BYD Supplies 34 e6 Taxis to Brussels, Belgium

NOV 1 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

Thirty four BYD e6 taxis have been delivered by BYD Auto to Brussels, Belgium

Thirty four BYD e6 taxis have been delivered by BYD Auto to Brussels, Belgium

On October 15, BYD presented a fleet of 34 e6 electric taxis in Brussels, Belgium where an official inauguration of a government project with 50 EVs was held.

The Chinese cars entered service in Brussels over the last few months, so some locals may have already had the chance to ride in one.

In Europe, BYD e6 can also be spotted in Rotterdam and London, but of course those projects don’t compare to China where 850 BYD e6 taxis are in service solely in Shenzhen, plus a further 45 in Hong Kong.

Accumulated distance for e6 taxis exceed 200 million kilometers. 300 km (186 miles) of range – via a 61.4 kWh battery, and 2 hour charging capability enables each taxi to drive hundreds of kilometers every day.

Speaking at the Brussels event, Minister Smet commented:

“We are delighted to have assisted in bringing these zero emission BYD vehicles to our taxi fleet. They will help contribute to our efforts reduce air pollution in our city and of course to demonstrate to our citizens the value of electric vehicles”.

Ambassador Liao remarked:

“New energy vehicles are increasingly becoming the number one trend in the automotive industry. China also pays great attention to the development of this industry, actively participating in energy saving. This fleet of 34 BYD E6 taxi vehicles symbolizes the leadership of China’s new energy vehicles, improving Brussels’ development of electric public transport”.

Isbrand Ho, BYD Auto Europe’s Managing Director, stated:

“We are delighted that Brussels, Capital of Europe, has become the latest city to put our e6 emission free taxi into service. The proven and reliable e6 deliver taxi drivers and operators with not only a total green transport solution but also one which offers significant operational cost savings in view of the very low cost of electricity when compared to diesel fuel. Taxi passengers also enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride”.

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BYD seems to be doing well with it’s e6. wonder if they will direct sale to public in the USA like Tesla? A 300 km ( 180 miles) range is respectable. Anybody know what the e6 sells for?

How respectable depends on the definition of range. There’s real-world range, EPA range and NEDC range.

Forget how they’d sell it, the question is whether they _could_ sell it in the USA.

There are plenty of other taxi markets worldwide.

My guess is it will take a while for US consumers to get over their ‘Made in China’ bias, just like it took a good decade for Japanese cars to get over it.

Meanwhile, those taxis which seem perfectly good for the job they’re supposed to do, can rack up millions and billions of CO2- and particulate- saving kms all round the world.

EPA gave the 2012 e6 a 122 mile range.

Which AFAIK is still more than any other BEV not named Tesla.

And is plenty enough for taxis in must urban markets, esp. considering that it has a QC port.

At $52,000, you get what you pay for.

I would be one of those people, i.e., what IS the quality of the BYD product now.
We have been through many imports, Kia is back, Hyundai is doing well, but at their initial offerings they gave Yugo a run for uhmm.. quality and materials Issues.

If it is a Nice car, it will do well in initial sales. If it also avoids unpleasant Issues like pieces falling off of it uhmm.. prematurely.. it will do Very well in the coming years.

We’ve, unfortunately, been Well schooled to predict a poor initial offering, though I would be happy to hear different from owners in the markets that BYD are offered.

But the Walmart effect will take Some Time to overcome. I personally believe that the Chinese manufacturers think that U.S. customers care about One thing Only — Walmart-cheap and disposable, as that is what they’ve been coerced to produce.

Last year they announced they were going to sell it to fleet customers in the US for $52K.

They still need to work on the design, but definitely a improvement from the first BYD, They are using 61 kw battery, weight 2380 kg(5247 lb), loosing some Weight and some better aerodynamic I think we god a 200 mile EV.

Your link also shows that it has VtoG so you could use the car to sell electricity back to the electric company and maybe make some money.

Great news!

BYD is not only transforming the role of BEVs by making a massive presence in the transit segment. They might be one of the pivots on which the image of the entire Chinese tech industry gains respectability.

Btw, the EPA gave the e6 2012 model a 122 mile range. Which (even if not improved since then) is plenty enough, esp. considering it has QC which seems to be ChaDeMo.