BYD Sold In China 10,000 Plug-In Cars In June, Up An Impressive 103%

JUL 15 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

BYD Tang

BYD Tang

Big things are happening in China for BYD, as the company crossed the mark of selling 10,000 plug-in electric cars in a month for the second time in its history.

In June, the total number hit 10,035, which was 103% more year-over-year – a result that was just shy of the all-time record set in December of 10,053.

Editor’s Note:  Even at that, we aren’t 100% sure whether plug-in sales aren’t actually higher in June, as the plug-in hybrid version of the Song has yet to post results publicly, some ~18+ units (retail or early test vehicles) could very well have been logged easily.

The great result is the fruit of a strong performance put in by the entire BYD electrified line-up, regardless of class or powertrain (BEV/PHEV).

BYD June sales breakdown:

  • Tang – 3,519
  • Qin – 2,751
  • e6 – 1,647
  • e5 – 1,074
  • Qin EV300 – 1,044

With about 43,000 plug-in cars sold in the first half of the year, and an average growth rate of 117%, BYD is on track to hit its 120,000 sales goal in 2016 (double from the nearly 59,000 in 2015), as the second half plug-in sales in China (like the US) are always much stronger.


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I don’t think the Song hybrid is selling yet. Guess they are a bit behind on the switch to NCA cell batteries for the new hybrids. Last I heard was “H2 2016” for the Song (and the Yuan, and the Qin 100, and the Tang 100).

Also coming are Song and Yuan pure electric versions.

Plus buses, buses and more buses.

Plus award winning forklifts.

It’s going to be a bonanza for BYD in the next year or so.

Considering their Govt locked them in with the mandate of only using LiFePo4 is to be used, they’re going to storm their country.

I bet Warren Buffet is doing the happy dance right now!

That mandate is only for buses, not passenger cars.

Those are just (admittedly weird) restrictions on those two suppliers. The official reason was that those companies only want to produce in China, but to get a license a company also needs to have a “battery research center” , whatever that is.

There are many producers of NCA/NCM cells in China and they are growing fast. There is no ban on using those batteries in passenger cars.

As for LG and Samsung’s problem, I guess that will be resolved soonish, but maybe not widely publicized.

@jay What’s up with the site..? I get the mobile version on articles but the desktop version on the front page. Using iPhone 6+ and Safari.

Also, the site keeps forgetting my name/email for commenting.

China’s number one problem is the dirty grid. It really doesn’t matter how much EVs they sell until the grid is cleaned up.

China number one problem is city air pollution.

Fixing that means more EVs on the roads and thus more pollution created outside of the city as opposed to inside of the city.

China also bets big on solar and wind. It will take them years, but they are straight on the road 😉

China is building more nuclear power plant than the rest of the world combined. Build baby build!

On the contrary… renewables costs keep falling and will be the obvious choice for any new power needs.

The nuclear industry faces a risk it “will not be easily protected from: the economic and financial risks from nuclear power being irreversibly out-competed by renewable power,”

Same for coal, gas, oil, etc. even hydro.

The future looks brighter.

Fantastic news. Selling 10,000 + in the month like June is really great.

Meanwhile Tesla also has sold more than 900 + vehicles in Europe with some more sales to be reported. And nearly 5,900 were sold in USA. So this month’s sales will easily touch 8,000 mark.

Actually, they sold more than 1500 in Europe as this:
Note, in this chart the figure it’s for more than 1700, but UK numbers are only estimates, so…we have to wait until September to be sure about UK numbers.

TO Anti-Lord Kelvin There is a U.K. website called How many Left? that uses actual Department for Transport registration figures. The site is run by a guy named Olly Smith and claims you can “Find statistics about every make and model of vehicle registered in the UK.” Like the Tesla Motors Club website, How Many Left shows 762 Model S sales in U.K. for the first quarter of 2016 and a grand total of 2872 Model S registrations thru Marc ’16. If you add the Tesla Forum sales figures (652)for April, May & June, it comes to a total of 3524 Model S on the road in the U.K. This site does not have figures for Ireland or Northern Ireland. I have found the easiest way to navigate the site from the homepage is to hit the A to Z alphabetical button followed by the manufacturer button (say Tesla) I usually choose the All Models button after that. There are, for example, 3 or 4 different Nissan Leaf models, but most people are only interested in total Leaf sales. The following link will take you to Tesla sales through March 2016. To return to the homepage just click on the… Read more »

Europeans have bought 10 395 plugin vehicles with some more countries into come.

1376 Sweden
562 Switzerland
3693 Norway
79 Denmark
334 Spain
25 Luxembourg
3427 France
899 Netherlands

June seems to be a pretty impressive month so far.