BYD Sold Record 11,800 Plug-In EVs In October. More Than 250,000 Total

NOV 20 2017 BY MARK KANE 9

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China (estimated) – October 2017

BYD has set a new record for plug-in electric vehicle sales in China for October with 11,802 deliveries, moving the bar up 15% from the previous year.

Two thirds of sales from BYD are now plug-in hybrids.

The new BYD Qin 100

A solid five months of ~11,000+ sales has enabled BYD to sell 80,000 plug-ins so far this year, putting it on a pace to best 2016’s result (of about 100,000); this despite the government’s disastrous red-tape, mess-up that inadvertently axed almost all plug-in sales country-wide in January and February.

It is also worth noting that BYD has now cumulatively sold well over 250,000 plug-in electric vehicles.

The best selling plug-in model in BYD’s history is the Qin plug-in hybrid (80,000+), with additional 15,000 of Qin all-electric models.

The new Qin (Qin 100) plug-in hybrid, which is rated at 100 km (62 miles) of all-electric range, notes a 0-62 mph time of in 5.9 seconds and a 185 km/h (115 mph) top speed, set a new sales record in October with 4,102 deliveries, while the new plug-in hybrid Song DM declined a little bit during the month, with a still-strong 3,064 registrations.

BYD sales breakdown (some results estimated):

  • e5 – 2,386 (20,649 YTD)
  • Song DM – 3,064 (22,910 YTD)
  • Qin DM – 4,102 (11,937 YTD)
  • Tang 868 (11,329 YTD)
  • e6 – 1,016 (4,981 YTD)
  • Qin EV300 – 102 (4,748 YTD)
  • Song EV300 – 264  (3,665 YTD)

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China (estimated) – October 2017

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China (estimated) – October 2017

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I am so glad people in China are buying the Tang. I, for one, will never drive it again. It felt like it was broken. Maxed out at 45mph. Weird pipe bits sticking out behind the rear wheels. Stitching on the leather seats was uneven and made quirks.
However, it does have quite a bit of room.

It’s interesting that the worldwide electric and plugin hybrid vehicle market is being led by BYD and Tesla, both of which started only 15 years ago. (technically, BYD started 22 years ago, but they started their car company at roughly the same time)

At the turn of the century, I’ll bet no one would think the market leaders in the most promising car segment would be companies nobody had heard of.

You’re forgetting about Nissan and Nissan-Renault Alliance + Nissan’s controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors.

Per “The new LEAF represents the next chapter of Nissan Intelligent Power and will build on the company’s leadership in electric vehicles, which includes more than 260,000 Nissan LEAFs sold worldwide since 2010 and more than 15,000 e-NV200 LCVs since 2014” and Nissan-Renault Alliance past 480K units (

BYD is supported by he Chinese government as all renewable energy is, I wonder where Trump read that Climate Change was a hoax created by the China Government. The support China has given there renewable energy industries explain why they lead in the manufacturing of solar panels etc.

He put Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, so that’s where he got the idea that climate change was a hoax. However, there’s a current debate going on as to whether President Trump was a hoax invented by the Russians. Well, I guess the hoax’ on us, huh?

All you have to do is look at the education levels of the Chinese vs Americans to know where this will end…
Americas education system in k thru 12 is faltering and teaching to the lowest common denominator…
Meanwhile Chinese children of hosekeepers are better educated than the US children of doctors and lawyers…
America has fallen to the culture of shiny…

BYD sells more electric/hybrid cars in 2 months than Tesla does there in a whole year, or a whole quarter of Model S & X in the US. There is No more growth for Tesla in the US until they fix Model 3 production.

During the first five months of the year the blue bars have been shorter than the red bars, and during the second five months of the year the blue bars have been a bit longer than the red bars.

That means that the results of 2017 have not been much better than the results of 2016.

Don’t underestimate BYD, they were scoping the EV market 4 years ago in California.