BYD Tang Vs All The Rest – Drag Race Videos

SEP 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

Hot plug-in hybrid BYD Tang, which recently entered the Chinese market, is a quick plug-in machine.

BYD claims a 5-4-2 platform, where 5 is the number of seconds to 100 km/h, 4 is AWD, and 2 is less than 2 liters per 100 km average fuel economy.

Here are a few videos of BYD Tang drag races:

VW Scirocco r vs BYD Tang

Ford ST vs BYD Tang

VW Golf vs BYD Tang

Audi A3 vs BYD Tang

Range Rover vs BYD Tang

BMW 320I vs BYD Tang

Tesla Model S (likely a S 60) vs BYD Tang

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A suv with 8 second quarter mile !!

eighth mile*
so about a 12- to 13-second quarter mile.

Still impressive.

Beat a Tesla? What a joke.

The Model S 70, S70D and S85 all have slower 0-100 than the BYD Tang.

And not to mention that it could have been an older Tesla or even a S60.

And the performance model of the Tang should tie or beat the S85D

Lots of Teslas that the Tang could easily beat.

So what would the joke be?

But I highly doubt it could beat the P85D not to mention the P90D in ludicrous mode though. Not in 400 meters at least, it would probably take 600-1000 meters or so before catching up and going past.

Disregard the last sentence, the Tang has an (electronically) limited top speed so the P85D and P90D would definitely beat it on both the quarter mile and on a longer distance.

Maybe a 60kW Tesla with an almost dead battery?

We need a cheap US knock-off of this nice Chinese car.


All Electric Range 50 miles.

I would buy this thing over Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV…

Bring it to the US, this is your first chance of getting some sales, BYD!!!

I doubt it will come to the U.S. anytime soon. Thy BYD Tang that is.

Somehow all the car makers don’t want to offer the PHEV SUV/Crossovers to the largerst SUV/Crossover market in the world… *sigh*!

I am luckily living in Shanghai. I am already 3 years driving a BYD L3 and I love it. I am planning to buy a Tang. I had the chance to test drive the tang. And it is !!!! a rocket. I also tried a new Tesla of a friend and I felt that the tang performs better.
I also doubt that BYD is selling his hybrids soon in US or Europe. It hardly can provide the market here in china. In Shanghai the Tang is not available yet. We can buy and receive it some time next year.