BYD Debuts Electric Garbage Truck With 76 Miles Range, Saves $13,000 Per Year In Service

MAY 7 2017 BY MARK KANE 20

BYD brought a whole set of commercial electric vehicles to the 2017 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo this year in Long Beach; from a terminal tractor, through a 60 ft. articulated bus and a forklift.

BYD electric truck at 2017 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo

Now, a new offering from the Chinese company has arrived – a long-range, Class 8, electric garbage truck, with a 10 ton payload.

According to the specs on the vehicle, 76 miles of garbage collecting range is possible on a single charge, using a 178 kWh battery.

Full spec sheet below.

Two electric motors, rated at 201 hp and 550 lbs-ft each, have been tapped to do the work. Charging at 80 kW takes 2.8-hours.

BYD stated that the electric refuse truck could save ~$10,309 on fuel costs, and ~$3,003 on maintenance annually, compared to a conventional diesel version… but don’t ask us how BYD managed to estimated the savings with the precision to single dollar.

All BYD EVs from the show:

BYD 8Y Battery Electric Terminal Tractor: BYD’s class 8 terminal tractor provides 15 hours of continuous operation and offers operational cost savings of more than $27,000 annually (assuming operations 16 hours a day/seven days a week).

BYD 8R Battery Electric Refuse Truck: BYD’s 10-ton payload refuse truck provides 76 miles of range with minimal battery degradation. Fleet managers can expect more than $13,000 of operational cost savings annually based on service routes of 60 miles per day/five days a week. Manufactured in the City of Lancaster, California, the BYD refuse truck is compliant with FMVSS and CMVSS regulations.

BYD EVs at the 2017 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo

BYD K11 60 ft. Articulated Bus: BYD’s 60 ft. battery-electric articulated bus is the latest addition to company’s line up of transit buses is the first of its kind available in the U.S. and provides 200 miles of range on a single charge with full charging completed within two to three hours. The 60 ft. articulated bus joins BYD’s other industry leading 30, 35, and 40 ft. low floor Buy America compliant transit buses with a 275-mile range.

BYD All-Electric ECB 25 Forklift: BYD’s ECB 25 battery-electric forklift provides ultra-fast full-charging completed in one to two hours maximum. The BYD electric forklift can run for two typical shifts on one charge and can be opportunity charged, whenever and wherever. The electric forklift also comes with BYD’s industry-leading 10-year full replacement battery warranty.

BYD Electric Garbage Truck – spec

BYD Electric Garbage Truck – spec

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“Complete with a 10 ton payload” you mean it comes with 10 tons of garbage already in it? Not sure if that is much of an incentive to buy… lol

Garbage trucks are perfect for electrification. I need one for my neighborhood.

We have one, it is not a BYD,if the range you need is around 60-80 miles is a perfect Solution.

Damn right. Who needs that noise at 6 AM.

Great idea.

How much?

A common alternative is to use biogas. Makes sense: garbage trucks take garbage to dumps; dumps produce biogas.

Watching the garbage get picked up just got more exciting. 🙂

They left out the most important thing — quieter!! Who doesn’t want to get rid of loud diesel engines at 5 AM?

There is hardly any vehicle that is more desirable for electrification than a garbage truck. Cities will get so much quieter.

“with a 10 ton payload”

how does that compare with the payload of current fleet garbage trucks? Would they have to change their routes to accommodate?

Depends how big the garbage truck is. Every country has different laws and design rules around what is and isn’t allowed. 10 tons sounds like a reasonable payload (assuming that is the actual rubbish not to total allowable weight of the compactor plus rubbish). Compacted rubbish has a density of between 55-2000 kg per m3. So a 10 ton (8500 kg) payload would probably be about 8.5 m3 of compacted household waste – that seems reasonable to me. If the truck has to have a compactor and space for the rubbish on the back and still drive around city streets 8.5 m3 sounds like a pretty sensible size. As I said, rules vary country to country, a quick look online would suggest that this would be a class 8 truck in the USA which is one class higher than a regular garbage truck. Is that important? I have no idea, essentially it would put it in the same class as a cement mixer so I would have thought not the end of the world. It appears that the regulations in the USA relate to the total vehicle weight where as in Australia the weight limits are per axle, so I… Read more »

These trucks which do stop and go operations save a lot of energy while standing idle and may travel only 40 – 50 miles / day. So 76 mile range should be more than sufficient.

Nice to see the electric vehicle doing such a heavy duty operation.

And it saves 680 acres of forest in it’s lifetime. Do regular garbage trucks burn wood?

I think it lost something in the translation.

I think they’re saying “Same as saving 680 acres of forests.” In terms of CO2 savings (not including refining).

5000 full cycles on the battery pack is impressive. Too bad LiFePO4 weighs so much. Perfect for this application, though.

What’s the cost? And Max, you said that you “have one”. Can you elaborate?

Wrightspeed in Marin?

If biogas is made at the dump, they can produce electricity to fill the trucks.

Or from th trash that on board.

Make the trucks from recycled plastic.