BYD Sold Over 13,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In May

JUN 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Just like in the two previous months, in May BYD sold more than 13,000 plug-in electric cars in China.

In total, some 13,388 plug-in cars were sold (a new high this year for BYD), which is 55% more than a year ago (but the lowest pace of growth so far this year).

In May and April, 36% of total BYD car sales seem to be plug-in models, excluding the low-volume Denza BEVs (joint venture with Daimler).

Because BYD already delivered nearly 55,000 plug-in cars in China (up 135% year-over-year), we believe that the result for the full year will be no lower than 150,000 (it was >108,000 in 2017). In fact, the company hopes for 200,000.

BYD – 200,000 plug-in electric car sales to be sold in 2018

In May, the best selling New Energy Vehicle from BYD was the Qin PHEV, which almost hit a new record. The e5 and Song PHEV stayed strong too.

BYD sales breakdown:

  • Qin PHEV – 4,496 + 1,045 BEV
  • e5 – 3,883
  • Song PHEV – 3,268
  • Tang PHEV – 411
  • e6 – 285

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – May 2018

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – May 2018

It’s expected that the all-new Tang PHEV will have a big sales splash in June, while the new all-electric compact SUV Yuan EV360 probably will appear in the stats in July. Those two models could add thousands of new sales a month.

The Yuan EV360 will be available with two powertrain options (both with permanent magnet synchronous motor):

  • 70 kW and 180 Nm
  • 160 kW and 360 Nm (0-50 km/h or 31 mph in 3.9 seconds)

The “360” in the name means 360 km (224 miles) of range at speed of 60 km/h (37 mph). BYD says that one could expect a range of 305 km (190 miles), but with only a 42 kWh battery, that seems optimistic. On the positive side is that BYD developed a liquid-cooled battery.

BYD Yuan EV360

As the entire lineup is going to be refreshed, the all-electric cars will get improved range:

  • BYD Song EV400 – 360 km (223 miles), or 400 km at 60 km/h constant-speed cruise
  • BYD Qin EV450 – 400 km (248 miles), or 450 km at 60 km/h constant-speed cruise
  • BYD e5 450 – 400 km (248 miles), or 450 km at 60 km/h constant-speed cruise

From left: BYD Song EV400, BYD Qin EV450, BYD e5 450

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Hmmm. Tesla’s only competition.
Looks like Warren Buffett is really bringing this company along in Stealth Mode.

Tesla is often-touted, meanwhile BYD is long-neglected.

Wait, BYD sells more PHEV than BEV yet its is Tesla’s only competition? These cars sell for $30,000-40,000 which is what many other PHEV/BEVs areound the world sell for yet BYD is Tesla’s only competition despite Tesla selling no car in that price range? BYD only sales cars in China while you have companies selling in almost every market (Nissan) yet it is Tesla’s only competition? I am confused by this statement.

BYD getting it done…

BYD is the champion this year. But more than 50% of their vehicles are PHEVs with just 50 km range.

Is anyone trying to short BYD stock.

the suv is 100 km or 80 km only electric range
small car qin as well

Well…Not only BYD.

BAIC (through BJEV) is another force to be reckoned, selling almost as much as BYD, with the added bonus of all its lineup being BEV. And they’ve got the best selling EV in the world (EC-Series).