BYD Sold Over 8,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In China In February

MAR 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

BYD increased plug-in electric car sales in China to 8,236 in February, which is excellent when you take into consideration holidays.

Year-over-year sales increased about four times and amounted to a solid 31% of total BYD car sales that month.

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – February 2018

Last month, sales relied mostly on two out of seven models – the Song PHEV noted 4,418 – apparently the highest result of any plug-in model in China in February – and Qin PHEV at a healthy 3,009.

BYD sales breakdown:

  • Song (PHEV) – 4,418
  • Qin (PHEV) – 3,009
  • Qin EV300 (EV) – 13
  • Tang (PHEV) 204
  • e5 – 587
  • e6 – 5

Four new BYD plug-ins are to be launched this year – that could explain why sales of BYD BEVs have been so low in recent months.

  • e5 450 (longer-range version of up to 450 km)
  • Qin EV450 (longer-range version of up to 450 km)
  • Song EV400 (longer-range version of up to 400 km)
  • Yuan EV360 (all new small SUV/crossover with range of up to 360 km)

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BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – February 2018

New BYD plug-ins announced for 2018

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4 Comments on "BYD Sold Over 8,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In China In February"

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Today is the last day of March.

No info/indication regarding the sales in March?

Any sign of e6 2.0?

Taxi modell sold in hundreds or thousends for several years: recentlay Thailand ordered 1 000(!)

It should be upgraded this year!

They probably will have an e6 2.0 this year too.
I know the list above is missing the Song Max (different from the Song) Plugin that is coming out this year in either BEV or PHEV version… don’t remember which…

BYD is still a small auto company and will probably have a rough go of it when all the much bigger auto companies start pushing out their EVs to meet China’s quotas this year and next…

A couple years ago I was hoping BYD would be the first legacy auto company to go BEV only but they still like their ICE and PHEVs…
Not sure of them trying to be upscale and have fast cars (and the costs associated with it) which seems like a war they will lose to established premium brands…

2018-02 saw a near 100% increase in plugin sales in China. Hope they will hit 1 million mark easily this year. Whether the Worldwide sale will reach 2 million mark?