pushing forward! Why is there no one else that want to grab this market? Well, there is Proterra but they don’t have the capacity to compete by volume. Why aren’t the other, established bus manufacturers offering electric buses? This is where the market is going now, if you don’t have something to offer you’ll be the next Kodak.

I wouldn’t count Proterra out just yet.

Most likely because there is no market. There is a large potential market though and BYD is the pioneer in really trying to open it up.

Traditional bus manufacturers are just like traditional car manufacturers. They want small and incremental changes and they like to compete with their top strenght, which generally are their ICE-engines.

Thankfully there are lots of tiny start-ups (like Proterra), small companies dedicated to only or almost only EV buses, and even most of the medium and large size companies have electric buses for sale or are on the verge of selling them.

Thenk you have BYD, which is really pushing the market and will force the big companies to respond with increased speed.

And don’t forget that buses is a pretty quiet market where a lot is going on that isn’t really noticed.
One of my next-door cities had not only ordered an electric bus but also got it deliverd before I heard anything about it. Considering how updated (and addicted) I am to the EV market I found it fascinating that they managed to sneak it past me…