BYD Tang Sales Expected To Outpace Qin


We Caught The BYD Tang Debut At Auto China Last Year

We Caught The BYD Tang Debut At Auto China Last Year

The plug-in electric BYD Qin was an immediate sales success when it launched last year in China.

Sales started out low, but rather quickly sales established at a level well over 1,000 units per month and even hit and held steady at 1,700 units per month late last year.

According to BYD:

“BYD saw record EV sales in 2014 with the BYD Qin now topping the World’s Best Selling EV charts (presently in 5th place in PHEV sales).”

But there’s a new BYD plug-in that’s expected to trump Qin sales:

“Demand for the BYD Tang is said to be incredibly high… The BYD Tang is expected to quickly surpass the BYD Qin’s monthly sales figures as China has waited a long time for a PHEV Sport Utility Vehicle.”

“The BYD Tang, announced at Auto China 2014 (the Beijing Auto Show), is BYD Auto’s second generation DM 2.0 PHEV vehicle, and first of the much touted BYD 5-4-2 platform models:

5: standing for 0-100km/ h (0-60 mph) in less than 5 seconds
4: standing for 4-wheel drive
2: standing for less than 2 liters average consumed over 100 km (best-in-class fuel economy nearly equal to 147 mpg)

Tang is available for pre-order now in China.  Pricing starts at ~300,000 RMB ($48,100 USD before EV incentives), there is also a high performance version is expected to cost twice as much.

We Caught BYD’s Chairman Wang Chuanfu Introducing The New Tang SUV Plug-In At Auto China Last Year

We Caught BYD’s Chairman Wang Chuanfu Introducing The New Tang SUV Plug-In At Auto China Last Year

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Eric the base version is the one with below 5 sec, the high priced is 0,5 second faster
even the base version beats many cayennes
price after incentives is 1/3 less btw

I wonder if PHEVs count for the car registration lottery system some Chinese cities have. If so they should be desirable as they bypass the lack of home charging opportunities most Chines city dwellers have.

You just never charge them at all.

Nice FUD! If someone is buying a PHEV with a lot higher cost, why won’t he charge it? Most people with Volts at my work do charge them whenever possible.
Yes, there will be few who will never charge. But that is a very small minority.

Simply because they don’t have a garage,where overnight charging would be cm venue my, for example.

Clueless as ever…

Par for the course for “See Through” not to understand things, such as the cultural differences in China. They have a lottery system there for assigning license plates. If you don’t get lucky in the lottery, you can’t legally drive a car on public roads, even if you buy one.

Since there is an additional lottery in China for AEVs (Alternative Energy Vehicles) including EVs, it actually would make sense for many Chinese to buy a PHEV and never charge it, given the difficulties of getting a dedicated EV charge point installed there.

There are hundred of millions of electric vehicles in China, all being charged. There is no problem being able to charge in China if you want to.

So in this case See Through is right that Chris O is just coming with ignorant FUD.

Brilliant! The BYD Tang has the potential to be the worlds best selling plugin in a not too distant future.

I’d buy one. Looks pretty nice.