BYD Sells Over 4,000 Plug-In Cars In February. Year-Over-Year Growth Decreased To “Just” 95%

MAR 22 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

BYD Tang

BYD Tang

February, a slow month of car sales in China, didn’t provide any kind of absolute, all-time record for BYD’s plug-in electric car sales.

But even the 4,297 total netted from BYD’s four passenger EV models is still 95% more than year ago.  Pretty good.

  • Tang – 2,098
  • e6 – 1,105
  • Qin – 1,063
  • e5 – 31

After the first two months of 2016, BYD has nearly reached 10,000 units cumulatively, and from this point on we hope for continued, higher growth levels – hopefully to around 10,000 once again.

We are not sure about all other electric car sales in China,but just 78 Denza, 60 Venucia e30 and 12 Volvo S60L PHEVs indicates that February really was the month of celebration of the Chinese New Year.

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Did gas prices go down in China?

Government sets the “floor” in how low the gas price goes.

Yes, but it is still way more than US price.

But how much did it go down? It seems Tang was diving when gas prices were going down here, not sure if it went down as much in China, too.

Case of answering it myself, it had a little “hump” in Oct, then continued to decline, $0.93/liter in Jun 2015 to $0.62/liter in Jan 2016. That’s about $3.7/gal to $2.5/gal, which is on par with CA gas prices.

It might be that people saw the “hump” going away, and demand also went away.

Sales will grow even more. The BYD Qin EV300 has just arrived, much better than the Qin plug-in hybrid.

During this year BYD will introduce more plug-ins like BYD Song, BYD Yuan, BYD Ming and BYD T5/T7.

Has China changed their incentive programs lately? Exploding growth.

Perhaps EVs finally have become more respectable in China. I think batteries got a bad name from all the lead-acid based electric bikes that they have had for a long time. Thus all the consumers felt that you had to have ICE to own a “real” car. But that perception may be dropping with normal cars with good range and good performance.

Unless it’s an electric car it’s very difficult to get a license plate in some Chinese cities.

With new electric models being introduced every week, they are getting more affordable, so it’s a simple choice to get one.

Speculawyer said:

“…all the [Chinese] consumers felt that you had to have ICE to own a ‘real’ car.”

Somehow, I suspect the difficulty of a typical Chinese citizen being able to get a dedicated parking spot for his car within walking distance of his apartment, coupled with the near-impossibility of getting the parking lot owner to install an EV slow charger for his exclusive use, has a lot more to do with the reluctance of most Chinese to buy an EV, than any problem with image.

Most Chinese live in apartments, even in small villages. Basically, as I understand it, the only Chinese who buy BEVs for their own private use (as opposed to government fleet use) are either those Chinese rich enough to own their own home (and so have their own garage or private parking area), or else are able to depend on a public charger for daily charging. And the latter is a real problem causing clogging of public chargers in China.

Just curious, how did you find the sales numbers of those models and why just those models. Did the manufacturer report the numbers?

BYD data are easily accessible

So just some models just don’t show up and others do?

BYD is the largest player in China and story was about BYD. Not all numbers are easy to find.

I just replied with a link to the well know EV-Sales blog with the data you wanted, but it was deleted.

It’s not the first time my posts with useful information were deleted. So I will no longer post here.

Have fun.

I saw it I was going to reply but then it disappeared. I hope they aren’t removing it because it was a link to another “competing” website. But I know of ev sales blog. I wanted to know how they got their info to see if I could pass it on to Jose. But it looks like they use the same source he does.

I don’t know what happened. Source of the data was found separately to EV Sales Blog long time ago. We like EV Sales Blog and often link to them.

I know the story was about BYD and that you got the information yourself. But I saw you got data for the “leaf” and a Chinese specific Volvo. I was hoping the source you used could help Jose because the last 2 months he has only got partial data but it looks like you use the same source

Hey Pedro, You and Mark posted near on top of each other, so it read Mark’s comment (as you see it still) of where the data was arrived from, then your post (which was also a reply to the question “how did you find the sales numbers of those models and why just those models?“ which was just a link to EV-Sales blog (no text), which made it appear as if the data came via ESB, which in this case it did not and was removed (as noted above, there is additional information/data in the story from China which ESB has not yet accrued to its numbers) We enjoy EV-sales blog, I have a good relationship with Jose over there, we quote and link to them as often as possible (probably 4-5 times a month), but in this particular case the sequence of the comments made it confusing/inaccurate as to where the data was originally sourced (as noted in this case, both our and Jose’s data as it pertains to BYD originates from the same place)…which is why the second comment was removed. ie) repetitive and not entirely accurate/misleading But we still encourage everyone to check out and bookmark EV-Sales… Read more »

Someone told me BYD is working on the next gen Tang, shows the new Tang will ditch DCT and add a twin motor in front and become a EREV like Volt, which I think a good move to fix Tang’s inconsistency and improve efficiency. The 0-60 can be the same or may be little bit slower but it is fine. Hopefully it can come to US market with the same 45k price tag, then it will be very compelling

For that price you can get a proper model 3 at that time though

Here are more details about the Plugins/EVs sold in China. This is excellent and 2.5 times that of US sales.

Jan – 16,100
Feb – 19,635

Subtract the 16,100 sold in Jan from the 35,735 (10,900 plugin + 24,835 EV) and you get 19,635