BYD Posts Surging Plug-In Electric Car Sales

FEB 19 2019 BY GASGOO 4

EV sales boom in progress.

BYD Company Limited announced on February 13 that its sales volume in January grew 3.74% from a year earlier to 43,920 units, while tumbled 36.9% compared with a month ago.

The sales of new energy vehicles skyrocketed 291.11% year on year (YoY) to 28,668 units, which substantially offset the YoY plunge of 56.43% in Jan. sales of oil-fueled vehicles (with 15,252 units delivered).

All segments of new energy vehicle achieved positive YoY increase in January. The sales of new energy passenger vehicles totaled 28,005 units with a splendid YoY surge of 291.62%, among which the sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles soared 65.79% to 11,786 units. It’s worth mentioning that the battery electric vehicle segment, with 16,219 units delivered, enjoyed a marvelous leap up to 38516.67%.

Although the sales volume of new energy commercial vehicles is quite small, it also shot up 270.39% over the year-ago period to 663 units, including 554 buses.

All segments of oil-fuel vehicle came across substantial sales drop last month. The sales of MPVs posted the biggest decline of 66.6% with 5,033 units sold. Besides, the sales of sedans and SUVs plunged 64.95% and 22.37% respectively over the previous year to 4,330 units and 5,889 units.

The installed capacity of new energy vehicle power battery and energy storage battery of BYD for the first month of 2019 was approximately 1.55GWh.

BYD is ambitious to sell 650,000 vehicles in 2019 and plans to roll out nine or ten new models, including the all-new BYD Tang EV600, the Song MAX DM, the Yuan EV535 and the Song Pro, etc.

Source: Gasgoo

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The car numbers are great but the bus numbers really stand out. I don’t know if there is an official estimate, but I bet a commercial bus uses as much diesel in a week as a car uses in a year. So maybe annual oil demand is reduced by 500,000 barrels a year for every month of BYD sales. It isn’t much compared to the even monthly production by the major producers, but this steady loss of market share by the oil and gas industry must be like death by a million paper cuts.

I agree. I’m most excited about electric drivetrains in commercial vehicles because they are used so much more than personal vehicles, and many diesel commercial vehicles are loud. I can’t wait until the trash truck, UPS truck, and busses silently glide through my neighborhood.

As EV trucks become available cities will ban ICE trucks and delivery vans for noise and air quality reasons. That’s why short range is the sweet spot for EV trucks the next decade.

When I look at the numbers, I don’t get too excited. LA Metro, for example, has 2300 buses doing 73 million miles annually. People living in the LA metro area drive well over 100 BILLION miles annually (not including heavy duty vehicles).

So even you’re right about a but using 50 times more fuel, passenger cars still use 20x more fuel overall in LA. Smaller cities and towns will have even lower percentage of fuel going into buses.