BYD Sells Something In North America. Sort of. Not Really.

MAY 9 2012 BY JAY COLE 7

BYD Auto, Chinese based company, has been threatening to sell and/or produce cars for North America for quite some time.



Originally, the company was to sell the E6, an all electric car with 249 miles of range for under $35,000, in the US market.  BYD had said this impressive offering would arrive in 2010  2011  early 2012 mid 2012 late 2012, while adding something like, ‘once we get it certified, and when we feel your American charging infrastructure is up to our standards’.   Which translates to, its probably not ever going to happen in any meaningful way.

BYD F3DM (with green cred)

Then a second vehicle to the US market was introduced in the form of the F3DM,which was an extended range vehicle.  Think Chevrolet Volt, but much better…because in is build in China, of course.  The F3DM (reportedly) had an electric range of 60 miles and could then travel a further 300 miles on petrol.  This car would also be coming to the US priced at $28,800 (before incentives).  After leasing a small test fleet to the city of Los Angeles, the car was to go on sale in early 2012. But by October of last year, BYD announced they wouldn’t sell them at all here due to (once again) the US charging infrastructure. You would think that if the car was an extended range vehicle that the infrastruutre wouldn’t really be an…oh, nevermind.  Shortly thereafter the announcement it would be delayed, the model was retired completely.

Which brings us to this week:

BYD Electric Bus Interior

BYD sold the City of Windsor 10 all electric buses.  End of story.

Well, not really.  BYD and the City of Windsor “signed a letter of intent to purchase up to 10 buses.”  That is pretty much the same thing though right?  To be fair, just like the E6 and F3DM before it, BYD has actually produced,sold and delivered a few working copies of this bus around the world, but selling a bus in China, is not like selling one in North America.  Vehicles here have to be of a certain quality, and have fairly lofty safety standard as well (some might argue are standards are even too high here).

So along with the announcement of the (maybe) purchase of these buses, came the disclaimer that BYD is still in the process of completing FMVSS, CMVSS, and other certification testing in North America this year.   And you never know, they might not feel the infrastructure is up to snuff.

Specs on the bus:

The eBus is rated for 155 miles of range in the US, top speed of 62 mph,  with an energy consumption of the Electric Bus is less than 100 kWh per 60 miles, and can be recharged used BYD’s special system (600 kW) in well under a hour.


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Where is Windor and Winder – is that some cities in Lord of the Rings?
In tI would say that this bus would be perfect for Windor and Winder – mythical twin cities of the west.

Thanks for catching that.

The funny thing is I was just through/in Windsor not that long ago when I caught a Detroit Tigers ballgame, and thats what I get wrong in the article. (Windsor is a depressing place, very high unemployment/border city)

Also of interest: apparently windor and winder are actual words.
/spell check fail

I think Windor and Winder seem like good places to visit – their transportation system would also contain self-driving google cars as well as BYD eBuses and Fisker Fireworks Displays every night.

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I might be able to afford a Coda electric car but I kno i cannot get myself into one of these

Hard to believe even the likes of Warren Buffett drank BYD’s Kool-Aid. This company’s learned the hard way the difference between being a successful small (handmade) lithium battery maker and a competent auto manufacturer. It took the Koreans close to a dozen years to make a car competitive with the Japanese and BYD thinks they can do it overnight? Dream on.

Word has it that the LA Housing Authority liked the F3DM’s performance. Wonder if they be replaced with the newly launched F3DM replacement, the Surui?
And how did Hertz like its brief shot at the eBus for a shuttle run to and from LAX?
Anyway despite BYD’s mounting troubles, I think it will weather the storm……