BYD Qin & Tang Remote Control Videos

SEP 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 4



BYD is equipping its plug-in hybrids – the Qin, and now the Tang, with a remote control feature.

You can control the car from the outside and the car in electric mode will drive like a RC car, only much slower.

BYD Remote-control Driving Technology

Science and technology always drive the world

Forward in silence.

From steam to electricity,

From automotive to airplane or even spaceship,

A new time comes along with the advent of

Every breaking technology.

And now, are you ready for it?

Maybe it derives from the initial unconstrained ideas,

Or perhaps insistent pursuit of technology is credited with it,

Whatever, but eventually

We make the remote-control driving coming true.

And it will surely subvert the traditional definition of a CAR,

Then start a great time of universal remote-control driving.”

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4 Comments on "BYD Qin & Tang Remote Control Videos"

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Although I did not understand a word of what he said; I don’t like what I saw! A kid could kill with this remote, that is why I don’t like it.

That would be the slowest death ever. Except being killed by snails. 😛

2 km/h…

You also need the keyfob to even be able to activate it so it’s easy to guarantee that no one will be killer by it.
It’s even too big to swallow, which would have been a much bigger issue.

Overall kind of a silly feature, if you ask me. But I guess it can be useful to get your car out if you’re parked side mirror to side mirror, which is not uncommon in Chinese cities.

I think the F5 in 2014 was their first to have this feature. At least that’s the earliest youtube video I can find. Since then it has been offered on many of their new models.

The Chinese are not the best drivers behind the wheel but maybe better with a remote.